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Comparision between 3 Power Pack versions of one of the leading e-commerce platform – Magento

Comparision between 3 Power Pack versions of one of the leading e-commerce platform – Magento

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms which is built on open source. It is basically written in PHP and is developed by Varien Inc., a private company situated in California, USA.  It offers flexibility, scalability and a wide range of control options. Moreover, marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog management tools are what more it offers. It offers a variety of plugins and themes which enhances customer’s experience. Magento uses Zend PHP and MySQL database. Magento has 3 powerful versions namely Magento Go, Magento Enterprise and Magento Community. Let’s look into these 3 versions in a brief.

Comparison between Magento Go Community and Enterprise Edition

  • Magento Go

Magento Go is cloud-based e-commerce solution which is used for web hosting. The solution is available for those who want an e-commerce website but don’t have technical resources to build their own. It is the least customized platform and has built-in modules. It also allows you to sell your products and services online. The shutdown of Go was declared on February 1, 2015.

  • Magento Community

It is an open source platform and has a vibrant Community. It allows developers to extend functionalities by adding new plugins. It is highly powerful. Allows multiple stores with a common back system, so for each store, you can have multiple views. It also provides SEO tools like Google sitemap, manage Page Titles, and Meta Description. It’s latest version CE and 2.0.4. were released on March 31, 2016.

  • Magento Enterprise

Magento EE is derived from Magento CE i.e. it has same core files. It is not free but has more features and functionality than CE. It is mainly designed for large businesses and requires technical support with installation, usage, configuration, and troubleshooting. Latest version EE 1.14.24 and EE 2.0.4 were released on March 31, 2016.Comparison table on Go, Community, and Enterprise


Magento 2.0 is Crucial to your Business. Learn Why!

Magento 2.0 is Crucial to your Business. Learn Why!

A lot of business owners and developers were expecting that Magento 2.0 will be launched in the start of 2015. However so far it hasn’t. There is a lot of buzz happening about the Magento 2 and its exclusive business-friendly features.

According to Wiki, “The Magento platform is a flexible open source e-commerce platform written in PHP. It empowers merchants to set up and run online stores trading goods, electronic downloads, and services.”

It’s just 5 years since Magento is launched, and it has turned out to be an inevitable online business solution which has been downloaded for more than 4 million times. There are many other reasons why Magento is so efficacious, above that Magento 2.0 is on the way! Now, it will probably be launched by the end of this year. Let’s study what are the most exciting features for Magento 2.0 now?

What is Magento 2.0?


Magento 2.0 is a forthcoming future version of the Magento eCommerce software, which is even now in the development stage. This technology is developed with the aim to empower developers efficiently address the needs of merchants. The Magento team is endeavoring to build momentous architectural changes to increase the performance, decrease the upgrade efforts, simplify the customization process, update the technology stack and enhance the engagement with the developer community.

Moreover, Magento is definitely a leading e-commerce solution which can boost your business. While Magento 1.x proved to be a positive hit with most business entrepreneurs, it’s time for a new-fangled and enhanced version to work in tandem with online stores and elevate the businesses. Magento 2.0 has created a lot of curio pertaining to its features and layouts. Here are a few interesting improvements in Magento 2.0 that you must know. These features will beyond doubt set standards for the coming year, as far as eCommerce business matters.

Let’s talk about some of the interesting features of Magento 2.0.

CompatiblewithMorePlatforms resized

  • Compatible with More Platforms

Magento 2.0 will run on PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework as 1.0. And it will support Oracle, MSSQL, and some other database also. This is a good update for Windows Platform Server. We all are seeing that Magento is evolving and seeking to support many more popular platform rapidly.

  • Performance Improvement

Performance and pace were constantly a challenge for Magento so it is recognized as resource hungry and not proficient. We all have seen that the team of Magento has kept improving the performance of Magento version after version. With the 2.0, the performance of Magento will be no less than 20% faster than the latest Magento 1.x versions. Thus, this will hugely transform the performance of Magento as a platform.

  • Expeditious Customization

Magento possesses a huge community of developers doing several customizations for their merchants. Also, there are numerous extensions available in the Magento marketplace. In Magento 2.0, the customization process is simplified to aid the developers make more extensions, enable swift implementations, wipe out duplicate code, proffer plug-in support and restructure the coding the process.

  • Testing-friendly

Actually, code testing is a herculean task that has been perturbing Magento developers since all these years. Thanks to the constant efforts put in by the gigantic Magento community for Magento 2.0 which is 100% testing-friendly. To put it plain, the most recent version of Magento is fortified with an impeccable testing framework that can be utilized for performing a set of tests comprising: Integration Tests, Static Tests, Legacy and Migration Tests, Unit Tests, JavaScript Unit Tests and Performance Tests.

  • Simple frontend development

Magento developers now can very easily provide a new esthetic and experience to the site without altering the site functionality, using less CSS preprocessor and modern HTML5 themes.

  • Greater engagement with the community

Another good advantage of Magento 2.0 is high engagement with the vast community. With the help of Magento 2.0 webinars and distinct events, the platform more augmented for the community.

