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The Challenges that the WordPress Developers Might Face in 2017

The Challenges that the WordPress Developers Might Face in 2017

WordPress is mainly designed for the bloggers. With the use of the WordPress, it seems very easy for them to deal with the websites. To use most of the benefits from the WordPress, we use many different languages. But as a developer, you can’t just take a shortcut. You ought to know the basics and coding standards and should be familiar with the latest trends that are available in the market.

Well, WordPress an easy and a familiar platform. But still, at times there are cases where the WordPress Developers might fumble. Thus, these points can help you overcome and help you become an extraordinary developer.


  • Security

Security has become the main concern for all of the platforms. Every day we hear and get reports as some plugins have vulnerabilities and issues. Thus, we can say that the WordPress Developers constantly face the security issue. There is no doubt that the recent updates of the WordPress are secured and are problem free. But still, the security threats are seen in the plugins. The number of threats are now decreased and the security standards are also improved. Well, the security and the vulnerability issues are mostly taken care of and we see a lot of change in the advanced versions.

  • Performance

The performance of the website lays a big impact in the technical world. So, we can say that the more plugins in a site, the slower it reacts. Thus, performance is going to become a key challenge for all the WordPress Developers. The Developers have a tedious job, they have to keep in mind the coding standards and develop a site in such a way that the performance issue is resolved.

  • Software update

The website is updated to improve its performance. They come along with the new software updates. They have new features, upgraded security, and much more. With the use of new features and added functionalities, the site may come down and is not compatible enough with the latest version. To avoid such a situation, the WordPress Developer should make sure that plugins or the themes that are used on the site are compatible enough and are integrated well into the website.

  • Scalability

This is not a major challenge for the developers. But, it helps you develop websites with some complicated things. Well, this may not be solely a WordPress issue but, the web developers do face a problem in amalgamating the things in one website.

  • Accessing the controls

To fulfill all of the tasks, you will require an access control for all of the features of the websites. You will require an admin account for this, which has the authority to manage and manipulate all things within the websites. So, the developer will have to send all of the credentials to the user for the manipulation of the things.

  • Problems faced in the plugins

The plugins are updated for the smooth functioning of the websites. The WordPress Developers can add and expand the features and make it more comfortable for the customers to use. If the developers use malicious plugins then there are chances that the errors and bugs can damage the websites. Another important thing for the WordPress Developers to keep in mind is the removal of the unwanted code and plugins from the website.

Final Thoughts:

The challenges listed above might be helpful in minimizing the risks and uncertainties that arose during the development. With the increase in the advancement of the technologies, WordPress Developers also needs to be updated with the latest trends and techniques. This in this challenging year, this blog might help you in developing the excellent WordPress websites.

Are You New To WordPress? 5 Tips for WordPress Designers

Are You New To WordPress? 5 Tips for WordPress Designers

“WordPress is a complex tool; it’s like the back of a digital SLR… but that doesn’t work on phone – Matt Mullenweg”

WordPress has opened up new doors and challenges to designers and developers. It’s really great and awesome to stay connected, learn and adapt new things from it. The role of a WordPress Developer is quite huge.

The developer has to do the following things:

  • Write blogs
  • Create themes and manages the front end
  • Writes plugins to create custom website/page.


Now, if you are a designer and you haven’t dived into the WordPress wagon wheel, you have missed a lot. But, don’t worry; here are a few tips for the designers who are new to WordPress.

Can you handle PHP code?

Well, I don’t think there is any problem with the designers to handle the PHP code. But, for a designer who just understands HTML and CSS, would freak out seeing the PHP code. Don’t panic. If you really want to become a WordPress Designer, you should learn PHP. A designer must have some basic knowledge of the language. Thus, if you are really passionate about it then just go ahead.

Get familiar with the PHP functions and themes

If you are really sure that you can handle the code, the next step is to get familiar with the functions and themes. As far as designers are concerned, the themes will give you a proper idea about the layout and design of the website. A designer is well prepared for every odd on his / her way, just being cautious about the same, the designer needs to get familiar with the PHP functions and code.

Get familiar with the Internal Themes

If you really want to master PHP, the best way is to examine the internal themes provided by the WordPress. Go through them, analyze them, and understand the pattern and code and use them in your project. Begin as a learner and end as a professional.

Check for WordPress specific CSS

CSS is a must have for any designer. The good news is that most of the knowledge is reusable. However, we have WordPress specific CSS that you can’t let go.

Gain knowledge about WordPress

WordPress is an ever changing technology and has lots more to come in. And thus, if you want to stay on top, you need to stay updated and read more. You need to stay aware and keep your eyes open to the latest WordPress version releases. In addition to this, you should also read blogs and forums for WordPress development.

Final Thoughts:

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform for web development. So, if you are a WordPress Developer, and want to have a career in this field, then what are you waiting for? You have a bright future in designing and developing. You just need to follow the tips and success is on your way!

