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A Comprehensive Guide To OpenTok Communication Platform

A Comprehensive Guide To OpenTok Communication Platform

With mushrooming businesses, a powerful communication is very imperative which not only builds rich medium for interaction but also creates an embedded communication experience with any combination whether with Voice, Video, Messaging or screen sharing. In some or the other way, everyone from startup to MNC is making use of virtual communication platform to communicate within or with their clients. So, OpenTok technology is the best video platform solution for developing an effective commercial application, providing every business person and organization by the book.

What is OpenTok?

Open Tok

OpenTok is the first platform to integrate support for WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), by offering enterprises, entrepreneurs and developers with dynamic APIs. It is a global cloud-based infrastructure and a pre-configured solutions useful in adding video communications to 80,000+ services to companies worldwide which includes big brands such as Doritos, Diet Coke, Major League Baseball, Ford, Bridgestone and Double Robotics.


OpenTok platform helps Big Enterprises

This Platform enables developers to join in live face-to-face video direct into the website and mobile apps using WebRTC. Give users the creative liberty to build any video interaction or one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcasts on this accessible & customizable platform.

Innovative Features of OpenTok

Harness the advantage of real-time communication features of OpenTok to drive better user engagement within you website or service.

  • Archive Easily: Seamlessly record live calls for playing again in future as and when needed.
  • Totally interoperable mobile and web SDKs: With more devices have extended customer reach and get advanced audio and video drivers inserted with 64-bit processor support or Intel x86 chipset.
  • Multiple Party: For large groups or broadcasts gain optimized and reliable multi-party calls.
  • Text Chat: Without 3rd party plugin adds native text chat option and improve video and voice communication experience with text chat facilities.
  • Security: Get encrypted and authenticated infrastructure that keeps sensitive user information secure and are safe harbor compliant.
  • Screen Sharing: Have the facility of sharing screen instantaneously with anyone for online presentation, chat, meetings and a lot more.
  • Firewall Transversal: Without any hurdle easily links across the enterprise and corporate firewall, guaranteeing calls getting through blocked IP.
  • Audio Detection: With responsive technology get help in audio activity control stream layout and views.

Diversified Industries That OpenTok Supports

Have an enhanced and easier medium to deal with your clients who are out of your reach. This will foster you to be determined and prompt towards your work. Whatsoever your business, service or product be, communication is significant. Various organizations are integrating live video, messaging, and voice technology to shift gears of their industries and the OpenTok platform can aid in more engaging interactions via teleconferencing with your clients.

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Customer Services
  • Call Center Software
  • Workforce Management
  • Professional Services
  • eCommerce
  • Gaming
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Broadcast
  • Branding & Advertising

Choose Techno Infonet For OpenTok Development

Techno Infonet, a renowned Digital Company based in India since 2004 can develop and stimulate the OpenTok Video Platform, making it rapid and resourceful to add live video, voice and text communications into web and mobile apps, websites and services. With the help of our pro developers get a fully customizable web or mobile app built and functioning swiftly with the most modern features, controller, and wide-ranging device support. The analytics, global infrastructure, and tools we provide will brace you in developing, maintaining, and deploying your solution efficaciously.

If you are planning to count on OpenTok Development then hire our developer.

WebRTC – A Break Down in the field of Real-time Communications

WebRTC – A Break Down in the field of Real-time Communications

WebRTC stands for Web Real-time Communications. It’s an API that facilitates P2P video, voice and data communication. WebRTC is used for video conferencing, chats and data sharing entirely between 2 web browsers compatible to it without any software or plugin installation. It is currently supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera directly.


Features of WebRTC:

  • It uses web browser as its platform
  • Video is displayed as a primary object in the browser and can be part of content.
  • Other than Audio or Video, Data can also be shared/exchanged.

Benefits of WebRTC:

  • Facile to use: Direct real-time communication via browser without any software or plugin installation required.
  • Highly secured communication tool: WebRTC uses encryption for both the modes of communication using Secure RTP protocol which makes it more secured than other communication tools.
  • Cost Effective: Being an Open Source API, It is available for free.
  • Platform independent: If both the browser supports WebRTC, irrespective of the operating system being used, you can communicate using it.
  • Browser to Browser Communication: As it facilitates communication using 2 browsers, we get great performance and lowest latency possible.
  • Easy File Transfer: With WebRTC’s data channel, Files can be transferred directly without any use of servers or infrastructure.
  • Faster Connection: WebRTC enables you to connect easily with less connection time.
  • Better Sound Quality: WebRTC uses Opus codecs for transferring audio which supports adaptation of sound quality according to the bandwidth.
  • Native HTML5 Elements: As it is an HTML5 API, It can adjusts itself according to any look and feel.
  • Mobile Device Support: SDK’s are available for Android and IOS applications to run WebRTC.


  • WebRTC is not directly supported by Safari or Internet Explorer. Temasys Plugins are required for support of WebRTC by Desktop versions of Safari and IE.
  • It is not completely developed yet.

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