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An Open Heart Interview With Master of Link Building – Julie Joyce

An Open Heart Interview With Master of Link Building – Julie Joyce

Hello to all SEO experts, search marketer, and link builders!

Are you a start-up company and worried about your rankings? What strategies and techniques you should apply for the best SEO? What would you prefer link building of link earning? Now, what to do next? How to proceed?

There might be millions of questions haunting your minds every day. Well, if you are seriously worried and in need of an answer, then what are you waiting for?

Here, we have an extraordinary interview one of the most skilled SEO and link building expert Julie Joyce who can clear all your doubts. Well, Julie is the owner of Link Fish Media, a link building and SEO company based in NC. She writes a monthly column for Search Engine Land and is the co-founder of the SEO Chicks.

The Secret of Link Building Unleashed with Juile Joyce

Let’s not miss this golden opportunity with Julie and grab important and valuable techniques from this interview.

Shubham: What do you think about Link Building Vs Link Earning? Should we build links or only earn links (it’s very hard & time consuming to earn links)?

Julie: I think we should build links. I think it’s an idealistic view to think you can only earn links and that will be enough. It might be easy for a few big brands but for the majority of sites, I truly don’t think it’s enough. There are too many great opportunities for links with sites where they have never seen your work, for example, so why not point that out and try and get a link?

Shubham: What are your ways/strategies of building links? Please share.

Julie: We seek out sites that look like a good fit for our clients and analyse the sites before reaching out. If the site looks good, we’ll send an outreach email and ask for a link. It’s a very simple method. Many webmasters want payment and if our clients are ok with that and understand the risk, we’ll buy links. We find good sites through discovery on Google for the most part so my team is all just searching with relevant keywords for the most part, but we do use social media to find good sites too.

Shubham: Marketer says, create a beautiful content, write unique & quality content then share with the audience that will boost traffic and rank too. So how much value link adds in ranking these days and beyond that?

Julie: I have definitely seen social sharing boost traffic but I have not seen it improving rankings. That’s not saying there aren’t cases where it might but I’ve never seen it myself. I think you need links as they are a very important signal.

Shubham: We have noticed that so many websites rank on the top in Google with bad/spam links or even no links. Can you predict what exactly that kind of sites does to rank? Because it’s strange to see people putting so much effort behind writing contents, building quality links, but still that kind of low-quality website get ranks quickly and stay there for a long time… Please help with this.

Julie: You have really hit on something that my clients ask me about so often, and I confess that at times I really have no clue why a certain site is ranking well with no links or just spam ones. Freshness maybe? Maybe their overall SEO is fantastic. I think it used to be much easier to compare a few top sites and see why one outranked the other one but now I do see new sites with poor link profiles outranking much better than older websites. I wish I could figure this out but then that might take the fun out of trying to nail it down each time I see it!

Shubham:  A personal and very important Question – Nowadays, SEO marketers are changing their field frequently (Not all, but many) & moving into development/designing, etc. So, what message you would pass to all those who thinks SEO is dead and they should switch to development or design?

Julie: More work for me I guess! I think there’s a room and need for all of us in various parts of the marketing industry. People have been saying SEO is dead and links are dead for years now and my inbox is still full of people wanting that sort of work done. I do think it’s a good idea to supplement your knowledge, though, so I’d definitely encourage any SEO to learn programming or design.

Shubham: If anybody wants to open their own agency of SEO service only, what advice you will give? And according to you, what key things to keep in mind for a start-up based SEO company? Very important question for all SEO’s & start up’s.

Julie: We kind of started Link Fish Media as a necessity when my husband and I worked as contractors for a company and they needed links. Word got around that we did a good job with links so we started getting referrals and it just kind of happened! That’s not to say it hasn’t been hard work but our start was definitely much easier since we already had good contacts. I think the worst mistake I made was in relying on one major client. I was never able to figure out a good way to get around that so when they did leave it crippled the company and we had to lay off many employees.  I would advise anyone to start out small, not try and grow too fast, and never lose sight of the work being done because, in the end, it’s your name on it. We never took out any loans or took anyone’s money to help us get started but again that was us being very lucky I think. I have seen how that sort of thing can ruin a company so I’m glad we never did it.

