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Reasons Why Storage Locker Industry needs E commerce Store to Grow Business

Reasons Why Storage Locker Industry needs E commerce Store to Grow Business

Are you a storage locker manufacturer and supplier suffering from low sales, little revenue, and poor brand awareness? Do you want to sell your product to your target customers and provide them better service? Then you must choose to have an e commerce store with the latest technological features.

With the growing urbanization, the demand for storage locker is increasing day by day. In earlier days of our grandparent’s times, if somebody required some storage for surplus possessions, they either move it to a relative with a spacious house or put it in a rented space in a self-storage company’s warehouse. In anyways, they had limited access and the safety of the goods was still at stake. It did not take long for people to adopt the concept of buying storage lockers for storing valuable, regular or surplus goods.

Nowadays, storage lockers have become an indispensable part of your home improvement, workplace regulation, and public servings thus to meet the elevating demand of storage units a lot of storage commerce has moved online. With a physical storefront, you perhaps fail to achieve growth quickly because for a business to grow it should regularly reach new prospective customers and communicate effectively with the existing ones.

Why is e commerce Site Essential to Improve your Storage Locker Business?

Locker_Shop_Blog [2]

  • You can collect leads and consumer data for successful email marketing.
  • You can connect with new prospective customers via search engines.
  • You enable your new clients to make a purchase anywhere, anyhow, and at any time they wish to.
  • You get to increase the visibility of your store’s promotion.

Therefore, whether the company is a start-up or SME looking to reduce operational costs, large ‘bricks and mortar storage locker businesses are taking their first step into e commerce.

Why Choose Techno Infonet for e commerce Store Development?

Techno Infonet is a reputed offshore e commerce Development Company located in India since 2004, delivering custom e commerce sites that supports your business growth effortlessly.

We have already fostered a few of our valued clients, namely, Shelving Store UK, Locker Shop UK and Lockers Online UK in expanding their customer base and business profit by developing innovative e commerce store. The technology used to build these e commerce websites was Custom PHP framework using responsive web design.

The Advanced Features Integrated Are:

  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integration for the secured payment transaction.
  • Newsletter Signup helps in identifying the interest of the customer, maintain a business relationship, distribute informative content, etc.
  • Shopping Cart integration helps in increasing sales, improve usability, works from anywhere, and is a fast as well as safe ordering.
  • Moreover, responsive design makes the store Mobile-friendly, making it accessible for more and more mobile users. Even Google prioritizes mobile friendly websites on SERP’s by eliminating the risk of penalizing.

Not just that, Techno also manages search engine optimization of this online stores whose digital presence has increased tremendously. The unceasingly increasing page views of these stores give a clear picture of the advantage e commerce technology bestows.

Last, but not, the least getting e commerce store developed offshore will be 50% cheaper in cost compared to hiring an in-house team. And, remember experience cannot be replaced by just talent, so you will not find an experienced development partner like Techno Infonet.

Thus, storage locker business must choose to develop a customized e commerce store to streamline their processes and propel productivity.

5 Mobile Commerce Trends Helping Retailers Strategize for Q4 In 2015

5 Mobile Commerce Trends Helping Retailers Strategize for Q4 In 2015

There were a lot of learning from the holiday shopping season of 2014, specifically that mobile shopping has captured the greater market share. Did you know that mobile already scores at least 50% or more of holiday shopping ecommerce traffic and 2015 can be the year the scales are sloped?

So, it your business all set for M-commerce Revolution?

Check out these fundamental furors online retailers will be astute to leverage and plan for to make a winning in the forthcoming year as mobile commerce has started taking over online shopping.

mcommerce trends

  • The highest number of people will make payments via mobile device than ever in 2015:

The upsurge of the digital wallet with Pay Pal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and other platforms will ultimately make complete purchases using a smartphone a day-to-day happening. The best mobile-friendly online stores and apps will make money. This is due to the fact that instead of mishandling their credit card or abandoning as soon as the lengthy credit card form loads up, your buyers can effortlessly click a button to finish a purchase.

  • Mobile is playing the hard ball for ecommerce evolution:

According to ComScore, mobile commerce is fast-tracking the consumer move toward online spending. Increase by 25% 2014, the previous holiday season, mobile played a significant role in the total retail commerce growth number of 17%-18% compared to the year 2013. And what could stop it? According to Google, we are now spending 151 minutes each day on our smartphones. Incredible!

  • Mobile shoppers are not the same old categorized shoppers you have known:

Online merchants must no longer assume that mobile shoppers are specially made up of women and thousands. The shoppers from 18-34 are still the top online buyers, but you might be astonished to know that men have a habit of purchasing on mobile devices more than women. Furthermore, affluent and seniors constitute about 25% of mobile shoppers. So, just mull over who is purchasing your products – if you merchandise to these groups, particularly you will not want to lay off the influence of going mobile.

  • This year’s online shopping will be more over mobile than ecommerce websites.

