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Mobile App: A Necessary Tool to Run Your Business

Mobile App: A Necessary Tool to Run Your Business

“You don’t build a business, you build people, and then people build business – Zig Ziglar”

In order to continue to be successful and competitive, a business needs to be up-to-date with the latest developments hitting the deck. Currently, developments in mobiles are taking place at a much faster rate and so it’s but obvious that our businesses have to heat up too. Starting from a small business like a coffee shop and a beauty salon to huge businesses like Amazon and Flipkart, we see Apps have turned out to be a huge source of income, client satisfaction, and a medium of business.

So, now to run a business we need a supportive and an efficient companion who meets the business needs. Here are some major reasons why this companion – ‘An App’ is necessary for the business.

Mobile APP - A Necessary Tool to Run a Business

  • Staying one step ahead

Currently, in the market, we see almost all businesses have websites depicting their business. But a few, out of those 100s of websites have Mobile Apps. Well, the reason for not having an App may be different but you see, you are missing out many important things that an app can give you. Websites too offer services and solutions that a customer wants but having an app adds an advantage as it saves their time and allows for swiping the pages across the mobile rather than visiting the websites.

Here at Techno Infonet, our handpicked qualified team has worked on over 900+ projects in the last 11+ years. During these quality years, we have seen a sharp and a rapid inclination towards the use of the mobile apps. We have used various approaches in developing the apps successfully as per the client’s requirements.

  • Accessible at all times

We spend most of our time on mobile phones. The use of the mobile phones is not limited; it has crossed the boundaries beyond our imagination. The task which we thought that the mobile should perform is performed in just one click. But still there are only a handful of apps that have 100% usage but it doesn’t change the fact that user will scan, look, and search the app store for different apps.

For e.g. Starbucks, they have built an app which offers a built-in rewards system to earn free drinks. Another disruptive mobile commerce example is Uber which connects riders to drivers, retooling urban transportation at much lower rates. No doubt that both the services are different but their motto to expand business and earn much client satisfaction is fulfilled with an easy approach – Mobile Apps.

  • Creates a marketing channel

Apps come along wearing different hats – general information, purchasing, advanced search, news feeds, notifications, messaging, and much more. The greatest advantage of having a mobile app is that every information that you’d like to provide to your customers – sales, promotions, services, and solutions – is done at their fingertips. Push notifications allow you to get even closer as you have a direct contact with them and can easily invite and remind customers about your services and products.

  • Healthy customer engagement and Revenue

Improved customer service is one of the reasons why small and medium sized businesses are building apps. Apps connect your trusted and long-term customers and open up a true medium of communication. You can reward your customers with coupons, schemes, discounts, and some loyalty programs keeping them intact with the apps.

You can open new revenue channels and monetize your apps with the in-app advertisements or by attaching the price tags to the app or come up with a paid feature.

  • Get priceless customer insights

The priceless benefit of having an app is that you can identify the most hopeful and rising regions, customer needs, demographic segments, and performance of your app. All this information can be useful in developing new products, identifying new business opportunities, and product enhancements to meet the customer demands.

Now, you might think after gaining the knowledge about the usefulness of Apps in the business world, how much expense one bears to boost his / her business. To be frank, it totally depends on your demands; how and what you want to achieve. Regardless, of the budget, we ensure to deliver the best mobile solution that suits your business with a high ROI.

You might have a question how is app beneficial or what can an app do for my business. Here are a few Apps that we have successfully accomplished which might help you answer your question:

  • Ryda App – We have developed Taxi / Cab App to provide expeditious and efficient transportation experience to its customers all over South Africa.
  • Swap Once App – We have developed a Digital Business Card App through which people can design their own business cards and exchange with other business holders to expand their network. To get more information, please visit the Whitepaper – SwapOnce – Digital Business Card System.
  • Shred Chaser App – We have developed Social Networking App for Sports lovers who loves snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, surfing, wake or kiteboarding to boxing and beyond.

Working with many bespoke firms to meet client’s requirements, we simply don’t just deliver ‘out-of-the-box-solution’ but through our tailored team, you and your business can walk a long way out with the app that is your own.

For more assistance regarding IOS App Development services, please visit

And for assistance regarding Mobile App services, please visit

Why Should You Hire The Best Mobile App Development Company in 2016?

Why Should You Hire The Best Mobile App Development Company in 2016?