Shubham: Is there any one or more than one to whom you want to give credit of your success? Who is your role model?

Julie: Debra Mastaler, without a doubt. She gave me advice when I first started writing for Search Engine Land and I still turn to her for advice. I feel like some SEOs are very unwilling to even consider talking to anyone new but she reached out to me and has always supported me. She’s given me some invaluable advice throughout the last few years and has never been afraid to point out that I’m wrong in what I’m thinking. I have enough yes men in my life so it’s always been important to me to have someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth

Shubham: Final question – What is that one thing nobody knows about Julie Joyce?

Julie: Hmm…I use both feet when I’m driving an automatic vehicle. I know it’s wrong but my mother drove that way and it’s how I learned so because of that I can’t drive a manual. Don’t tell the cops!

We are thankful and grateful to Julie Joyce for spending her valuable time with us and for being a role model, an inspiration, and a guiding light to all SEO experts across the globe.

We hope that your doubts and questions are resolved and found out the solution regarding the same. Feel free to shoot your queries, questions below in the commenting area. Your comments are welcomed.

Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant

Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant

It is important that your website shows up on the first page of Google search, Bing search, and Yahoo search. If SEO is not done properly on your website, then customers will not even know that you exist online. The improved search engine visibility generates more visits to your website, high profit, sales and increase brand awareness.

Hiring an SEO Expert or a company can make or break your company’s brand online. If SEO is done properly, it can help you make more money, but a bad SEO can weaken the search traffic you get.

It is necessary to choose the SEO consultant carefully and this is what we will see today. Let’s check some of the important questions you must ask to an SEO consultant before hiring:

Question To Ask When Hiring An SEO Consultant

  • Can you share information about your past clients and search?
    Don’t expect the company to deliver you all the information, but you can expect 2 to 3 names of the clients with whom the SEO company has worked in the past. If they aren’t able to show then it’s a warning sign and clearly shows that they were not able to deliver or they don’t have sufficient level of experience in SEO. You may also ask for the longest active client and if that active client is interviewing for long then it is a danger sign. Thus, the SEO consultant should be able to show and brief about their work experience with the past clients.
  • How will you improve search engine rankings?
    If you want to generate traffic, you just can’t randomly pick up keywords and build links. This means that all good SEO experts follow a process to achieve the goal. You probably may not get the answer from where exactly they get links but you can surely collect information from the on-site SEO audit that they perform. Also, collect the information regarding backlinks: Backlinks play a major role in the algorithms. All SEO experts will always build backlinks on your website in order to improve rankings.
  • How will you keep me updated about the changes that you make in the website?
    A good SEO consultant will report you on a regular basis wherein he describes the work done and the updates that are to be made in the website on a weekly or monthly basis and provide the SEO report about the website ranking on your keywords. Also if there is any change required in the website, the consultant / company will provide you a proper explaination for the change and how it will be helpful in SEO once done.
  • Which tools do you use?
    The SEO tools allow processing a lot of information in a short time. Some of the best tools used worldwide for SEO are Google Analytics, Google Search Console(Google Webmasters),,, Google Keyword Planner, etc.
  • How will you tie up our marketing efforts?
    SEO and marketing go hand in hand; you can’t separate it. A concept of inbound marketing and digital marketing can help you more. So, when you are looking for an SEO company, don’t overlook the companies who primarily brand themselves as marketing agencies, as they can provide high SEO services.
  • What is your payment structure?
    Different SEO companies and consultants follow different payment structures. It’s important to know how much and what amount you would prefer keeping in mind the budget. As SEO is done in different ways, many companies will charge differently i.e. according to the project or on a hourly basis. Finally, based on your convenience decide the mode and the payment structure.

SEO is not a short-term process, it requires months for the best results. We do provide SEO services including on-page, off-page SEO, digital marketing, inbound marketing, Local SEO, etc. For further details, please visit or call us on +44 20 8144 6541 / +1 917 675 3286.

