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Benefits of Choosing an Ecommerce Web Development Company

Benefits of Choosing an Ecommerce Web Development Company

Website development has several phases and trends of development. Thus, the Ecommerce Web Development is a lot more different than the normal development. Because of the huge enhancement in the E-commerce industry, you will come to know that things are done in a much different way to get extraordinary results.

Are you intending to develop an E-commerce project? So, if you are thinking to invest in an Ecommerce Web Development Company, then it’s a good idea! The aftermath of the project will surely prove that choosing an Ecommerce Development Company was not a bad idea. If in case, you are a newbie in the industry, you would want to grab all the benefits of the Company.


Below are some benefits of selecting an Ecommerce Web Development Company:

  • Preliminary assistance

This is the most common benefit amongst all Ecommerce Web Development Company which offers some exciting package to the customers. Some include designing of the replicated sites, creating a sketch for the professional look, and allowing you to evaluate the sites independently. In some cases, the Ecommerce Development Company spends a lot of time to work with the team to design the pre-design and sketch of the website. They are open to all suggestions related to competitive darts. This preliminary assistance is very much helpful especially for a newbie in this field.

  • Design

Have you ever thought that why most of the new and existing businesses are run so effectively in the market? The answer is simple. This is because of their design. The survival of an Ecommerce website is only possible through professional design.  Survival in this industry is a die-hard challenge for an Ecommerce Development Company. Having a professional team, one should be able to deliver user-friendly responsive websites. An Ecommerce Web Development Company is surrounded by all kinds of professionals such as coders, designers, graphic designers, logo designers, etc. Professionalism in this area is a must; just because this is the only medium through which a company gets its business and has the power to convert visitors into customers. So, having a good experience in designing as a Development Company is a must.

  • Cost

Cost plays a key role in choosing a Development Company. A company which is offers the best services at a minimal cost can be chosen. Well, the cost of an Ecommerce Web Development Company is quite nominal as compared to a typical freelancer; but offers mouth watering services. Moreover, there is a mutual understanding and connection between you and the company. Thus, this helps in reducing of the big blunders and the errors that are constantly made and also the ideas are easily incorporated into the design.

  • Timely deliverance of the product

An Ecommerce Web Development Company makes sure that the project is completed within the specified time frame. Having good resources and equipment, the Company strives hard to fulfill and deliver the exact output as per the user’s choice. You get the assurance of product, quality, and timely delivery and thus you are never disappointed on any factors.

Final Thoughts:

So, what have you decided about your project? Are you still thinking of giving the project to an E-commerce Web Development Company or not? If, yes then what are you waiting for? I surely believe that these benefits of selecting one might have changed your mind. If you are in a dilemma, then I firmly believe that selecting one will surely benefit you not harm you.

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An Allure to Business: E-commerce Web Development

An Allure to Business: E-commerce Web Development

“The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore – Cushla Sherlock”

E-commerce is an online trading over the internet. In the recent years, E-commerce is drawing more entrepreneurs and consumers globally. As an E-commerce development company, how would you grow your business through E-commerce? What are the benefits of having an e-commerce and some tips as to how would you expand your business, is discussed below?


  • E-commerce for the Development Company

We see a great demand for an E-commerce development Company just as Website Design. Well, the companies are paying attention to the aims and the objectives of the business. The companies aim to target the target audiences, meet the customer’s requirements, product information, and queries / questions that arise to satisfy the client’s requirements. Most of the Open Source Technologies renders the capabilities of the online shopping, tracking, etc. which includes Ordering, Administration panel, search mechanism, product catalog, feedback, support, etc. While planning to build a website, it becomes necessary to have traffic and audience converting into valuable customers. To reach the success in E-commerce Development, we need a plan and a strategy to follow.

  • Add customization and have a better search mechanism to help product’s better performance.
  • Have a flawless Web Design for your business such that it builds your relationships and increase your sales and business.
  • Quality content is the must along with the detailed product and it’s description should be clearly mentioned.
  • A social media signup is the best way to get more traffic and reach.
  • The purchase process should be simple and clean along with the detailed process of the overall purchase.
  • Ecommerce for Businesses

With the advancement in the technology, e-commerce has now become a time-consuming option to run any business. As time plays a crucial role in the commercial markets, the commerce lays an impact on both business and consumers. From the business perspective, less time is consumed during the transaction; more visitors and transaction are reached within the same day.

