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Mobile Taxi App Is Crucial For Your Cab Service Business. Know Why!

Mobile Taxi App Is Crucial For Your Cab Service Business. Know Why!

In the 21st century, the basics of interactions between drivers and passengers have changed. Nowadays people want rapid cab services with a tap on mobile phones. Businesses must espouse a responsive taxi application for their cab service company to earn lots of reputation and revenue. All of us would have undoubtedly heard about the giant in this industry, namely, Lyft, Sidecar, Uber and more who are on the ride-sharing business of booking a taxi over the mobile app.

It is obvious that business owners would want to augment their business irrelevant of the nature of the enterprise. In this epoch of smartphones, keeping your business deprived of the mobile app is unwise. Taxi Apps spreads information about the business, and it is quite economical in comparison with any other form of advertisement. This platform is useful for both business owners as well as customers.

Ryda Mobile Taxi/Cab App

Advantages of Taxi Mobile Application:

  • Ease of Taxi booking on the go
  • Connect thousands of your prospective customers
  • Source of information about your services
  • Supports you in tracking the progress of cars as well as drivers
  • Keep updated about different schemes
  • Advance booking service for customers
  • Makes your customers use your services regularly
  • Easy online payment facility for customer
  • Increase your bookings
  • Links to Social Networks
  • Live updates

Why Choose Techno Infonet for Mobile Taxi App Development?

Techno Infonet is a renowned Mobile app development company located in India, since 2004. We are a team of innovative mobile app developers, specialized in building a creative and purposive application using state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

Mobile Taxi apps have brought revolution in the world of travel and have made taxiing a lot stress-free. Techno has successfully developed one such application named “Ryda” which has a galore of significant benefits for those who download and make use of it.

The Ryda mobile taxi application is built on the Android operating system for one of an eminent South African client. This app offers sleek and seamless user-experience

The Amazing Features of Ryda:

  • Map view of the nearby cabs
  • Rating system for feedback
  • Real-time view of approaching cab on the app
  • Secured credit / debit card registration
  • Cab booking is now simple as ABC
  • Know the drivers’ details before travelling
  • See the precise charges to pay – No Surge Price/ No Hidden Cost
  • Cashless Payment Mode and more

However, if we consider statistics, the e-hailing apps are seeing an uptrend situation in enticing a good amount of demand in their business that is only going to range extensively in the years to come. If you have any idea, let’s discuss.

Digital Business Card App – A Revolution in the Modern Business World

Digital Business Card App – A Revolution in the Modern Business World

An efficient contact collector and contact management tool helping you focus on making real connections with your network globally.

Did you know that 88% of the business cards end up in the rubbish bin?

There is no doubt that the traditional business cards have catered our purposes for many years, we now live in an epoch where practically everything has become digitized, fetching digital business cards as an essential product of 21st century high-tech advancement. By the virtue of mobile phones, iPods, palm pilots and laptops, we have nearly come to a demand for interactive business cards.

With the advent of digital business card entrepreneurs and other professionals now have a way to share their business card virtually with anyone, anywhere. Does it happen that you forget to carry your business card or run short of it when you have to share it with a prospective client? But, now you do not have to be anxious, with digital business cards stay up-to-date and always accessible.

Why should you use Digital Business Cards over paper cards?

Digital Business Card App

It is nice to have the digital version of a business card as it makes feeding new contact information directly into your smartphone’s contacts book effortless. Digital cards can also carry additional data, such as location information and usable links to social networking services. You can never be out of digital cards to give away, whereas paper cards disappear quickly. Sharing cards via smartphone is a unique experience, too, and can help you be distinct in your new contact’s memory. Moreover, now virtually swap your business card globally without making your everywhere, every time.

General Advantages of Digital Business Card:

  • Collecting contacts become hassle-free. No typing required.
  • Easy and up-to-date handling compared to traditional business cards.
  • Simple and time-saving
  • Ease of entry and updating of contact info
  • Control and differential sharing
  • Go Green & paperless
  • Shrink your wallet
  • Save money with Virtual Business Cards

Why Choose Techno Infonet for Digital Business Card?

Techno Infonet is an eminent web and mobile app development company based in India, since 2004. We are a team of keen web and mobile app developers, who love to build usable, utile, and ultimate applications with the latest web and mobile technologies and techniques.

For many years, a lot of digital companies attempted to stamp out traditional business card exchange, although this piece of paper sustained in this digital era. Nevertheless, Techno has successfully launched Swap Once – a digital business card fostering every business swap their contact details virtually anywhere, anytime. This web and mobile application enable users to not only create their own digital card, but also scan, share and store cards.

The SwapOnce website was built on CodeIgniter, CakePHP and Symfony framework with a 7 layer code structure. The database type is MySQL. On Open Source PHP platform, SwapOnce has a Facebook page and Sage pay plugins integrated. The SwapOnce mobile app is available with both, Android, and iOS operating system.