Prevention against Negative SEO 2016 – Tips for Beginners

Prevention against Negative SEO 2016 – Tips for Beginners

The rapid change and transformation in the entire SEO industry since 2 years, has made many online marketers and SEO specialists to change their strategies and methods. Things have changed a lot which has made the high ranking in Google more difficult. Due to which, a new type of SEO came into existence Negative SEO

So, let’s have a closer look as to what exactly Negative SEO is.

Negative SEO is simply the reverse of SEO i.e. socially decrease the reputation of your competitor. Digging a bit deeper, think of as to how you would apply SEO on your website? You will choose positive keywords for the content, maintain healthy relationships with clients and inbound links for social media marketing. Above all your site contains internal links. Imagine a spammer attacks your website and uses negative keywords to link to your website or publishes the content all over the internet. These all issues arise in negative SEO.

This is a brief about Negative SEO. Now, this is a threat to us, to our social relationships, and to our rankings. What to do?

Here, are some techniques be kept in mind:

Tips for Prevention against Negative SEO

  • Google Search Console

Through Google Search Console tool (Google Webmaster), you can verify the website. The issues that are occurring in your website can be easily detected and solved. Through the statistics generated for indexation and crawling rate of the website, helps you improve the performance of the website as to know what more you can do to make your website more SEO friendly.

You also can receive email alerts if any problem arises. To receive emails for the alerts, connect to Webmaster Alerts, login into your account and click on Webmaster Tools Preferences for alerts. Choose the email notifications option and select all issues to get all type of alerts and then  Click “Save.”

  • Monitor backlinks

Backlinks (Hyperlinks) are links that point to a webpage from another webpage. In the game of SEO, quality links counts as votes, so the more quality backlinks you have the more popular you become. It is good to be popular but what if someone uses the concept of backlinks to rank you low or lower your reputation socially (by building poor links on your website)? So, regularly check the backlinks. rather than you checking backlinks manually, you may check them in Ahrefs or tools whether your site loses or gains backlinks. Also, you may set an alert in your email which could help you to take action immediately.

  • Disavow links

Disavow link is a tool provided by Google. If your site’s ranking is being harmed by low-quality links that are not under your control, you can  request Google by this tool not to consider those links into account. You can simply collect all the low-quality links of your website and upload a file to Google saying to overlook them when ranking.

  • Duplicate content

One of the common practices of the spammers is the duplication of the content. They copy the websites content and paste it anywhere, which results in the decrease of the rankings. To check whether the web pages are replicated and copied somewhere else use In this tool, add the website or the content of the website, and it will show the content replicated or not.

  • Monitor your Social Media Mentions

The use of  company’s identity to make a faulty account is not a rare case nowadays. Often, spammers create these account on social media to make down the company’s reputation. You can use for such cases, it will check all spammers who are trying to use your company’s name.

It works simple,  as soon as someone acknowledges your company name on any social media, you will be soon notified and you only have to decide what should be done.


People do use negative SEO, do not make enemies socially. Maintain healthy and professional relationships. Follow these tips and tricks, it will help you to prevent negative SEO to happen.

Google Webmaster (Search Console) Update on 27th April 2016

Google Webmaster (Search Console) Update on 27th April 2016

Recently, Google made a change in the webmaster tool (search console) on 27th April 2016. It is clearly visible in the search console under Search Analytics option. You can see the graph something like below –


Google has made such kind of changes many times in the search console. The main reason behind this change is, Google wants to update the search console data – Clicks, Impression, CTR , etc. And due to this update, you may see changes in your search analytics data.

What google says about this –

“We refined our standards for calculating clicks and impressions. As a result, you may see a change in the click, impression, and CTR values in the Search Analytics report. A significant part of this change will affect website properties with associated mobile app properties. Specifically, it involves accounting for clicks and impressions only to the associated application property rather than to the website.”

7 SEO Trends To Expect In 2016

7 SEO Trends To Expect In 2016

As you may already know that 2015 has been a sensational year for the SEO industry. The highly influential Mobilegeddon update, which penalizes the websites that are not responsive and mobile-friendly, the powerful new local three-pack which was a fairly broad facelift for the local ranking, the new quality algorithm for content was a game-changer and many such small and big updates from Google kept the business in the lap of gods. On top it, we also saw new digital technologies and new-fangled mobile devices fostering the future of search keeping in mind the user behavior. Now everyone is waiting for the year 2016, that the upcoming year should provide some substantial shifts in the search.

