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10 Web Design Tips & Tricks That You Need to Follow in 2016

10 Web Design Tips & Tricks That You Need to Follow in 2016

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional – Cameron Moll”

There’s much more in becoming a great designer than simply just having creativity and the technical skills. Well, we need to follow the latest trends and techniques to keep up with the world.

Karl Lagerfeld has rightly said, “Logos and branding are so important and a big part of the world, people cannot read English and French but are great in remembering signs”. This clearly states the usefulness and importance of a designer who with his / her intelligence gives a meaning to that design. A design is thinking make visual; where it conveys the exact meaning and message. Thus, a design plays an important role in determining one’s business and brand. It only works great and becomes original if you create something of your own.

Well, to design a website one has to have an idea as to how to start and what are the necessary things to be kept in mind while designing a website. So, in this article, we’ll discuss some useful Web Design tips and tricks that you should remember while designing a website in 2016.

10 Best Web Design Tips and Tricks you should follow in 2016

  • Use style guides

Before going deeper , we should know that what exactly are these style guides?

Style Guides is a collection of pre-designed elements, graphics, and rules or standards for writing and designing of documents either for publication, organization, or field which establishes and enforces style to improve communication (commonly used as a style sheet).

Style guides have become popular in the designing world. It usually is in the form of document or book which states that the designers and developers have to form uniformity throughout the content. The designers can create their own style guides ensuring the site should be built in uniformity.

  • Use Sidebars

Sidebars are the ones which provide the additional navigational elements such as links to recent posts and popular content and thus improving the usability of a site.

Try to add sidebars to your designs making the content more informative and forcing the readers to focus on it.

  • Design your Template Off-screen

Well, you might be using a different approach for designing a template i.e. you simply would start designing the structure you imagined into the tool you seem to be familiar with.

A much easier and a flexible way is to first make your own template design on a sheet of paper. Design the layout starting from the call of action to navigation and the banner design. Decide and design the teasers which are the best suited for the design and finally the footer. After completing the off-screen design, try to implement the design structure in the editor.

  • Use of suitable Fonts

Readability on all devices plays a huge role in this fast growing competitive world. The fonts should be readable and should be able to grab the reader’s attention and focus on the content. Big typography isn’t the latest trend but you still can follow it in 2016.

  • Use of Breathing space

Before going any further, it’s important to understand the concept of breathing space. There are usually 2 types of spaces we consider in designing world: white space and negative space. White space is the space around the text and negative space is the space where one deliberately tries to apply space within the text.

Too much clutter and compactness distract the users so we recommend sidebars. Along with this, there should be breathing space between the teasers so that the readers can easily focus on the content. There should be enough space in and around and between the elements as it allows the readers to focus more on the important content.

  • Responsive design is a must

This is the Modern Mobile Age, where all the users use mobile phones to perform their tasks. So, this becomes the obvious tip for 2016, that the designs should be responsive one. As time passes, this technology will become more mature considering the layouts, menus, etc.

Well, responsive design is not the end, but there’s much more to Web Design Tips and Tricks!

  • Expand your Research and toolkit

As far as Web Designers are concerned, they need to be updated every day with the changing competition and user’s needs as per the market. With the emerging technology and web design trends, there is an urgent need of Web Design tools and its knowledge. We do have free tools and one of them is Pixate, which allows the designers to create a Custom Design on their own.

  • Use simplified navigation

Navigation is a system which shows the working and depicts the flow of the system. Thus, if this system is designed which has a navigation system with a break down up to 1 – 2 tiers then it is said that the design has a simplified navigation system. But if you think having a complex navigation system with so many links can maximize the user flow, then your thinking is wrong; either the user will leave the site or will get confused. So, having fewer items in the navigation will help you create good designs with the best user experience and satisfied conversion rate.

