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5 Killer Tips for iPhone App Development

5 Killer Tips for iPhone App Development

“Your mobile device quickly has become the easiest portal into your digital self – Phil Nickinson”

Truly, we have been so deeply engrossed in the mobile device that we have created our digital self. Each task, work, and communication are done with the small device. Above all, with the iPhones in the market, everything has become easier.

5 Killer Tips for iPhone Application Development

Building an iPhone Application is a demanding and rewarding job at the same time. With the success of iPhone Apps, there is something more challenging and demanding tasks left for the developers. We can say that success is not guaranteed for every developer.  There are a lot of factors that affect the success of every Application Development.

Well, you all developers need not worry, these 5 killer tips will surely help you in your iPhone Application Development.

As a developer, it is advisable to join the developer’s program right away. It helps the developer’s to reach to the customers from across the globe. You as a developer can get the access of every resource. After becoming a member of this program, you can the benefit of testing your App before its release, access to App Analytics, and the Advanced App Capabilities.

  • Be thorough in the Programming Languages

Most of the iPhone Applications are written in Objective-C. Well, Swift is another programming language from Apple, which has gained more popularity. Since the release of this language, most of the developers are using Swift as a Language for the Application Development. To build an App, a thorough knowledge of the language is required. So, as a developer on having to practice both the languages; Objective-C and Swift to win the marathon.

  • Corroborate the idea and getting the Feedback from the App

Based on the crucial factors of success, with the validation of the idea, one can lessen every. Developing an iPhone App is expensive. So, it should be checked that whether the Apps are competitive enough to beat the market and make considerable ROI. One of the best and the easiest way to get the feedback is from our families, friends, and random people. With this, the developer gets the clear idea of his / her faults, can improve in those areas, and develop a bug-free user-friendly App.

  • Accept the Apple’s Rules and Regulations

Apple is very strict in terms of quality and standards in its App Store. Once developed, the App has to go through the quality test and standards set by Apple. The approval process is quite long enough. So, if in case the App is rejected, the developer has to spend some extra time in making it perfect. So, it is mandatory to build a perfect App which satisfies all the rules and regulations. You also can test and release App in the TestFlight tool of the iPhone Developer’s Program.

  • Keep realistic expectations

As a developer, one has to have some realistic expectations. Realistic meaning the App should function according to the requirements, fulfill all the customer’s needs, and should be able to give the results as per the functions and mechanism. This has been given importance because many developers promise about the ROI that their App will generate better sales, also the app is capable enough to reach and generate sales in the market.

Final Thoughts:

Well, as an iPhone Developer, you have to place your footsteps more keenly with your eyes open. Meaning one has to keep customers and the rules and regulations of the Apple in mind. It should not be like keeping the customer in mind you forget about the standard terms and conditions and vice – verse. As such, these tips can help you build a better iPhone Application, but a developer has to have good knowledge and has to be intelligent enough to generate sales.

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7 Essential Features That Makes Your Mobile App Successful

7 Essential Features That Makes Your Mobile App Successful

Mobile is the latest leverage for small businesses and big corporate companies. Yet, instead of just creating a mobile-friendly version of a website or just adding a cutting-edge eCommerce capability to the mobile users’ experience for namesake, now more and more entrepreneurs’ are prudently digging the market by developing an innovative smartphone application.

However, it is not that easy to stay ahead in the ever increasing and augmenting mobile application vista. The app you build should be impeccable in order to earn high ROI and make it a success story. A lot of acclaimed mobile app development companies in India and marketers know that there are a lot of components which you should be adding to build a highly successful app.

7 Crucial Components To Incorporate While Developing Your Mobile App

Features to make Mobile App Successful

  • IOS and Android operating system                                               

Your application must be functional on both the platforms – Android and iOS. Both the platforms are widely used, so, in order to grab the attention of your target customers, the application should be designed and meticulously tested on each platform. If you are planning to build a custom mobile app compatible on both the OS, consider to go for Mobile app development in India. This is because India has a huge community of mobile app developers for both Android and iOS. Also, the development cost in India would be 50% less compared to any other place in the world.

  • Security

Security is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind while developing a powerful mobile app. You have to reassure your customers that their personal information will remain safe and will not be leaked. And to guarantee this to customers, you will have to integrate some tools that provide optimum safety.

  • Quicker loading of web pages

If the pages of the applications keep the users’ waiting for long, they might get irked and not download your app. Thus, the pages should appear on screens in the least time possible. Choose to hire a mobile app developer from a leading Mobile app Development Company in India to rectify slow loading of pages if you are unable to resolve it at your end.