E-commerce is more approachable than the traditional method. This is due to the fact where it saves the middle man charges on the sale and the product. Moreover, with the advancement in the resources like internet facilities, e-securities, business plans, and advanced technologies, all businesses flourish in the global market. Globally, a different scenario is seen where business have become more ‘ecommerce conscious’ and have gained a boost in sales.

As a business we have an interesting wordplay L2ACT which expands our business:

  • Listen

An important factor for the business is implementing the listening factor. Jonathan Mildenhall says “Amazing things will happen when you listen to the customer”. What’s important as an Ecommerce Development Company is to listen to the customers and grow.

  • Learn

When growth comes into the picture it becomes necessary that you have a learning approach.  The same ‘funda’ is applicable when you are in the business. Jack Ma says “You should Learn from your competitors, but never copy. Copy and you die”.

  • Adapt

When you learn try adapting the concept in your business. The important thing is to grow and have a reputation in the market.

  • Communication

Meg Whitman says “Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community”. If the heart does not function properly there are worse consequences to face. E-commerce also focuses on the communication with the clients. The important thing is to have good communication to flourish the business.

  • Trust

Trust is the one thing which breaks or establishes a relation. Jack Ma says “For Ecommerce, the most important thing is Trust”.  For the development company, trust builds long lasting and healthy relations.

  • Ecommerce for Consumers

Mobiles have increased at a rapid pace since the past years. Awareness among the people has also increased. Rather than the traditional e-commerce, people have switched to e-commerce / mobile commerce. Online apps, shopping, searching has made life more comfortable for the consumers. Moreover, the time is saved for each transaction they make.

Final Thoughts:

We see a huge impact of E-commerce in all businesses and have changed the course of the online business and market. The importance of E-commerce will keep on increasing and lay a positive impact each time when it comes when it comes with new features in the market.

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How To Choose The Best Ecommerce Development Company?

How To Choose The Best Ecommerce Development Company?

Since the beginning, we have been into the Stone Age, Bronze Age, civilizations, British Era, etc. Now we have advanced ourselves and are living in the Web and Mobile Age. We have made ourselves so comfortable with the use of mobiles that we want everything to happen in our small smart devices. The advance search feature, to online chatting and to purchasing items online, all are possible on our palm device.

The online purchasing has become more common and advanced in past few years. A number of online stores, apps and products are in demand and so has the number of the ecommerce development companies in India have increased rapidly over the years. Thus, it has become tough in selecting the best Ecommerce company for our business. To build an Ecommerce website is not a joke and to choose one among the many ecommerce platforms is a hard job. There are a number of factors that are to be kept in mind while developing it. We come across so many questions in our mind while approaching an ecommerce development company like

  • How many projects you have successfully completed?
  • How much would you charge?
  • What kind of services you will offer?
  • On which technologies you work?
  • What is the payment policy that you follow?
  • How much time will it take to complete the project?
  • Do you offer after development services?
  • What are the ecommerce platforms that you use? And which platform will you use to develop my website?
  • Which design I should prefer, a custom design or theme based design?

To lessen your burden here are some key points that will help you choose an ecommerce development company.

How to choose Best Ecommerce Development Company

  • Portfolio

The first and the foremost thing for choosing an ecommerce company is to thoroughly go through the portfolio of the company. This helps you in finding a similar match for your requirement. This will also give you the idea of the technologies they use, a variety of projects that they have successfully accomplished, and their expertise in this field.

  • Experience

Choose a company which has a vast experience in building an ecommerce website. A profound expertise in User Interface, User Experience, Web Design and Development will help you in understanding and fulfilling your requirements.

  • Development Process

The developing process is the one factor in which development relationships are maintained. The company should offer you clear strategy of project accomplishments so that the customer may be able to know the step-by-step implementation of the phases that are completed along with the time period. Make sure that all the implementation of the development is completed within the time frame and provide you the final product on time. With the emerging new technologies in the market make sure that the latest trends and techniques are followed.