  • Use of sliders

Sliders are the main teaser in designing. Without it the design does not have any meaning. It adds charm and extra effect in the design; A visual way of advertising your business. A number of ready made sliders are available which we can use in our design as per requirement. Different sliders have different effects and based on the requirement you can choose the one best suitable for your business.

  • Do testing

This last point is crucial and important. After a lot of hard work in designing the template, testing is the important part of Web Design. Maybe client wanted a different slider, or maybe the font-family used is wrong, or maybe the menu design is not perfect. To make sure of the Web Design is perfect as per the client requirements, this phase is a must.

Final Thoughts:

Designing a website is not that easy. Apart from being creative one has to think ‘out-of-box’. But if one keeps in mind the above tricks, and then surely he / she would be able to design some excellent designs.

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Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Gone are the days of sitting at your desktops or having the laptop stand by for emergency. It is all in the mobile phone now. So go ahead and enjoy or tour away from home. There are going to be no worries as long as you have your mobile phone tucked in your pocket. Well, Google, the best search engine hereto, has accepted the omnipotence of the mobile too. With the mobiles seeing thousands of websites become accessible with each passing day, Google has come out with a unique and innovative tool now, the new mobile-friendly test tool.

All you need to do is to access the tool from Google’s ‘mobile usability’ report or simply log in directly to the page by going to URL: This tool is not brand new but a new and improved version of its first effort. Google has gone ahead announced the arrival of its most recent version after the tool has been tested thoroughly. You are welcome to check its efficacy and report the problems if any. Suffice to say, the initial launch of the tool was way back in November 2014 with the most latest and massive updates of the features being available just 1.5 years later in May 2016.

New Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool

So, what can you expect from the latest mobile-friendly tool then? Well, the interface is certainly neater in appearance and the speed seems to have been enhanced too. Of course, the team of ‘Google Search Console’ expects this update to gradually replace all the previous tools. Sure! Who can resist the temptation of using the latest tool? Do not be concerned, if you happen to be a proud owner of a smartphone. The mobile-friendly tool is 100% compatible with your expensive gadget a.k.a the smartphone. Hurrah! All your double checking needs have been put firmly to rest courtesy ‘Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.’

Yaniv Loewenstein, an important member of the team has proclaimed, “The updated tool provides us with room to continue to improve on its functionality, and over time, we expect it to replace the previous Mobile-Friendly Test. Additionally, of course, this tool also works well on your smartphone, if you need to double-check something there!”

But what is the specific purpose of this much hyped too? Webmasters, as well as web developers, have been worried about the responsiveness for quite some time now. With multitudes of tools both free and paid to be available online, the entrepreneurs do not have to search for long. Unfortunately, not every tool gives accurate results. Google’s tool is expected to check a website URL quickly and let you know whether it is mobile friendly.

Tips to keep in mind while getting your business website redesigned

Tips to keep in mind while getting your business website redesigned

Promoting your products and/or services as well as keeping your customers informed about your business in a proper way is impossible without a website. However, just having a domain address that does not help the web visitors is a strict no-no. You do have to focus on your website and build it up painstakingly by employing all the tricks of the trade. Only then will the website traffic pick up and you can be hopeful of converting a healthy percentage of the visitors into loyal customers.

Tips to keep in mind while redesigning website

Keeping the information updated from time to time is an essential factor once you want your business to profit via the website traffic. Remember that the visitors will not click on the URL of your site, if you fail to inform them of every move that you make especially when it is about the prices, and products or discounts. An ordinary updation of the site may not always suffice though particularly when you have neglected to keep your site up to date. The only option that you now have is to redeem the website by making it profitable once again. Do get in touch with professionals and you are sure to be told to go for a complete overhaul of your site i.e. redesigning website from scratch.

Do keep your business interests in mind before starting on the redesign. You have to ask yourself the following before you replace the existing website with a better one.

  • Are you keen on a completely new look because your business has ceased to be profitable online?
  • Are the leads that you are currently getting from website visitors not up to the mark?
  • Were you hoping to achieve a better conversion rate when you first had the website designed?