The world of mobility has transformed the way we live. Smartphones and applications have become the fundamental necessities of life. Due to this, it is extremely crucial for businesses to develop a mobile app to prosper. Technology has weaved together our social as well as professional lives; in particular the mobile strategy. More and more businesses are focusing on mobile apps compared to the website, as apps prove to be more useful making their life as easy as pie. Mobile applications are fostering businesses to improve their work productivity and efficiency by enhancing user experience (UX), propel sales, bring in higher revenue, pump up profit and increase ROI.

Now when business owners understand the importance of mobile apps, they should also understand that a cutting-edge mobile app needs expert developers to build it. Hence, you are advised to hire a leading Mobile App Development Company in India that offers custom Android and iOS mobile app development services. As in India, there is a vast community of iOS and Android developers, well-versed with the ins and outs of the mobility industry. Moreover, these days you will find thousands of firms engaged in mobile app development in India. Hence, it is quite imperative to research well and select the best possible company that can meet your requirement and financial budget.

5 significant advantages of hiring the right mobile application development company in 2016.

Hire Mobile App Development Company in 2016

Qualitative end product: The professional mobile app developers working with the leading company are highly qualified and talented with great expertise in their domain. So, if you get your app developed from them, you will undoubtedly get quality work, which will eventually result into an amazing app for your business, which will ask for almost no or low maintenance and extracts more value out of it.

Ease & speediness: The mobile app developers working with such agencies have tremendous experience of building high-performance applications. Thus, they possess a certain level of proficiency as well as swiftness in developing mobile apps, which will help you receive your app within the predefined timeframe.

Support: One of the remarkable benefits of hiring a reputed and reliable company, is that you will get post development services, support and maintenance no matter when so that you don’t get stuck anywhere, and your work seamlessly continues.

Saves Time: As a business owner, you may have several responsibilities and work to concentrate on. So, if you spend your time in developing a mobile app on your own, it will ultimately waste your precious time as the application is anyhow not going to match the level of professionals. Hence, instead of using your time in developing a mobile app for your business, you can invest that time in augmenting your business and plan out some practical strategies that bolster you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Tools and technology: A business owner might not be familiar with the latest tools and techniques used to build mobile apps. On the other hand, the professional mobile application developers working with a leading company must possess a thorough knowledge of all the latest tools and technologies to make use of it while developing apps for their clients. Here hiring Mobile App Development Company will help you develop advanced apps using the proven methodologies that deliver the best output.

To wrap up

Therefore, if you are planning to develop a business mobile app, you are made aware of all the significant benefits and questions to ask before you decide to select the right mobile application development company in India. So, make a wise decision by keeping these advantages in mind so as to get an excellent mobile app for your business success.

7 Mobile App Development Trends To Watch In 2016

7 Mobile App Development Trends To Watch In 2016

During the previous year, the mobile apps industry has watched a few rapid innovations. Gartner Analysts predict that 40% of application leaders will spend more time arranging for mobile app development than they will be delivering actual mobile apps. Nowadays, whether it’s about ordering food, learning, shopping, saving money, hiring a cab or any other social networking activity, it is all carried out via mobile applications.  Thus, it would not be wrong to say that mobile technology is evolving at supersonic speed, and the apps have become an integral part of the entire digital ecosystem.

Take a glance at the mobile app development trends for 2016


  • Rapid Mobile Development Will Ramp Up:

Companies are going through a hard phase in matching the pace with the increasing demand for mobile apps. With these radical demands, businesses are competing to release their services and products faster than their competitors. The key objective for mobile app developers would be to decrease the duration of the development process and to reduce the time gap that is from conceptualization to launch. You can expect to see cutting-edge rapid mobile app development tools as well as frameworks in the market.

In fact, a lot of companies are anticipating to introduce solutions that can serve their consumer’s requirement of launching their app rapidly. Such solutions for mobile development are devised with an idea of providing consistent value to the customers at each stage while developing their app using the key mechanisms including rapid launches and easy reach to the market. Although for rapid mobile application development to reach your business goal faster, you must hire mobile app developers.

  • Cloud- Driven App Will Steal the Show:

Thriving cloud technology is predicted to play a significant role in the mobile app development uprising. There has been an ascendant in the usage of mobile devices that tends to make app developers more focused towards the ability to incorporate and synchronize apps developed for more than one device. The cloud approach will foster developers to develop functionality that would be easy to use on diverse mobile devices with similar data as well as features.