  • Communication

Choosing a proper communication channel is a must for the client and the developer to communicate. Skype, Emails, Project Management Tools, etc. can be used for proper communication if clients and developers are far away. Discuss and feel free to raise queries and get all your doubts solved.

  • Payment Policies

This is the crucial part of the ecommerce development. Before going in for the deal discuss the budget with the team. Also, make sure of the clauses, hidden agreements, 3rd Party charges, etc. which may not lead to the loss in the end. A standard cost along with the policy and terms and conditions sheet will help you to finalize the deal.


Well, it is going to be a tough process to select an ecommerce Development Company India. Choose such a company that fulfils the basic requirements and is in the budget. Also, make sure that they use the best suitable technologies and complete the project in the time frame. Don’t be in a hurry, select 3 to 4 companies that are appropriate and choose the best.

Comparision between 3 Power Pack versions of one of the leading e-commerce platform – Magento

Comparision between 3 Power Pack versions of one of the leading e-commerce platform – Magento

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms which is built on open source. It is basically written in PHP and is developed by Varien Inc., a private company situated in California, USA.  It offers flexibility, scalability and a wide range of control options. Moreover, marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog management tools are what more it offers. It offers a variety of plugins and themes which enhances customer’s experience. Magento uses Zend PHP and MySQL database. Magento has 3 powerful versions namely Magento Go, Magento Enterprise and Magento Community. Let’s look into these 3 versions in a brief.

Comparison between Magento Go Community and Enterprise Edition

  • Magento Go

Magento Go is cloud-based e-commerce solution which is used for web hosting. The solution is available for those who want an e-commerce website but don’t have technical resources to build their own. It is the least customized platform and has built-in modules. It also allows you to sell your products and services online. The shutdown of Go was declared on February 1, 2015.

  • Magento Community

It is an open source platform and has a vibrant Community. It allows developers to extend functionalities by adding new plugins. It is highly powerful. Allows multiple stores with a common back system, so for each store, you can have multiple views. It also provides SEO tools like Google sitemap, manage Page Titles, and Meta Description. It’s latest version CE and 2.0.4. were released on March 31, 2016.

  • Magento Enterprise

Magento EE is derived from Magento CE i.e. it has same core files. It is not free but has more features and functionality than CE. It is mainly designed for large businesses and requires technical support with installation, usage, configuration, and troubleshooting. Latest version EE 1.14.24 and EE 2.0.4 were released on March 31, 2016.Comparison table on Go, Community, and Enterprise


The Best Open Source Ecommerce Platforms Ever!

The Best Open Source Ecommerce Platforms Ever!

For any business establishing an online presence to sell products or services us an essential aspect to be a business forerunner in today’s competitive marketplace. Enticing new visitors and converting them into customers is a Herculean Task, which is not possible without a great website design. A good website design and development can make even the finicky customers to stop at your site, and attract them to take a glance at what’s there is the store for them.   There are diverse online open source eCommerce platforms espousing which you can create am eStore with an amazing design.

Do you know that a right shopping cart can make the difference between red and black ink? Basically, open source eCommerce platforms are an efficient alternative for business that depend on online transactions. There are a lot of packages and options available when it comes to selecting an open source eCommerce platform. However, you must choose the platform that is simple in customization, has low maintenance cost, and has a plethora of dynamic features to enhance the look and lucrativeness of your shopping cart.

Let’s flip through the

Effective Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

Every platform has its own list of advantages and drawbacks as they have been designed and built keeping in mind diverse viewpoints and with diverse users.

THE BEST Open source Ecommerce Platforms

Magento: Magento is one of the most multipurpose and “heavyweight” eCommerce platforms among all. The endorsers of Magento are big players such as OfficeMax, Nike, Olympus and Lindt use Magento to power their online stores. Magento is espoused by 30,000+ online merchants and is the world’s rapidly rising e-commerce platform. The Community Edition is free but is only recommended to be used by developers. The Enterprise Edition is tremendously robust and is filled with handy and amazing features, but this a little costly. If you are not a developer, the best option for you would be to hire a web developer to create an eshop using the Community Edition.