Your website does indeed deserve a redesign, if you have answered all the questions above with a ‘yes.’ Just under performance is not the sole reason for opting for a complete revamp though. You would be justified in redesigning your website when you want to enter into new markets both nationally as well as internationally. Your business has progressed by leaps and bounds and you suddenly find that the existing website is not getting you enough visibility on the Internet.

Do not forget to make your website redesigned in a way that it adapts to the requirements of the present generation. You do have to make your site responsive for viewing on laptops, desktops, iPads, and mobile phones too. This will certainly help you in covering your target viewers.

It makes sense to some solid research on the price of getting your website redesigned. It always helps to have a realistic budget plan when it comes to investment or marketing plans and a newly designed improved website is definitely an investment that can turn out to be profitable within a few months. Do not fail to request for a sample from the website designer company that you are thinking of utilizing. The old theory of WYSIWYG works here as well.

It might also help to participate actively by reminding your designers of your business goals. Your new website design is sure to work in your favor once you bring in your passion and work experience to the table while joining the designers in getting your new look website up before long.

5 Big Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

5 Big Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

To build a website is not an easy task and the actual challenge lies in making it highly functioning. One of the most important things each and every web designer must bear in mind is that they aren’t creating sites for themselves it is the end-user who has to ultimately use & rate the product. Most of the web designers give importance to creativity instead of usability and practicality a website must have. So, know about a few frequently made web designing errors and avoid such goof-ups when next time you are developing your website and put your best foot forward online. Otherwise, website designing and development company are always there to assist you.

Let’s take a look at 5 most common web design blunders a lot of online businesses commonly make.

web design mistakes

Forgetting Mobile-Friendliness:

Your site must be first optimized for mobile viewing as it is now a necessity for more than half of the global web usage which takes place on mobile devices. Mobile browsing experience is very different from full-screen browsing experience and you would definitely want your audience to get the best user experience on both. It is not necessary that if you design a website that looks great on mobile and desktop devices would be expensive for sure. Most web designers these days understand that how vital mobile devices have become and so they provide responsive web design services customarily.

Unclear Navigation:

Simplicity is the real key when it comes to the navigation of a website. Remember, usability is the most crucial factor contributing greatly to the success of a website. If the browsers do not find what they are looking for in 3 clicks they may leave and they can’t be blamed for it too. Generally, you will find menus at the top of the web page and the reason is that it works. Even studies reveal that the users first horizontally read, along the top of the page. Thus, it is sensible to have a navigational bar at the top of the page with an easy structure that displays having prime pages prominently visible and sub-category pages below that.

Excessive Information:

Whether you agree or not the majority of the browsers feel lazy to go through the online information thoroughly. A user will not read unless the information is too important, yet they will only scan through information and pull out points of interest on a web page. Regrettably, a huge number of online businesses are so much engrossed telling their long story and communicating their message that they forget the importance of presenting the information in an appropriate manner. Remember, while you are displaying content on a web page, less work more.

Trying To Be Distinguished

There are certain guidelines web designers should adhere to; they are well-tried, and they even work. To elaborate, when a visitor clicks on the company logo it should take back to the homepage. There are no chapter and verse, but yes, it should. Similarly, once a link is clicked, it should change the color as it shows browsers where they have already been. And, the contact information should also be precisely displayed on a ‘contact’ page as it makes it easy to locate details and contact if need be. Even, ‘About Us’ pages are imperative because people before contacting have an instinctive interest in knowing the other person.

Showing off

It is very common practice to see online startups bragging, trying to stand out and make their mark in the marketplace, and theoretically, that’s fine. The problem begins when that attempt is evident in their website design. Anything too much is not good, just as a lot of diverse design elements, striking colors and fonts is not said to be a good design. This is why the minimalist design that has lots of breathing space creates a good first impression, presenting more in less. Hence, it is suggested not to use more than two or three colors and font styles on every page to avoid confusing consumers.