Also, various companies are working on cloud-based app development platforms. Developers are facilitated with complete tool chains for creating an app, continuous integration, testing until their app submission to the app stores. This leads to a rapid development lifecycle without the need of thorough technical knowledge of those essential activities.

  • Apps Security Must Come First:

There have been a lot of reports indicating concerns of users in context to hacking and to the Gartner’s prediction, 75% of mobile applications would not be able to pass out even the critical security tests. Hackers will keep continuing the tendency of misusing identified security gaps in mobile applications for getting confidential and sensitive information. So, security will still be a huge challenge in mobile applications. Therefore, it has become a critical need of the time that developers take the security problems such as unintended leakage of data, broken cryptography, insecure data storage, etc. in all seriousness.

  • Mobile Banking, Payments, and M-Commerce Will Be A Necessity:

Did you know that transferring money or buying things via a mobile phone is becoming a common thing just as using debit or credit cards?  According to the recent surveys, 19% of commercial sales are coming from either a Tablet or Smartphone. Forecasters say this trend will undoubtedly continue as more and more consumers are adopting m-commerce solutions. So it’s recommended that developers build mobile apps that process the financial transaction without the requirement of cash or any other physical cards.

  • User Experience through App Analytics Will Be In The Spotlight:

User experience is leading technology in the future. As the use of tablets, and smartphones is snowballing day by day, app user experience is becoming more important than ever. It seems to be highly challenging when in-app purchases and advertisements need balanced effort. Here, data analytics will be a prime factor helping app developers to bring enhancement to the user experience. So, it would just not be judicious to separate the great mobile application development from analytics. Modern businesses demand direct insight into real-time data that helps them with their customer’s decision-making process and behaviour. In fact, the app analytics results in efficient business processes and improved user experience.

  • Enterprise Apps Will Take The Centre Stage:

As per the IDC’s predictions, 35% of big enterprises will make use of mobile application development platforms for developing and deploying mobile apps. Due to which there can be an increase in enterprise app stores that includes internal app ratings, letting companies get rid of apps that are not in use and save an enormous amount of expenses. Several enterprise app stores assimilate with favourite stores that result in a comprehensive approach. Hence, app developers will get an excellent opportunity to work on applications for the increasingly mobile enterprise market.

  • Mobile Gaming To Hit It High:

In recent years, there has been a steady movement witnessed in mobile games towards multi-player-gaming. With the upsurge of such games, integration of social media within games will also turn out to be more important than before. Moreover, mobile games will gradually be more driven by cloud technology for synchronization between separate devices playing the same game or to coordinate between different users participating in the similar game.

To Conclude:

By this time, some of these mobile app development trends have started gaining momentum bit by bit and are going to entice the attentiveness of the app developers and mobile app development companies in 2016. Certainly they are going to make noteworthy marks. It is the right time for all of us to brace ourselves and create a seamless mobile experience for our users. Are you all set to try these trends? Share your viewpoints with us.

Mobile Taxi App Is Crucial For Your Cab Service Business. Know Why!

Mobile Taxi App Is Crucial For Your Cab Service Business. Know Why!

In the 21st century, the basics of interactions between drivers and passengers have changed. Nowadays people want rapid cab services with a tap on mobile phones. Businesses must espouse a responsive taxi application for their cab service company to earn lots of reputation and revenue. All of us would have undoubtedly heard about the giant in this industry, namely, Lyft, Sidecar, Uber and more who are on the ride-sharing business of booking a taxi over the mobile app.

It is obvious that business owners would want to augment their business irrelevant of the nature of the enterprise. In this epoch of smartphones, keeping your business deprived of the mobile app is unwise. Taxi Apps spreads information about the business, and it is quite economical in comparison with any other form of advertisement. This platform is useful for both business owners as well as customers.

Ryda Mobile Taxi/Cab App

Advantages of Taxi Mobile Application:

  • Ease of Taxi booking on the go
  • Connect thousands of your prospective customers
  • Source of information about your services
  • Supports you in tracking the progress of cars as well as drivers
  • Keep updated about different schemes
  • Advance booking service for customers
  • Makes your customers use your services regularly
  • Easy online payment facility for customer
  • Increase your bookings
  • Links to Social Networks
  • Live updates

Why Choose Techno Infonet for Mobile Taxi App Development?