Zen Cart: The Zen Cart is quite stress-free to fix, personalize and manage which makes it the impeccable choice for non-technical people who require a user-friendly eCommerce solution. Zen Cart comprises of handy features such as discount coupons, newsletter manager, gift certificates and more. There are a lot of functional add-ons available to develop and expand your shop and admin area though too many can make the UI a little cluttered. For the people who are looking for an elementary store and aren’t picky about the appearance and structure then PHP Zen Cart could be a good choice for them.

OpenCart: The OpenCart not only looks great, it’s exceedingly scalable. It’s multi-store facility to manage multiple stores from one admin interface, back-end store administration and shipping methods support or a number of payment gateways and languages makes it distinctive from other open source platforms. You can create an indefinite number of categories, merchandize an unlimited number of products, accept various currencies, use multiple languages, and pick from over 20 payment and 8 shipping methods. It’s easy and search-engine-friendly too, so will benefit your position in Google search. Consumers can even review and rate the items you trade.

X-cart: The X-Cart shopping cart software is based on PHP Smarty templates, which makes it too flexible and effortless to transform. The data is put in storage into the MySQL database. X-Cart is a holistic package with installation handled by a web-based step-by-step expert to make the system running instantaneously after receiving it. X-Cart is also a search engine friendly. A trader can state Meta tags and state custom URLs for product and category pages that result in higher search engine rankings.  

Woo Commerce: The Woo Commerce is an eCommerce toolkit from Woo Themes that supports you vend anything by renovating your WordPress website into an online store. WordPress security firm Sucuri has completely audited Woo Commerce, and you can handle it with the intuitive UI. The reporting features enable you to check your store performance per month, per group and even per single product. You can also manage coupon and marketing promotions with a variety of discount options, usage limits, and the user or product restraints, along with free shipping.

OsCommerce: The OsCommerce provides simply configurable online shop software that supports you begin retailing and marketing products and services to your consumers safely. It offers you total access and control of your online store and data, with indefinite categories, items, and products. OsCommerce also caters multiple lingoes, currencies and payment gateways, backup options, SEO-friendly URLs, customs tax and shipping modules (along with than 7,000+ extra modules and add-ons to download and install).

Joomla Commerce: It is a totally free and open source eCommerce solution planned for the Joomla content management system. The extension is issued under the GNU General Public License and reinforces upcoming development. As already said, VirtueMart requires Joomla, so if you want to start using it, you will require installing this CMS before proceeding ahead. Yet, the Joomla platform proffers mega advantages counting thousands of templates, themes, modules, and plugins as well as offering a large community of developers who build free hacks and alterations. So, we consider it to be a good totaling to your online commerce business. The top VirtueMart features are structured on nested categories, a management system for shoppers, stock and catalog system, shipment and Payments Classes, VirtueMart invoice handling system and a lot more.

Why Choose Techno Infonet For Your Ecommerce Site Development?

Techno Infonet is a renowned open source Ecommerce Development company in India since 2004 providing all kind of customized eCommerce solutions.

Techno Infonet understands the eCommerce strategies that support businesses deliver a great online shopping experience and lead customers till checkout without trouble. Techno Infonet has the best team of eCommerce website developers who are proficient in designing and developing websites using 100% responsive themes and graphics providing the outstanding user-experience and potent user interface. Our main objective is to deliver the best eCommerce services to buyers giving them an amazing shopping experience to their visitors.

Magento 2.0 is Crucial to your Business. Learn Why!

Magento 2.0 is Crucial to your Business. Learn Why!

A lot of business owners and developers were expecting that Magento 2.0 will be launched in the start of 2015. However so far it hasn’t. There is a lot of buzz happening about the Magento 2 and its exclusive business-friendly features.

According to Wiki, “The Magento platform is a flexible open source e-commerce platform written in PHP. It empowers merchants to set up and run online stores trading goods, electronic downloads, and services.”

It’s just 5 years since Magento is launched, and it has turned out to be an inevitable online business solution which has been downloaded for more than 4 million times. There are many other reasons why Magento is so efficacious, above that Magento 2.0 is on the way! Now, it will probably be launched by the end of this year. Let’s study what are the most exciting features for Magento 2.0 now?

What is Magento 2.0?