To conclude

Keeping it simple is the main thing in web designing industry. It would be user-friendly, if simple. On the whole, great websites believe in keeping it simple and usable.

7 SEO Trends To Expect In 2016

7 SEO Trends To Expect In 2016

As you may already know that 2015 has been a sensational year for the SEO industry. The highly influential Mobilegeddon update, which penalizes the websites that are not responsive and mobile-friendly, the powerful new local three-pack which was a fairly broad facelift for the local ranking, the new quality algorithm for content was a game-changer and many such small and big updates from Google kept the business in the lap of gods. On top it, we also saw new digital technologies and new-fangled mobile devices fostering the future of search keeping in mind the user behavior. Now everyone is waiting for the year 2016, that the upcoming year should provide some substantial shifts in the search.

7 Search Engine Optimization Trends That Are Anticipated In The Year 2016

seo-trends for 2016

  • Mobile Optimization Will Be Highly Essential:

The desktop was a standard form of search, with mobile users increasing in numbers day by day. Earlier this year, mobile searches exceeded desktop searches for the first time, and along with Mobilegeddon, Google declared to the world that mobile and desktop traffic were on relative equivalence. In the next five years, the desktop usage will fade into obscurity with mobile traffic increasing far more. Already, Google is claiming that a desktop-specific site is no more necessary, and their change to a local three-pack reveals their promise to a “mobile” experience across all types of devices. Now and into 2016, the improvement in Google’s rankings will focus on delivering websites that have a responsive design and are quick.

  • Visual Content Will Be Most Sought-After:

Visual content will demand a lot of attention and is going to be important for your SEO strategy for the year 2016. A few new technologies and the persistence of years-long trends will shift, and video will outperform written content in terms of engagement, exposure, effectiveness, and ROI. You can also boost your website traffic with other visual content such as images and infographics that you optimize really well. These elements are going to hold visitors on your website for longer unless they also rank well in Google, so do not forget to optimize those images. Google’s always worked with a goal to cater its end-users and as Google SEO search continues to change its search patterns, you also got to modify certain things in what you are doing so that you can be accessible to the search engine.

  • Page Speed – A Decisive Factor

Page speed has been one of the important ranking factors in 2015, and will be more important in 2016. It not only helps in providing a better user experience, but also helps in better page indexing by Google. Don’t overlook or delay your page optimization for tomorrow. If you are not able to fix this issue yourself, it is always advisable to hire SEO Company for search engine optimization services in India. Since there is a vast community of SEO experts in India who will can resolve web page speed issue and more at a competitive price.

Take a glimpse of these eye-opening stats:

  • 1 second in loading time decreases conversion by 7%
  • 40% of your visitors will never return a site if loading takes more than 3 seconds
  • Most of the visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less
  • Social Media Content Will Be Easily Indexed By Google

Google has accepted for years the significance of social media as an indicator of social trends and influential websites providing valuable, shared content. It is likely visible in Google’s search results citations from Twitter and Facebook. In 2016, more social platforms will become more comprehensively listed and social posts will become more noticeable, successively, beclouding the thread between web pages and social media.

  • Deep links in Mobile Apps Are Necessary

App indexing is no new wonder and now as we have observed a shift of users to mobile devices google is expecting the overhauling of traditional web pages by various Apps and you can take benefit of it. From this year onwards, deep links in the app will have more implication and weightage. And the influence of app optimization will also elevate which indicates that whether you are a medium-sized business you should have an app. And if you do not have a business mobile app, it’s time to get it built now. Just in case, you don’t find it as a workable option, at least, try to get your business listed across as many apps as possible. A lot of search engine Optimization Company in India has understood its significance and have started considering deep links in Mobile Apps earnestly.

