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Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Gone are the days of sitting at your desktops or having the laptop stand by for emergency. It is all in the mobile phone now. So go ahead and enjoy or tour away from home. There are going to be no worries as long as you have your mobile phone tucked in your pocket. Well, Google, the best search engine hereto, has accepted the omnipotence of the mobile too. With the mobiles seeing thousands of websites become accessible with each passing day, Google has come out with a unique and innovative tool now, the new mobile-friendly test tool.

All you need to do is to access the tool from Google’s ‘mobile usability’ report or simply log in directly to the page by going to URL: This tool is not brand new but a new and improved version of its first effort. Google has gone ahead announced the arrival of its most recent version after the tool has been tested thoroughly. You are welcome to check its efficacy and report the problems if any. Suffice to say, the initial launch of the tool was way back in November 2014 with the most latest and massive updates of the features being available just 1.5 years later in May 2016.

New Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool

So, what can you expect from the latest mobile-friendly tool then? Well, the interface is certainly neater in appearance and the speed seems to have been enhanced too. Of course, the team of ‘Google Search Console’ expects this update to gradually replace all the previous tools. Sure! Who can resist the temptation of using the latest tool? Do not be concerned, if you happen to be a proud owner of a smartphone. The mobile-friendly tool is 100% compatible with your expensive gadget a.k.a the smartphone. Hurrah! All your double checking needs have been put firmly to rest courtesy ‘Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.’

Yaniv Loewenstein, an important member of the team has proclaimed, “The updated tool provides us with room to continue to improve on its functionality, and over time, we expect it to replace the previous Mobile-Friendly Test. Additionally, of course, this tool also works well on your smartphone, if you need to double-check something there!”

But what is the specific purpose of this much hyped too? Webmasters, as well as web developers, have been worried about the responsiveness for quite some time now. With multitudes of tools both free and paid to be available online, the entrepreneurs do not have to search for long. Unfortunately, not every tool gives accurate results. Google’s tool is expected to check a website URL quickly and let you know whether it is mobile friendly.

Tips to keep in mind while getting your business website redesigned

Tips to keep in mind while getting your business website redesigned

Promoting your products and/or services as well as keeping your customers informed about your business in a proper way is impossible without a website. However, just having a domain address that does not help the web visitors is a strict no-no. You do have to focus on your website and build it up painstakingly by employing all the tricks of the trade. Only then will the website traffic pick up and you can be hopeful of converting a healthy percentage of the visitors into loyal customers.

Tips to keep in mind while redesigning website

Keeping the information updated from time to time is an essential factor once you want your business to profit via the website traffic. Remember that the visitors will not click on the URL of your site, if you fail to inform them of every move that you make especially when it is about the prices, and products or discounts. An ordinary updation of the site may not always suffice though particularly when you have neglected to keep your site up to date. The only option that you now have is to redeem the website by making it profitable once again. Do get in touch with professionals and you are sure to be told to go for a complete overhaul of your site i.e. redesigning website from scratch.

Do keep your business interests in mind before starting on the redesign. You have to ask yourself the following before you replace the existing website with a better one.

  • Are you keen on a completely new look because your business has ceased to be profitable online?
  • Are the leads that you are currently getting from website visitors not up to the mark?
  • Were you hoping to achieve a better conversion rate when you first had the website designed?

Your website does indeed deserve a redesign, if you have answered all the questions above with a ‘yes.’ Just under performance is not the sole reason for opting for a complete revamp though. You would be justified in redesigning your website when you want to enter into new markets both nationally as well as internationally. Your business has progressed by leaps and bounds and you suddenly find that the existing website is not getting you enough visibility on the Internet.

Do not forget to make your website redesigned in a way that it adapts to the requirements of the present generation. You do have to make your site responsive for viewing on laptops, desktops, iPads, and mobile phones too. This will certainly help you in covering your target viewers.

It makes sense to some solid research on the price of getting your website redesigned. It always helps to have a realistic budget plan when it comes to investment or marketing plans and a newly designed improved website is definitely an investment that can turn out to be profitable within a few months. Do not fail to request for a sample from the website designer company that you are thinking of utilizing. The old theory of WYSIWYG works here as well.

It might also help to participate actively by reminding your designers of your business goals. Your new website design is sure to work in your favor once you bring in your passion and work experience to the table while joining the designers in getting your new look website up before long.

5 Big Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

5 Big Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

To build a website is not an easy task and the actual challenge lies in making it highly functioning. One of the most important things each and every web designer must bear in mind is that they aren’t creating sites for themselves it is the end-user who has to ultimately use & rate the product. Most of the web designers give importance to creativity instead of usability and practicality a website must have. So, know about a few frequently made web designing errors and avoid such goof-ups when next time you are developing your website and put your best foot forward online. Otherwise, website designing and development company are always there to assist you.

Let’s take a look at 5 most common web design blunders a lot of online businesses commonly make.

web design mistakes

Forgetting Mobile-Friendliness:

Your site must be first optimized for mobile viewing as it is now a necessity for more than half of the global web usage which takes place on mobile devices. Mobile browsing experience is very different from full-screen browsing experience and you would definitely want your audience to get the best user experience on both. It is not necessary that if you design a website that looks great on mobile and desktop devices would be expensive for sure. Most web designers these days understand that how vital mobile devices have become and so they provide responsive web design services customarily.