Techno Infonet is a renowned Mobile app development company located in India, since 2004. We are a team of innovative mobile app developers, specialized in building a creative and purposive application using state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

Mobile Taxi apps have brought revolution in the world of travel and have made taxiing a lot stress-free. Techno has successfully developed one such application named “Ryda” which has a galore of significant benefits for those who download and make use of it.

The Ryda mobile taxi application is built on the Android operating system for one of an eminent South African client. This app offers sleek and seamless user-experience

The Amazing Features of Ryda:

  • Map view of the nearby cabs
  • Rating system for feedback
  • Real-time view of approaching cab on the app
  • Secured credit / debit card registration
  • Cab booking is now simple as ABC
  • Know the drivers’ details before travelling
  • See the precise charges to pay – No Surge Price/ No Hidden Cost
  • Cashless Payment Mode and more

However, if we consider statistics, the e-hailing apps are seeing an uptrend situation in enticing a good amount of demand in their business that is only going to range extensively in the years to come. If you have any idea, let’s discuss.

How Different Industries Benefit From Mobile Application Development?

How Different Industries Benefit From Mobile Application Development?

In today’s digital world, various business domains globally are trying to make their brand presence and performance outstanding.  Due to this reason, the state-of-the-art iPhone and Android mobile apps are the talk of the town, with more and more entrepreneurs espousing mobile strategy to grow the business. Whether you are a small, mid or large business to survive in the fittest, it has become inevitable to showcase and sell your product and service exceptionally. Therefore, businesses now consider mobile as a “must-have” technology to portray their product/services and attract the highest number of visitors which can further be converted into loyal clients. Without much ado, choose to build an interactive and fully featured mobile app that always keeps you connected with your clients wherever, whenever and offer holistic information about your product/service.

Reason Why Diverse Industries Opt For Mobile Application Development?

Mobile App Development for Diverse Industries

Real Estate: In this digital era, people use the mobile app more than traditional computers or other tangible services to find information. A huge list of real-estate and property listing information are easily accessible via a mobile app. This also increases the generation of leads and ROI of the real estate business owner. This is why a lot of companies are counting on real estate mobile application development to boost credibility and convenience to take a look at the property from anyplace at anytime.  

Healthcare: The mobile technology platform is impacting the healthcare chain along with individual practitioners and hospitals. The healthcare mobile apps help caregivers, doctors, pharmaceutical stores and insurance companies in streamlining their activities and increase the quality of the services offered. These apps enable in enhancing patient management, monitoring and conducting care plans, give superior access to healthcare information and elevate the total quality of the healthcare services.

Banking & Finance: With the growth in mobile technology the investment firms, wealth managers, banks and the individuals can access to the substantial amount of sensitive, confidential data. With the support of high-level finance solutions, the companies can perform horde of transactions to achieve a noteworthy competitive edge in the market. In general, mobile app development proffers a high-impact dimension to the finance and banking sector to meet their objectives, reaching and retaining clients in advanced ways.

Food & Beverages: Food is a multi-billion industry and is rapidly augmenting in synchronization with food market. The emerging urbanization has transformed the way people use to buy food products, ingredients, and beverages, etc. Thus, a lot of food chains and merchants have decided to adopt Food mobile application development that can drive core innovation by providing flexibility and least errors.

Entertainment: The concept of entertainment is altogether remodeled with the mobile platform as it has introduced an element of engagement and interactivity that never existed before. Entertainment mobile application development have unlocked new revenue streams by familiarizing games, music, movies and more. These apps have bestowed momentous marketing and branding opportunities.

Travel and Social: Social as well as Travel walks hand in hand with mobile applications as it makes planning travel, shopping or using any tools to enhance the overall experience on-the-fly a cakewalk. Mobile also elevates the expectation when social media come into the picture as people want to connect and share with their groups any time and anywhere they wish to. A lot of companies have leveraged advancing mobile technology and has given a leg up to the social media, hospitality and travel industries in presenting and merchandising their products and services.

Education:  With the advent of the mobile application in the educational sector, looking for the legitimate educational information, eLearning and finding resources has become duck soup. The mobile platform has proved to be a perfect channel to engage, educate and enlighten a wide range of users, which counts school children, college students, graduates and recruitment agencies too. Also, a lot of applications provide easy access to career guidance, information pertaining to educational institutes and other resources, making education simple as ABC.

