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    CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Who’s the PHP Framework Champion?

    Developing software applications, products, and solutions can be a complicated, time-consuming procedure, nonetheless if you decide for an ideal framework you can accomplish your projects quickly by utilizing comprehensive modules and components and functions. This is because frameworks may comprise tool sets code libraries, APIs that work in sync to bring together all the distinctive… Read More

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    Why is Magento Enterprise Edition Highly Recommended For Online eCommerce Business?

    Are you an eCommerce retailer bound and determined to achieve eCommerce success? Then you must not ignore to choose Magento Enterprise Edition which is endorsed by thousands of momentously prosperous and illustrious merchants’ world-wide. What is Magento Enterprise Edition? Basically, Enterprise Edition is an ultimate assortment of eCommerce best modules, features and practices that offers… Read More

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    A Comprehensive Guide To OpenTok Communication Platform

    With mushrooming businesses, a powerful communication is very imperative which not only builds rich medium for interaction but also creates an embedded communication experience with any combination whether with Voice, Video, Messaging or screen sharing. In some or the other way, everyone from startup to MNC is making use of virtual communication platform to communicate… Read More

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    An Overview on Competent & Contemporary PHP Frameworks – “Laravel & Phalcon”.

    With the advent of PHP, a dynamic, simple to learn, world’s most popular server-side scripting languages evolved. A lot of dynamic web application, with the smart user interface, prolific eCommerce application or engaging social media sites are coded in PHP Language. Fundamentally, developing a web application can be complicated, time-consuming procedure, however by making use… Read More

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    Custom PHP Coding vs PHP Frameworks

    The dilemma of whether to use custom PHP coding or ready to use PHP frameworks is very common in web development. Custom PHP coding takes longer time to develop in comparison to the framework. So the question is: is it feasible to go for an easier way every time? Also most of the people are… Read More

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    Have you ever given a thought that your website has the information which can be a filthy rich for the hackers? For a hacker to breach your website’s security is not a difficult one, if it is a vulnerable. So, in an attempt to enhance web security, here we are to share some of the… Read More