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Key Criteria to Select an Outsourcing Web Development Partner

Key Criteria to Select an Outsourcing Web Development Partner

To reduce incompetence and expenses a lot of small-mid-large businesses in order to simplify and streamline their IT processes are hiring an outsourcing company. If you are a business owner thinking of outsourcing your project (website, mobile, internet marketing etc.,) you must be aware of the huge perils involved. You choose an Outsourcing Company that functions with core values such as efficiency, honesty, experience, integrity and communication skills. Although, first of all, you should be knowing what to expect from your outsourcing partner and must know about your project requirements properly in order to get what you are looking for without delay.

Factors to Consider When Picking an Outsourcing Web Development Firm

Here are few indispensable tips that are important for businesses to make their choice of Web Development Outsourcing Company that would meet their business needs.

Outsourcing criteria

The variety of IT Services a Company Offers:

Any project development must be dealt as a crucial process that requires an extensive approach. It includes everything from quality coding, basic business research, team building, quality testing, quality audit, risk assessment and mitigation at each phase of web development and post-launch support. An expert outsourcing company that delivers full-spectrum of IT services will be capable enough to bring out the best of your project idea, provide a substantial solution and develop a successful end-product.

Domain Proficiency:

Also, the area of professional expertise and skills is a critical aspect that should be considered to decide about whether to outsource to a particular IT company or not. As a thumb rule, companies give detailed information about the certification and numerous are specialized to high-grade quality standards. Moreover, the qualification and degrees of your vendor team is equally important. Get to know about the latest technologies shortlisted vendors are expert in, take a glance of their implemented portfolio and other major achievements.

Documentation is Important:

Make it clearly evident in the contract that the outsourcing partner will not be fully paid unless they do not provide comprehensive documentation, so that the project can be maintained in the near future by any third party you pick.

Quality of Software & Practiced Methodology:

A selection of an outsourcing team should be based not only on their technological skills but also their capability to use tools and frameworks that speed up development and upturn work efficiency and output. Find out which mockup tools, process/methodology of development, tracking systems and quality software metrics the vendor uses to make software and discuss your expectations with the vendor.


A greater level of responsiveness is pretty much appreciated in IT business. The IT team must be quick to respond and let the client know that they are heard without delay and can get the required information timely. Find out how the company managers and developers communicate with clients, what communication tools they use, how fast they are replying back, fixing issues. Does the outsourced IT team has good communication skills such as active listening, effective solution provider, probing ideas and a final summation to make sure that they have understood better? Do the project managers possess brilliant interpersonal skills and handle projects in a proficient manner which includes tracking developers’ performance, providing feedback, managing changes within the team etc. All this facet represents the method the company conducts business and maintains client relationship. Also, do not forget to check out company testimonials and gather clients’ references.


“Innovation is the only way to win.” Steve Jobs

It has become inevitable for companies to be more flexible and quick at espousing the up-to-the-minute technologies. Therefore, companies do not use costly legacy systems and, nine times out of ten, employ latest collaboration tools, mobile platforms, line-of-business software, and other pioneering technologies and software development practices. An up-and-coming IT company would never cease developing newfangled products/services, it capitalizes in product development continually to keep its clients tied up and loyal. Of course, innovation lies in specialists. A lot depends on the developers’ capabilities, skills and passion to be in the mainstream of the development project. A company that nurtures inventive work practices is more adept of staying ahead in the competitive market.

Practices and Project Delivery Process:

A reliable IT company must follow a planned and precise project management methodology to enhance project development and deliver operative collaboration between a client and a vendor. It is particularly tough for outsourced projects to ensure their perpetual monitoring and coordination in the real time. Thus, get a communication management plan prepared to know about milestones. And, your IT Partner serves all the locations suiting your time zone.

Contract & Terms:

Document each and everything that the terms of the project involve starting from the payment, project expectations, time-frame, to the guiding principle for any sized project. Whether it’s a 60-hours project or a 2,500-hours project; a successful project call for guidelines to guarantee client satisfaction.

You can wisely choose an IT partner and get the maximum bang out of your buck by following these tips.

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