7 Search Engine Optimization Trends That Are Anticipated In The Year 2016

seo-trends for 2016

  • Mobile Optimization Will Be Highly Essential:

The desktop was a standard form of search, with mobile users increasing in numbers day by day. Earlier this year, mobile searches exceeded desktop searches for the first time, and along with Mobilegeddon, Google declared to the world that mobile and desktop traffic were on relative equivalence. In the next five years, the desktop usage will fade into obscurity with mobile traffic increasing far more. Already, Google is claiming that a desktop-specific site is no more necessary, and their change to a local three-pack reveals their promise to a “mobile” experience across all types of devices. Now and into 2016, the improvement in Google’s rankings will focus on delivering websites that have a responsive design and are quick.

  • Visual Content Will Be Most Sought-After:

Visual content will demand a lot of attention and is going to be important for your SEO strategy for the year 2016. A few new technologies and the persistence of years-long trends will shift, and video will outperform written content in terms of engagement, exposure, effectiveness, and ROI. You can also boost your website traffic with other visual content such as images and infographics that you optimize really well. These elements are going to hold visitors on your website for longer unless they also rank well in Google, so do not forget to optimize those images. Google’s always worked with a goal to cater its end-users and as Google SEO search continues to change its search patterns, you also got to modify certain things in what you are doing so that you can be accessible to the search engine.

  • Page Speed – A Decisive Factor

Page speed has been one of the important ranking factors in 2015, and will be more important in 2016. It not only helps in providing a better user experience, but also helps in better page indexing by Google. Don’t overlook or delay your page optimization for tomorrow. If you are not able to fix this issue yourself, it is always advisable to hire SEO Company for search engine optimization services in India. Since there is a vast community of SEO experts in India who will can resolve web page speed issue and more at a competitive price.

Take a glimpse of these eye-opening stats:

  • 1 second in loading time decreases conversion by 7%
  • 40% of your visitors will never return a site if loading takes more than 3 seconds
  • Most of the visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less
  • Social Media Content Will Be Easily Indexed By Google

Google has accepted for years the significance of social media as an indicator of social trends and influential websites providing valuable, shared content. It is likely visible in Google’s search results citations from Twitter and Facebook. In 2016, more social platforms will become more comprehensively listed and social posts will become more noticeable, successively, beclouding the thread between web pages and social media.

  • Deep links in Mobile Apps Are Necessary

App indexing is no new wonder and now as we have observed a shift of users to mobile devices google is expecting the overhauling of traditional web pages by various Apps and you can take benefit of it. From this year onwards, deep links in the app will have more implication and weightage. And the influence of app optimization will also elevate which indicates that whether you are a medium-sized business you should have an app. And if you do not have a business mobile app, it’s time to get it built now. Just in case, you don’t find it as a workable option, at least, try to get your business listed across as many apps as possible. A lot of search engine Optimization Company in India has understood its significance and have started considering deep links in Mobile Apps earnestly.

  • Mobile Apps Will Likely Play a Greater Role in Rankings

As you know Google has been indexing mobile apps for years. The reason is evident – the rising use of mobile devices still continues, and so the use of mobile apps will also upsurge. Google, thus, considers apps more momentous for the information it provides. So, you should consider developing mobile apps for you to become more imperative within Google’s search results.

  • Local Search Will Give More Specific Local Results

As specified above, the usage of mobile phones for search, particularly local search results, has been gradually on the rise and now beats desktop search volume. In response to the great number of mobile searches for local results, like “Mexican restaurants near me” or “Nearest car wash,” Google will keep focusing efforts on bringing accurate, meaningful outcomes based on the user’s particular location. Instead of giving results that are just city related. Thus, local results will be refined even more to display more pertinent local neighborhood and street results.

Hence, here are a few 2016 SEO predictions. It’s hard to say which of these trends will become more influential and which of them will melt away faster. But one thing is unquestionable. More heart-stopping moments will come in the world of SEO. So, cheers to more sensational SEO strategies and techniques!