  • Directories Structure

Magento makes use of Zend Framework, but it’s difficult to find this information as the directories structure of Magento 1.x series is pretty dissimilar from the Zend Framework. The directories structures for Magento 2.0 would be much related to the Zend Framework. This is very good for theme development as elements like Layout Templates, CSS, Images, JavaScript turns out to be more flexible. Now, you can manage all of them within a module folder.

  • Steadfast JQuery

In the previous version, prototypes were used as the main JavaScript library as jQuery which wasn’t quite stable make use of. Nevertheless with Magento 2.0, things have transformed. The community called for jQuery and prototype which has been replaced with JQuery in the latest version.

  • Amazing User Experience (UX)

The interface for the backend has become more user-friendly as compared to earlier versions. Users can now view the statistics for each store with the help of scope filter. With the help of menu system designed two of the management functions are executed i.e. eCommerce and system. Flat design has been espoused to display the various elements of the menu system-product, content report, marketing etc. The product manager interface has also been enriched for Magento 2.0 such that you can edit product details with effortlessly.

There is no doubt to the fact that Magento 2.0 has certainly brought in some fresh and implausible features to enhance the interface and experience on the whole for Magento developers and users. There are some remarkable features that you can anticipate which will simplify customizing and editing, which will help most developers in developing successful e-store.

Although, Magento 2.0 has the horde of best-in-class features you must choose the best Magento development services that will help you utilize the available features. Techno Infonet, a renowned Magento development company, has been proffering innovative solutions that support the businesses burgeon. Get in touch with us through our email to get customized Magento eCommerce solutions for your business.

Why is Magento Enterprise Edition Highly Recommended For Online eCommerce Business?

Why is Magento Enterprise Edition Highly Recommended For Online eCommerce Business?

Are you an eCommerce retailer bound and determined to achieve eCommerce success? Then you must not ignore to choose Magento Enterprise Edition which is endorsed by thousands of momentously prosperous and illustrious merchants’ world-wide.

What is Magento Enterprise Edition?


Basically, Enterprise Edition is an ultimate assortment of eCommerce best modules, features and practices that offers ebusiness owners a top class platform for growth. This helps merchants with small-mid-large ebusiness extract the maximum benefit of their online presence irrespective of their preferred channels. Magento Enterprise Edition leverages on the power of the Open Source Technology and caters merchants with a platform that has an unsurpassed set of features, user-friendly, fast in deploying and has vast flexibility. Aiming this, this edition lets its client fulfill their eCommerce goals with a computation of the cost compared to rival proprietary eCommerce platforms.

Advantages of Choosing Magento Enterprise Edition for Your eStore

Diverse businesses require to do diverse activities systematically to match the pace with competitors commendably online. That is why Magento Enterprise Edition is the most preferred choice proffering dynamic, flexible features that manage a complete range of eCommerce necessities. This Magento edition has a galore of beneficial feature that serve the best-in-class service.

Entice and Retain More Customers: You can personalize shoppers’ experiences to keep them attracted from the minute they enter the website till they check out. Enterprise edition supports with tools such as search engine optimization, targeted promotions, customer segmentation and merchandizing, custom coupons, product suggestion tools, and rating/reviews.

Customize & Improvize Your Site: With Enterprise Edition you get potent tools to personalize the appearance, experience and functioning of your store to match the exclusive specification. Expand and effectualize your site with one License for multiple stores, flexible product catalog, bespoke landing pages, mobile commerce, 3rd party application and extensions as well as global commerce.

Make Buying Uncomplicated: Provide an uninterrupted online retail experience with matchless customer service to get high rate of conversions and delightful customers. The purchasing experience can be made seamless using powerful means search capabilities of SOLR, layered navigation, multiple payment and shipping options and return management authorization.

Nurture Brand Relationship: Every business wants loyal customers, which is basic need of a prosperous business. With cutting-edge tools like customer reward points, private sales, automatic email reminders, gift registry & cards, store credit and wish list induce them to come back to your estore over and over again.

Burgeon & Ascend With Confidence: If you are augmenting your ebusiness in new markets, countries or new volume levels, enterprise edition will brace your business scale with security. Get extensibility, optimized productivity and pace, compliance and security, updating and testing environment etc.

Returns Boosting Features: Magnetize more etraffic to your store and transform browsers into buyers with a holistic feature set. From personal sales and targeted promotion to reward points and customer segmentation tools, you will get all the facilities you require to develop your business.

Professional Technical Support: Every Magento Enterprise Edition license comes with an SLA-backed support agreement that guarantees whenever and however an issue gets to your feet with your core platform – the support team will be all set to help.

Great Performance: Operative features like full-page caching will aid your site perform at optimum levels, even when the traffic is at a peak. And our platform extends to make room for wide product catalogs, effective content, and international expansion.

The Facility of Google Universal Analytics: With the help of this component Google Universal Analytics you to get a better idea of how users interact with your online content. Also, you can derive enriched eCommerce reporting and acquire an in-depth understanding of your online business from your Google Analytics integration.

Mobile Shopping Experience: For your customer to shop on mobile effortlessly, securely and handily use Magento Enterprise Edition. Build a mobile-friendly responsive online site or shopping cart and offer fast and flawless experience to users buying through mobile devices.

Wow! It’s a treasure trove.

So, how is your online store performing and are you ready to evolve your online business? Then without much ado, approach a reputed company that offers Magento Enterprise Edition.

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