  • Mobile Apps Will Likely Play a Greater Role in Rankings

As you know Google has been indexing mobile apps for years. The reason is evident – the rising use of mobile devices still continues, and so the use of mobile apps will also upsurge. Google, thus, considers apps more momentous for the information it provides. So, you should consider developing mobile apps for you to become more imperative within Google’s search results.

  • Local Search Will Give More Specific Local Results

As specified above, the usage of mobile phones for search, particularly local search results, has been gradually on the rise and now beats desktop search volume. In response to the great number of mobile searches for local results, like “Mexican restaurants near me” or “Nearest car wash,” Google will keep focusing efforts on bringing accurate, meaningful outcomes based on the user’s particular location. Instead of giving results that are just city related. Thus, local results will be refined even more to display more pertinent local neighborhood and street results.

Hence, here are a few 2016 SEO predictions. It’s hard to say which of these trends will become more influential and which of them will melt away faster. But one thing is unquestionable. More heart-stopping moments will come in the world of SEO. So, cheers to more sensational SEO strategies and techniques!

Reasons Why Storage Locker Industry needs E commerce Store to Grow Business

Reasons Why Storage Locker Industry needs E commerce Store to Grow Business

Are you a storage locker manufacturer and supplier suffering from low sales, little revenue, and poor brand awareness? Do you want to sell your product to your target customers and provide them better service? Then you must choose to have an e commerce store with the latest technological features.

With the growing urbanization, the demand for storage locker is increasing day by day. In earlier days of our grandparent’s times, if somebody required some storage for surplus possessions, they either move it to a relative with a spacious house or put it in a rented space in a self-storage company’s warehouse. In anyways, they had limited access and the safety of the goods was still at stake. It did not take long for people to adopt the concept of buying storage lockers for storing valuable, regular or surplus goods.

Nowadays, storage lockers have become an indispensable part of your home improvement, workplace regulation, and public servings thus to meet the elevating demand of storage units a lot of storage commerce has moved online. With a physical storefront, you perhaps fail to achieve growth quickly because for a business to grow it should regularly reach new prospective customers and communicate effectively with the existing ones.

Why is e commerce Site Essential to Improve your Storage Locker Business?

Locker_Shop_Blog [2]

  • You can collect leads and consumer data for successful email marketing.
  • You can connect with new prospective customers via search engines.
  • You enable your new clients to make a purchase anywhere, anyhow, and at any time they wish to.
  • You get to increase the visibility of your store’s promotion.

Therefore, whether the company is a start-up or SME looking to reduce operational costs, large ‘bricks and mortar storage locker businesses are taking their first step into e commerce.

Why Choose Techno Infonet for e commerce Store Development?

Techno Infonet is a reputed offshore e commerce Development Company located in India since 2004, delivering custom e commerce sites that supports your business growth effortlessly.

We have already fostered a few of our valued clients, namely, Shelving Store UK, Locker Shop UK and Lockers Online UK in expanding their customer base and business profit by developing innovative e commerce store. The technology used to build these e commerce websites was Custom PHP framework using responsive web design.

The Advanced Features Integrated Are:

  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integration for the secured payment transaction.
  • Newsletter Signup helps in identifying the interest of the customer, maintain a business relationship, distribute informative content, etc.
  • Shopping Cart integration helps in increasing sales, improve usability, works from anywhere, and is a fast as well as safe ordering.
  • Moreover, responsive design makes the store Mobile-friendly, making it accessible for more and more mobile users. Even Google prioritizes mobile friendly websites on SERP’s by eliminating the risk of penalizing.

Not just that, Techno also manages search engine optimization of this online stores whose digital presence has increased tremendously. The unceasingly increasing page views of these stores give a clear picture of the advantage e commerce technology bestows.

Last, but not, the least getting e commerce store developed offshore will be 50% cheaper in cost compared to hiring an in-house team. And, remember experience cannot be replaced by just talent, so you will not find an experienced development partner like Techno Infonet.

Thus, storage locker business must choose to develop a customized e commerce store to streamline their processes and propel productivity.