Retail: The new reality is multi-channel consumer since products are increasing and business requires to be working 24/7. Retailers are spreading the product awareness via mobile phone technology. They are seamlessly assimilating their virtual and physical conduits to offer personalized customer experience. The power of mobile is harnessed smartly by creating a wide assortment of interactive and engaging shopping and product catalog applications. Moreover, this has brought into existence m-retail, m-commerce and m-payment to streamline the journey of purchase.

The aforesaid are a few of the chief business domain that is harnessing the advantages of Android and iPhone operating systems in their own ways. Now the question arises how to make an app? If you are also an entrepreneur running any of these businesses, get in touch with a reputed mobile application development company and hire professional mobile app developers to build a custom-made, cross-platform and successful mobile app that evolve your business exponentially.

What Are The Misconceptions About Mobile Commerce?

What Are The Misconceptions About Mobile Commerce?

The mounting numbers of smartphones and tablet users have augmented horizons for businesses. The world has gone mobile and so businesses have to think of strategies to reach prospective customers having mobile devices. This has brought into the picture mobile commerce. With eCommerce booming, mobile commerce is also equally gaining attention from buyers and merchants. In the journey of providing the best services to customers, retailers are attempting to use these supersonic devices. Also, there are a lot of fallacies and myths surrounding the world of mobile commerce currently. Some say shoppers find websites non-interactive or responsive and also security is a big hitch while others say vendors still find eCommerce more prolific than mobile commerce.

A Few Big Myths About Mobile Commerce

MYTHS about mcommerce

1. The majority of people choose to shop through a desktop/laptop

Consumers are no more using one medium to explore, compare and purchase products. Do you know that search of products on smartphones have increased 66% according to research? Buyers look for the products on their mobile devices while on-the-go and decide whether to make a purchase or not. Nowadays a lot of shoppers prefer shopping over a mobile device, it’s necessary for retailers to be ready with the optimized website and mobile application.

2. Companies do not go in for Mobile Commerce sites

Challenges such as non-responsive portals, security issues and lack of ability to showcase products on the small screen has created fallacies that businesses do not worry to boost their mCommerce sites. But numbers depicts a different story altogether for why consumer selects mobile shopping

  • 73% Timesaving
  • 69% Easy to find good deals
  • 69% can shop on-the-go
  • 63% Can do while juggling other work
  • 55% Do not have to stand in long tiring queue

3. Mobile shopping is choice of specific age group

Another illusion pertaining to mobile commerce is that Gen-Y that is the age group 25-35 majorly do mobile shopping. This age group has modular devices and good understanding about making purchases as well as financial transactions. However, the truth is that reasonable price of mobile phones has made it prevalent among the young and old age groups.

4. Only big enterprises harness advantages of mobility

The mobile strategy of having a business app is meant only for top drawers such as Spencer, Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Marks. If you greatly depend on eCommerce, you must have a mobile blueprint. M-commerce is offering a plethora of opportunities through the speed it is collaborating businesses as a useful tool. For some business, having a fully-featured app can be expensive, but business must initiate with the mobile –friendly website.

Mobile transactions are estimated to reach $3.2 trillion by 2017.

5. Luxury products aren’t bought on mobile

Previously luxury products shoppers think that for downloading ringtones and for booking movie tickets mobile devices are suitable. This myth is widely believed by many people that buying luxury products via mobile can be unsafe. However, now from pin to plane everything is bought on mobile devices, whether it is precious diamonds or a motor car.

6. Mobile is not meant for brick and mortar store owners

If you are a brick and mortar store owner with an assumption that brick and mortar retailers should have a mobile store, then your business is going to face a big loss. According to a recent survey by google 8 out of 10 buyers’ use smartphones in-store to make a buying decision. When 82% of shoppers in-store use browsers for researching about any product, if your store doesn’t show in search results, your image is sure to tarnish. The USP of mCommerce is that it enables the consumer to make a purchase at any time at any place. Providing an uninterrupted mobile shopping experience to your customers can improve your credibility and you will have more buyers willing to shop your products or services.

Is your business mobile ready? If not, what are you waiting for?

Techno Infonet is a renowned Mobile Commerce Development company offering customized mobile commerce store as per your business requirements. Our team of passionate developers can integrate amazing in-store mobile application features such as Social Media Sharing, Real-time notifications on specials and deals, Favorites list, Checkout on the device, Image albums, audio and video, Products search and browsing and more.