Magento 2.0 is a forthcoming future version of the Magento eCommerce software, which is even now in the development stage. This technology is developed with the aim to empower developers efficiently address the needs of merchants. The Magento team is endeavoring to build momentous architectural changes to increase the performance, decrease the upgrade efforts, simplify the customization process, update the technology stack and enhance the engagement with the developer community.

Moreover, Magento is definitely a leading e-commerce solution which can boost your business. While Magento 1.x proved to be a positive hit with most business entrepreneurs, it’s time for a new-fangled and enhanced version to work in tandem with online stores and elevate the businesses. Magento 2.0 has created a lot of curio pertaining to its features and layouts. Here are a few interesting improvements in Magento 2.0 that you must know. These features will beyond doubt set standards for the coming year, as far as eCommerce business matters.

Let’s talk about some of the interesting features of Magento 2.0.

CompatiblewithMorePlatforms resized

  • Compatible with More Platforms

Magento 2.0 will run on PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework as 1.0. And it will support Oracle, MSSQL, and some other database also. This is a good update for Windows Platform Server. We all are seeing that Magento is evolving and seeking to support many more popular platform rapidly.

  • Performance Improvement

Performance and pace were constantly a challenge for Magento so it is recognized as resource hungry and not proficient. We all have seen that the team of Magento has kept improving the performance of Magento version after version. With the 2.0, the performance of Magento will be no less than 20% faster than the latest Magento 1.x versions. Thus, this will hugely transform the performance of Magento as a platform.

  • Expeditious Customization

Magento possesses a huge community of developers doing several customizations for their merchants. Also, there are numerous extensions available in the Magento marketplace. In Magento 2.0, the customization process is simplified to aid the developers make more extensions, enable swift implementations, wipe out duplicate code, proffer plug-in support and restructure the coding the process.

  • Testing-friendly

Actually, code testing is a herculean task that has been perturbing Magento developers since all these years. Thanks to the constant efforts put in by the gigantic Magento community for Magento 2.0 which is 100% testing-friendly. To put it plain, the most recent version of Magento is fortified with an impeccable testing framework that can be utilized for performing a set of tests comprising: Integration Tests, Static Tests, Legacy and Migration Tests, Unit Tests, JavaScript Unit Tests and Performance Tests.

  • Simple frontend development

Magento developers now can very easily provide a new esthetic and experience to the site without altering the site functionality, using less CSS preprocessor and modern HTML5 themes.

  • Greater engagement with the community

Another good advantage of Magento 2.0 is high engagement with the vast community. With the help of Magento 2.0 webinars and distinct events, the platform more augmented for the community.

  • Directories Structure

Magento makes use of Zend Framework, but it’s difficult to find this information as the directories structure of Magento 1.x series is pretty dissimilar from the Zend Framework. The directories structures for Magento 2.0 would be much related to the Zend Framework. This is very good for theme development as elements like Layout Templates, CSS, Images, JavaScript turns out to be more flexible. Now, you can manage all of them within a module folder.

  • Steadfast JQuery

In the previous version, prototypes were used as the main JavaScript library as jQuery which wasn’t quite stable make use of. Nevertheless with Magento 2.0, things have transformed. The community called for jQuery and prototype which has been replaced with JQuery in the latest version.

  • Amazing User Experience (UX)

The interface for the backend has become more user-friendly as compared to earlier versions. Users can now view the statistics for each store with the help of scope filter. With the help of menu system designed two of the management functions are executed i.e. eCommerce and system. Flat design has been espoused to display the various elements of the menu system-product, content report, marketing etc. The product manager interface has also been enriched for Magento 2.0 such that you can edit product details with effortlessly.

There is no doubt to the fact that Magento 2.0 has certainly brought in some fresh and implausible features to enhance the interface and experience on the whole for Magento developers and users. There are some remarkable features that you can anticipate which will simplify customizing and editing, which will help most developers in developing successful e-store.

Although, Magento 2.0 has the horde of best-in-class features you must choose the best Magento development services that will help you utilize the available features. Techno Infonet, a renowned Magento development company, has been proffering innovative solutions that support the businesses burgeon. Get in touch with us through our email to get customized Magento eCommerce solutions for your business.