Unclear Navigation:

Simplicity is the real key when it comes to the navigation of a website. Remember, usability is the most crucial factor contributing greatly to the success of a website. If the browsers do not find what they are looking for in 3 clicks they may leave and they can’t be blamed for it too. Generally, you will find menus at the top of the web page and the reason is that it works. Even studies reveal that the users first horizontally read, along the top of the page. Thus, it is sensible to have a navigational bar at the top of the page with an easy structure that displays having prime pages prominently visible and sub-category pages below that.

Excessive Information:

Whether you agree or not the majority of the browsers feel lazy to go through the online information thoroughly. A user will not read unless the information is too important, yet they will only scan through information and pull out points of interest on a web page. Regrettably, a huge number of online businesses are so much engrossed telling their long story and communicating their message that they forget the importance of presenting the information in an appropriate manner. Remember, while you are displaying content on a web page, less work more.

Trying To Be Distinguished

There are certain guidelines web designers should adhere to; they are well-tried, and they even work. To elaborate, when a visitor clicks on the company logo it should take back to the homepage. There are no chapter and verse, but yes, it should. Similarly, once a link is clicked, it should change the color as it shows browsers where they have already been. And, the contact information should also be precisely displayed on a ‘contact’ page as it makes it easy to locate details and contact if need be. Even, ‘About Us’ pages are imperative because people before contacting have an instinctive interest in knowing the other person.

Showing off

It is very common practice to see online startups bragging, trying to stand out and make their mark in the marketplace, and theoretically, that’s fine. The problem begins when that attempt is evident in their website design. Anything too much is not good, just as a lot of diverse design elements, striking colors and fonts is not said to be a good design. This is why the minimalist design that has lots of breathing space creates a good first impression, presenting more in less. Hence, it is suggested not to use more than two or three colors and font styles on every page to avoid confusing consumers.

To conclude

Keeping it simple is the main thing in web designing industry. It would be user-friendly, if simple. On the whole, great websites believe in keeping it simple and usable.

Why Mobilegeddon Cannot Be Left Out Of The Picture?

Why Mobilegeddon Cannot Be Left Out Of The Picture?

The entire digital world is aware of the fact that Google’s Mobilegeddon is already in effect since April 21, 2015. Is your business still deprived of a mobile friendly, responsive website? Then, chances are there that your website which fails to work on smartphones might get penalized by The Almighty Google’s search engine. Basically, this algorithm has changed the order in which a website is ranked when users search via mobile phone. The responsive algorithm alterations now favor the websites that are mobile-friendly. Now this indicates that all those online retailers who have ignored a mobile responsive site, turning a deaf ear to Mobilegeddon will drop off totally from Google mobile search results.

Is Your Website Ready (1)

Take a glance at these statistics

Did you know???

  • Part of all US Google searches come from people on mobile devices
  • Surfers spend more than 15 hours per week on mobile research
  • 93% of people use mobile to browse and make a purchase
  • 48% of people said visiting non-mobile websites made them feel like the company has an old business methodology
  • 61% of people rapidly move on to another portal if they can’t easily find what they are searching for on a mobile site

How to Survive Google Mobilegeddon?

There are a lot of different devices available in the market nowadays. The present market survey demonstrates that the mobile internet users are growing year by year. Google can see its users getting irked tapping their phones and hopping mad waiting for a response.

Therefore, this dynamic search engine is telling us that “IF” the website does any of the following, it will punish by deteriorating their SERPs.

  • Makes use of Flash software, which is not friendly to mobile devices.
  • Just to see or read something, your users’ need to keep on zooming, feverishly tapping and scrolling with frustration.
  • Place links so close to each other that users need to press the back button several times just to land where they want to.

Check if your site is mobile friendly – The Acid Test

If you want to know whether your website fulfills the new requirements of Google’s Mobilegeddon. Try Mobile-Friendly Test service where you can check your site for mobile friendliness.

Basic features to optimize your website for mobile

Here are few elements that will help in being Mobilegeddon compatible:

Incorporate Responsive Design: Google recommends to espouse RWD in the mobile-friendly website. Generally, responsive web design is a fantastic approach to creating websites that automatically fits itself to the appropriate screen size. Also, the responsive design offers other benefits such as low cost, simple for users to share and link content, outstanding for SEO because Google loves using RWD and much more.

Integrate Mobile Search:  There should be no boundaries for shopping, including a mobile search package for your mobile platform, which is a crucial aspect in generating high sales. Bespoke mobile search will guarantee that the search bar is just as responsive and visually improved for mobile. Moreover, the specialized mobile technology will enable you to personalize layouts using awesome templates, leading to amplified average order value.

Revamp your mobile pages with mobile-friendly videos and images: Do not forget that the majority of users who access your portal through smartphones would sometimes be experiencing slow or no internet connection. Thus, bearing that in mind, you must modify your images and videos. And, images as well as videos which you keep must be small taking least loading time, this is because a slow loading experience compels the user to leave the page by increasing the bounce rate. Evade using the large media files that on your desktop pages to shrink from lagging in high loading mobile pages.

Remember, to have a mobile responsive web design is not anymore a trend, it’s a vital part now! You must have the potential to provide your customers an amazingly optimized user experience (UX) irrespective of their choice of mobile phone. This way you can augment the reach of your service which will ultimately increase the opportunity of engaging with users. This strategy is exceedingly valuable and its cost effectiveness is another strong advantage.

Now, why not stay ahead of the competition by developing a Mobile responsive site that also adapts to Mobilegeddon?

Techno Infonet is a reputed Web Design and Development Company based in India since 10+ years. We are specialized in offering custom responsive web design and development based on your business needs. Our expert team of developers and designers are well versed with the latest technology and techniques to deliver qualitative output to clientele worldwide.

Buck up to save your website from Mobilegeddon!!!