If you are planning for mobile commerce to plan for ecommerce holiday shopping season 2015, this will now give you a different perspective as you plan your marketing campaigns. Anticipate that everyone from young to old will be using a smartphone or tablet to climb the ladder on their holiday shopping lists, and invest in the mobile infrastructure for preparing to make it big. You can initiate by nailing down whether or not your site is actually mobile-friendly and choosing/testing the best mobile operating system iOS or Android for your products as early as possible.

  • A multi-channel marketing blend that comprises of the right mobile apps will be a blueprint for success.

This speaks about your product catalog and shoppers– and harnessing the benefits of the apps and shopping channels that will be the right solution for your products. If your store retails fashion, there are a few vogue, ground-breaking mobile shopping platforms you will want to consider such as Wanelo, Shopkick, Wish, Polyvore and more. For other classifications, there are a few standard price-comparison apps to consider such as ShopSavvy, TheFind BuyVia, and RedLaser.

In conclusion

The advent of holiday mobile commerce was one of the most stimulating trends during the 2014 season. As we delve 2015, mobile devices will likely carry on to increase not only in sessions on online retail stores but also in conversion rates as a greater percentage of buyers continue to become more at ease in completing transactions on their smartphones. So, before this ecommerce Holiday shopping season be all set with your m-commerce store.

7 Tips About Ecommerce Holiday Season You Can’t Afford To Miss

7 Tips About Ecommerce Holiday Season You Can’t Afford To Miss

With the 2015 holiday season crawling our calendars, eCommerce business retailers who want to make a killing on Black Friday are busy getting all set for a flood of holiday shoppers.

Do you know that the National Retail Association estimates online sales to elevate 7% to 10% this year, and eCommerce companies are hoping they will be able to merchandise on what will be called the big-time growth year for the industry since 2011? Of course, success depends on every single aspect from upgrading your website to optimizing order fulfillment to improving marketing, you have so much to do if you expect to thrive during the holiday season. Let’s take a sneak peek at 7 ways to foster you make a fortune this year.

7 Sure-Fire Ways To Grow Ecommerce Holiday Season Sales


  • Mobile optimization is crucial-

Mobile eCommerce grew by 28% in 2014—more than 2 times the 13% growth rate of desktop eCommerce. With over 50% of all online shopping happening via tablets and smartphones, you are unquestionably going to lose customers if your website isn’t mobile-friendly this holiday season. You still have got time to implement responsive design and to create responsive emails too.

  • Keep checkout easy-

The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is approximately 69%. You can avoid this disaster from happening in this holiday season by making the checkout process a cakewalk, short, intuitive and secure. You can do this by enabling guest checkout which eliminates the compulsion for a user to create an account, display a progress bar, ask for necessary personal information only, provide multiple payment options, use auto-filling fields wherever possible, and strengthen trust using security badges.

  • Personalization helps-

Personalizing your online experience and content for every individual user according to his/her history of behaviors, transactions and interests can help you tremendously in increasing sales this holiday season. You can make use of your user data by finding your high-CLV (customer lifetime value) customers so you can divide your email list and plan a more personalized, targeted campaigns. Moreover, landing page is highly important to assist the user land on the product offer page.

  • Ensure the web pages load faster-

During the demanding holiday season, having snail like loading product pages will certainly provoke users to abandon your site. Remember that 40% of visitors will leave if the web page does not load within 3 seconds, and 79% of your buyers won’t return if they are disappointed with your site’s load time. You can fight this by implementing traffic management and other optimizing tools to keep you posted about the downtime and slow performance.

  • Social media integration-

Integrate social sharing buttons to your product pages is a simple and smart way to make your products reach your customers’ followers via social media platforms. Making your products shareable on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ fundamentally turns your happy customers into salespeople that their social circles rely on. Engage prospects and customers on social media platforms and promote your exclusive offers for the holiday season.

  • Content marketing matters-

A lot of online merchants undervalue the benefits that content marketing provides to entice more qualified prospects and convert more customers. Include in your content write-ups such as tips, gift guides, and effective content to position your website as a reliable resource for holiday shopping and industry leader. Moreover, to build customers’ trust, regularly add high-quality content to your website that attracts Google’s attention so you can augment visibility as well.

  • Proffer free shipping-

Do you know that shipping was the main reason for shopping cart abandonment last holiday season? According to a recent study, free shipping continues to stimulate purchasing decisions on eCommerce websites. Approximately 60% of buyers are ready to add more products to their cart to avail free shipping, over 80% are ready to wait for an extra two days for delivery if shipping is offered free, and virtually 70% require free return shipping to complete the purchase.

To Sum up

It’s the right time to go mobile, get social and equip your eCommerce business for the 2015 holiday season. This year promises to be a biggie for holiday sales if you have dedicated the proper time and resources to delight your customers and outstrip your competitors. Follow the aforementioned tips to make sure you are generating higher revenues when the holiday shopping season closes instead of counting the mistakes you should be rectified for next year.

Are you looking for eCommerce help to be successful in this holiday season and for years to come? Speak with a specialist to learn more about implementing a dynamic eCommerce solution that simplifies your total operation and double your business.