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Top 5 PHP Frameworks For 2016

Top 5 PHP Frameworks For 2016

PHP is recognized as the most popular server-side scripting language across the world, although, the PHP development community has the majority of developers from India. This is the reason many companies hire PHP developers from India or outsource web development projects in India. Expert resources and affordable costs are some of the mainstays of creating complex applications or websites from PHP developers in India. Not to mention, it is very important to first select the right PHP framework before initiating a web development project.

Once you finalize which technological framework to work on, you can then hire PHP developers from India to build your business website effortlessly and quickly. The PHP high-end frameworks always foster in building a complex software application that bolsters a business in various ways. No doubt to the fact that it’s not easy to decide which framework is perfect as each framework has its own pros and cons. However, PHP frameworks are developed after meticulously researching on the requirement of the developers and thus here we will be talking about the most useful PHP frameworks in 2016.

The Best Framework for PHP In 2016

PHP Frameworks for 2016

  • CakePHP:
    CakePHP is quite sought-after among PHP developers because of the fact that it’s light in weight, user-friendly, faster, and require less coding. It is easy to learn with rapid and flexible templating. Besides, the inbuilt CRUD feature is very convenient for database interaction. The framework also has different innate features for email, security, cookie, session and request handling. CakePHP truly has an amazing showcase as it empowers the websites of big brands such as Hyundai, BMW, and Express.
  • PHP Zend:
    Zend Framework 2 is a familiar PHP framework among PHP developers developed from Zend Framework 1, an effective PHP framework which has 15 million downloads. The recent release, Zend Framework 2 also has a lot of remarkable features such as cryptographic coding tools, a simple drag and drop editor with support for front-end technologies (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML), instantaneous online debugging, a connected Database Wizard and PHP Unit testing tools. Zend Framework was formed with the agile methodology that expedites delivering qualitative apps to enterprise clients.
  • CodeIgniter:
    CodeIgniter is a totally baked PHP framework. It is a tried-and-tested, agile & open PHP web application framework with a small footprint. Currently, available in its version 2.2.1, CodeIgniter comes with streamlined documentation. Some of the main features of this PHP framework include no large-scale monolithic libraries, compatibility with standard hosting, nearly zero configurations, no restrictive coding rules, and no need for template language etc. If you wish to build next generation web apps that goes live without any trouble, then hire a leading CodeIgniter Development Company in India, and save a lot of cost and time to iterate again and again.
  • Laravel:
    Laravel is the most excellent among the PHP frameworks, you can see that a few outstanding features of Laravel increase your project implementation skills. Laravel has a vast ecosystem with an instant hosting and launching platform, and its official website provides numerous screencast tutorials called Laracasts. Laravel has too many features that make rapid application development possible. This PHP framework also owns a lightweight templating engine called “Blade”, smart syntax that assists with the tasks you regularly need to do, such as authentication, caching, sessions, queueing and RESTful routing. Moreover, Laravel also involves a local development environment named Homestead that is a packaged Vagrant box.
  • Phalcon:
    One of the fastest frameworks is Phalcon PHP considered as a master in developing. Full-stack framework for PHP written as a C-extension, optimized for high performance. The requirement to learn C is eliminated as this framework has PHP classes ready for you to make use of. Fundamentally, Phalcon is a web framework executed as a C extension offering lower resource consumption and high efficiency.

The Final Note
With these 5 cutting-edge PHP frameworks at your disposal, you can conveniently come up with powerful web applications that are truly amazing and able to influence the targeted audience. So, just pick any of the frameworks depending on your development specifications and budget.

An Overview on Competent & Contemporary PHP Frameworks – Laravel & Phalcon

An Overview on Competent & Contemporary PHP Frameworks – Laravel & Phalcon

With the advent of PHP, a dynamic, simple to learn, world’s most popular server-side scripting languages evolved. A lot of dynamic web application, with the smart user interface, prolific eCommerce application or engaging social media sites are coded in PHP Language. Fundamentally, developing a web application can be complicated, time-consuming procedure, however by making use of an extremely useful framework you get support in accomplishing projects quicker by reusing general modules and components and making a single structural foundation.

With the help of cutting-edge and current PHP frameworks like Laravel and Phalcon get scalability and maintenance for a long-term, by adhering to every development standard, keeping your code clean and enabling your application grow eventually. So, let us take a glance at these two dynamic PHP Frameworks that usually tops the “favorite list” of most preferred PHP platforms. Whether you are a business owner, naïve or an expert PHP programmer, you must not miss to go through the information about these frameworks for your programming requirements for the year 2015 and ahead.

A Glimpse of Advanced Laravel & Phalcon PHP Frameworks.


A Short Introduction to Laravel:

Laravel is one of the most approved, well-designed yet simple PHP framework in the market that meets a varied range of programming requirements and projects. Whether you are a novice or ninja this opportune technical tool is well timed for projects of any sort and size – from fundamental scripting to colossal enterprise applications. It is made including numerous Symfony components that guarantee a concrete framework for creating properly tested and quality code.

Effective Features of Laravel:

  • Routing system: Restful routing handles all the server/client without difficulty and connects resources efficiently.
  • Unit-Testing: This PHP Framework has integrated unit testing and clearly readable impressive syntax
  • View Composers – A remarkable tool that allows you manage your application’s third party packages with no trouble.
  • Large Community: A huge community serving thousands of programming technocrats and application developers
  • Automated Pagination: It stops application logic from being disorderly with a horde of pagination configuration. Laravel’s pagination system was aimed for programmers to make their work uncomplicated to deploy and change. Laravel can handle these things automatically and makes tasks simple and smooth.
  • Application Logic: Laravel is designed with privileges giving a developer the flexibility that they need to create everything from very small sites to massive enterprise applications.

General Information about Laravel Technology:

1. Necessary Expertise – PHP and OOP knowledge
2. Latest Stable Version – 4.1
3. Most Useful for – Experts
4. Date of Launch– June 11, 2011
5. Licensed Under- MIT

A Short Introduction to Phalcon:

Phalcon is an open source web PHP 5 framework written in the C language to offer high performance with low resource utilization. There is no requirement of learning the C language the framework’s functionality is shown as PHP classes that are all set to use. The benefits of using C is that the framework presents higher performance and platform independence, which means it’s protractile to Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and GNU/Linux. Though Phalcon is not even two years old, it proffers community, documentation, and development resources that competes a lot of available PHP frameworks.

Effective Features of Phalcon PHP Framework:

  • Data & Storage: Phalcon is the first Object Relational Mapping (ORM) written in C-language for PHP, providing developers high performance & ease when interacting with databases.
  • Routing System: Phalcon provides the latest routing capabilities, defining routes and mapping to controllers and actions is easy and expeditious.
  • Low Overhead: Incur very little expense as compared to other in comparison to other frameworks available.
  • Auto-loader: Extract benefits & maintain total control on the business logic with the help of universal world class Auto-loader configuration by registering prefixes, namespaces, classes or directories.
  • Dependency Injection (DI): Direct Injection facilitates easy-to-build software which tests complete applications.
  • Views & Frontend: Very clean & precise intuitive API with solid code written on versatile design patterns.

General Information about Phalcon Technology:

1. Necessary Expertise – PHP 5, OOP
2. Latest Stable Version – 1.2.6
3. Most Useful for – Intermediates
4. Date of Launch – 14 Nov, 2012
5. Licensed Under- BSD

With these 2 robust PHP frameworks at your disposal, adequately come up with web applications that are actually remarkable and impressive for the targeted audience. So, give a try to these frameworks and you will soon be able to select your favorite suiting your business requirements.

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