The Cutting-edge Features of SwapOnce:

  • Smart Search:
  • Comprehensive insights in graphical format
  • QR codes for scanning the specifics
  • Card Options based on your need – individual and agency
  • Public and private settings for sharing information
  • Connections of others can be viewed
  • Import Contacts from personal accounts
  • Number of connections in top locations presented together in the map

Amazing! Isn’t it?

Get a digital business card application developed and Hand out to break the ice when networking – you are obvious to become the one person that always gets remembered.

Are you an astute entrepreneur looking to develop digital business card? Contact us today!

How Different Industries Benefit From Mobile Application Development?

How Different Industries Benefit From Mobile Application Development?

In today’s digital world, various business domains globally are trying to make their brand presence and performance outstanding.  Due to this reason, the state-of-the-art iPhone and Android mobile apps are the talk of the town, with more and more entrepreneurs espousing mobile strategy to grow the business. Whether you are a small, mid or large business to survive in the fittest, it has become inevitable to showcase and sell your product and service exceptionally. Therefore, businesses now consider mobile as a “must-have” technology to portray their product/services and attract the highest number of visitors which can further be converted into loyal clients. Without much ado, choose to build an interactive and fully featured mobile app that always keeps you connected with your clients wherever, whenever and offer holistic information about your product/service.

Reason Why Diverse Industries Opt For Mobile Application Development?

Mobile App Development for Diverse Industries

Real Estate: In this digital era, people use the mobile app more than traditional computers or other tangible services to find information. A huge list of real-estate and property listing information are easily accessible via a mobile app. This also increases the generation of leads and ROI of the real estate business owner. This is why a lot of companies are counting on real estate mobile application development to boost credibility and convenience to take a look at the property from anyplace at anytime.  

Healthcare: The mobile technology platform is impacting the healthcare chain along with individual practitioners and hospitals. The healthcare mobile apps help caregivers, doctors, pharmaceutical stores and insurance companies in streamlining their activities and increase the quality of the services offered. These apps enable in enhancing patient management, monitoring and conducting care plans, give superior access to healthcare information and elevate the total quality of the healthcare services.

Banking & Finance: With the growth in mobile technology the investment firms, wealth managers, banks and the individuals can access to the substantial amount of sensitive, confidential data. With the support of high-level finance solutions, the companies can perform horde of transactions to achieve a noteworthy competitive edge in the market. In general, mobile app development proffers a high-impact dimension to the finance and banking sector to meet their objectives, reaching and retaining clients in advanced ways.

Food & Beverages: Food is a multi-billion industry and is rapidly augmenting in synchronization with food market. The emerging urbanization has transformed the way people use to buy food products, ingredients, and beverages, etc. Thus, a lot of food chains and merchants have decided to adopt Food mobile application development that can drive core innovation by providing flexibility and least errors.

Entertainment: The concept of entertainment is altogether remodeled with the mobile platform as it has introduced an element of engagement and interactivity that never existed before. Entertainment mobile application development have unlocked new revenue streams by familiarizing games, music, movies and more. These apps have bestowed momentous marketing and branding opportunities.

Travel and Social: Social as well as Travel walks hand in hand with mobile applications as it makes planning travel, shopping or using any tools to enhance the overall experience on-the-fly a cakewalk. Mobile also elevates the expectation when social media come into the picture as people want to connect and share with their groups any time and anywhere they wish to. A lot of companies have leveraged advancing mobile technology and has given a leg up to the social media, hospitality and travel industries in presenting and merchandising their products and services.

Education:  With the advent of the mobile application in the educational sector, looking for the legitimate educational information, eLearning and finding resources has become duck soup. The mobile platform has proved to be a perfect channel to engage, educate and enlighten a wide range of users, which counts school children, college students, graduates and recruitment agencies too. Also, a lot of applications provide easy access to career guidance, information pertaining to educational institutes and other resources, making education simple as ABC.

Retail: The new reality is multi-channel consumer since products are increasing and business requires to be working 24/7. Retailers are spreading the product awareness via mobile phone technology. They are seamlessly assimilating their virtual and physical conduits to offer personalized customer experience. The power of mobile is harnessed smartly by creating a wide assortment of interactive and engaging shopping and product catalog applications. Moreover, this has brought into existence m-retail, m-commerce and m-payment to streamline the journey of purchase.

The aforesaid are a few of the chief business domain that is harnessing the advantages of Android and iPhone operating systems in their own ways. Now the question arises how to make an app? If you are also an entrepreneur running any of these businesses, get in touch with a reputed mobile application development company and hire professional mobile app developers to build a custom-made, cross-platform and successful mobile app that evolve your business exponentially.