  • Intelligent filters for search

Consider making an intuitive system of search and filters to make your customer’s search more precise. With the help of the search bars, you will be able to direct your customers to the page that they are searching for.

  • Integrate feedback system

It is also quite important to have some way for users to provide their feedback on your app. Whether it is just a button or a link to open an email that does not make any difference; the significant part is that your users get a quick way to report bugs, and provide recommendations or criticisms. And, the good news is that users will appreciate knowing that you are welcoming their feedback and that their input can improve the quality of your app.

  • Capabilities of working offline

Your mobile application should also work in the offline mode. No doubt, it is good to keep a few features for online mode. But, certain fundamental features must work in offline mode as well, so that users can use the app even if the signals are poor.

  • Easy to use

It is extremely necessary to keep the application user-friendly. This is why user interface is an influential feature of a mobile application. If your customers find it difficult to explore things, to navigate and to reach out other categories in your app, they will straight away shift to another application. All the sections of the app should be effortlessly accessible. Whatsoever the functionality it is the simpler it is delivered, the more it will be used.

In Conclusion

Remember, your mobile app must catch the eye in the competition and should be rich in feature to satisfy the demands of modern users’. Add the above-mentioned features in your mobile application and let it top the Android and iOS app store charts.


10 Newfangled Features of iOS 8 You May Have Missed

10 Newfangled Features of iOS 8 You May Have Missed


At the time when Tim Cook said iOS 8 is a colossal release, he was not joking if you can flash on. The most recent version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which is available now, brings with it a plethora of enhancements in various elements such as notifications, widgets, the Touch ID sensor and ways to incorporate smart home gadgets, information about health and a lot more.

Let’s Leaf Through the Ten Most Amazing New Features Of iOS 8:


  • Easy to Access Notifications: iOS allows you do a lot more with easy double-tap. Now it not only shows the apps that are open but also shows thumbnail images of the people with whom you communicate recurrently. From the thumbnail itself message, call or email the individual. Responding to notification is easier. Moreover, just swipe to decline or ignore a message or a meeting invitation. The third-party developers will be able to make widgets that will get displayed in the notification drawer.
  • More of New SIRI Features: Siri is continuously getting upgraded, becoming quicker and more reliable compared to iOS 7 and iOS 7.1. Now iOS 8 incorporated music identification, “Hey Siri!” voice activation 7 real-time comment of the words makes Siri think you are speaking.
  • Mail Navigation with a Smooth Swipe: The Mail app gets new signs to help you mark trash, flag or read. The Data detector get displayed right at the top of an email so now you use many more swipe options. Swipe to the right to Mark as Read. Swipe to the left to Archive, Flag or tap more for another list of available options. Furthermore, new Mail feature lets you swipe a draft to the bottom of the screen, allowing you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously in the app instead of having to delete the draft entirely.
  • Search Using Spotlight: With the help of iOS 8 Spotlight tool you can now search the web, iTunes, the App Store. Moreover, you can also look for movie show timings, close by locations and a lot more.
  • Advanced Photos and Camera: iOS 8 allows third-party camera apps to provide a complete variety of new manual capabilities such as bracketed capture, Manual focus, Manual white balance, manual exposure as well as exposure compensation.
  • Intelligent Master Control of Home with HomeKit: Apple has made iOS 8 to stay connected to your home with its HomeKit creativity. This Home automation control is an initiative planned for its Internet of Things (IoT) which is an app to manage everything via your mobile device.
  • Spread Media everywhere with family sharing: To make sharing content from your iOS device with other family members, Apple has announced about the family sharing. So now set up a personal account for family only for showing photos and other content to everyone, plus this feature will also help in integrating Find My Device and Find My Friends.
  • New Health App: The novel health app of iOS 8 presents you an easy-to-read dashboard showing your health and fitness data. The state-of-the-art HealthKit app developed enables all the robust health and fitness apps to work in a sync with your health data giving you a great experience.
  • iCloud Drive: Get the total liberty of working on any of your document with any of your device. This is because with iCloud Drive, safely store all your PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, images and other types of document on the cloud and access them from your PC, iPhone, Mac, iPad or iPod touch.
  • QuickType Makes Your Keypad Active: Apple has made a big alteration to the keyboard since the very initial iPhone. Just tap to choose the right suggestion for your next word. This is for the very first time a third party keyboard is made available.

The iOS 8 actually has a galore of effective features other than the above mentioned. Unquestionably, iOS 8 comes with a bouquet of new enterprise features, which includes everything from automatic setups, dynamic security alternatives, free/busy support in the calendar, document suppliers and a lot more.

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