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Joomla vs WordPress [Infographic]

Joomla vs WordPress [Infographic]

For those who would like to build powerful websites without worrying about technical aspects, there are 2 Kings of Content Management System Joomla and WordPress. The basic difference between WordPress and Joomla is that Joomla is a portal- or community type site while WordPress is a blog. Both overlap each other in several areas and can be extended beyond its capabilities. Both have large user community and are free to use.

Let’s check out the below infographic of Joomla vs WordPress which will help you choose between these two Content Management Systems while developing your business website.

new-piktochart (1)


Amazing WordPress 4.2.4 Security and Maintenance is now available!

Amazing WordPress 4.2.4 Security and Maintenance is now available!

WordPress 4.3 had recently released and not left the buzz. Another news flash has been made public by the developers of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) on 04th of Aug 2015 that is the launch of the latest security update 4.2.4 of WordPress.  To be precise, it’s only been a two weeks or so since the preceding security update for WordPress was released, but already new amenabilities have been traced which could be misused by malevolent hackers to spoil your website.

Wordpress Development

Here is the exposé from the advisory:

The security and maintenance release resolves six issues, counting

  • Sucuri’s Marc-Alexandre Montpas, from the WordPress team of security Helen Hou-Sandí, Netanel Rubin who belongs to Check Point, and Ivan Grigorov revealed three cross-site scripting exposure and a potential SQL injection that could harm your webpage.
  • Johannes Schmitt from Scrutinizer discovered a resolution for a possible timing side-channel attack
  • Mohamed A. Baset discovered how to stop an intruder from accessing a content from being rewritten.

A big thanks to the contributors of Security and Maintenance WordPress 4.2.4.

The good message is that WordPress offers the alternative of automatic security updates – expectantly very few portals will be remaining without patch than the scenario which was there before two years.

Some sites might miss out the news of the up-to-the-minute security release as they do not for their own motives make use of automatic updates.

Fortuitously, manually updating WordPress is a cakewalk. Here, take a look

Go to Dashboard → Updates & tap on “Update Now.”

It is advised to the site administrators that they must review the issue queue and apply the upgrade in a timely manner.

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Reasons why WordPress Plugins are useful for websites?

Reasons why WordPress Plugins are useful for websites?

Did you know that more than 20% of the world’s websites are developed using WordPress?

Have you ever imagined how would our sites look without WordPress Plugins? WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for making websites. Lack of functionality, boring and fairly useless are few characteristic of a website which does not use WP Plugins. Hundreds of Plugins and widgets are available via the WordPress Repository and yet a lot of them are sold privately.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System popularly known for its plugin architecture which enable users as well as developers to increase their abilities well beyond the core installation. WordPress has a huge database of plugins, each of which proffers custom functions and features allowing users to personalize their sites to their particular needs. These customizations range from social media sharing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), designing, eCommerce stores, maintenance, email list sign up boxes and much more.

At times, a few badly coded plugins clashes with the other, hence it is very important to meticulously make and choice for installation. If your website has problems post activation on certain new Plugin, it is advised to deactivate it to find out where the bug lies or else you can delete it if need be. And if you fail to make a plugin and widget work within an hour, then discard and pick another one.

However, there is a plethora of WP Plugins categorized according to their function. Let’s delve deeper to know about it.

Various ulterior motives of using WordPress Plugin

  • Powerful Marketing: Manage your advertising space on your website/blog to directly sell and serve ads. To promote affiliate product or service to grow your business, there are a lot of handy WordPress plugin present in the market. Few plugins which that are worth opting for are AdRotate, Calls to Action, OptinMonster, CTA Widget and a lot more.
  • Effective Communication: Whether you WP blog/ website is for sharing information, selling, blogging, fundraising or marketing, one of the most important aspect is to ensure that you communicate with your visitors what your motive is. Thus, blog or website functions as a communique, which supports you in interacting with your prospective customer, visitors, fan or subscribers. To support your functions pertaining to RSS feed, mailing lists and newsletters or social media plugins such as BuddyPress, MailPoet Newsletters, BP Group Hierarchy, Subscribe2 etc are quite useful.
  • Attractive Designing: Design creates the first impression, enhances usability and user experience and control over your website or blog. WordPress has perpetually supported is providing esthetical themes and templates for excellent customizations that make your blog/website look second to none. Few WP plug-ins that drive user experience, goal conversion as well as a promotion are JetPack Custom CSS, Simple Page Sidebars, Widget Visibility, Page Builder and many more.
  • Constructive Ecommerce: Now selling anything online, rapidly and expeditiously is a duck soup with WP plugins. For you to know, WordPress is not just a blogging platform, you can set up an eStore to merchandize online and make a lot of money. Few the best WP Plug-ins you can choose are WooCommerce, WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart or Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Systematic Events: For any business an event calendar is an important tool, thus it has to be meticulously made so that you can share your events glibly. Therefore, with WP create and manage events with effortlessness. Get a professional-level quality and features to support you on the go. Plugins you can select to include Events are WP Meetup, Booking Calendar, All-in-One Event Calendar by and more.
  • Dynamic Forms: Various types of forms helps in building relationship with customers, if you have WordPress blog or website and you want to integrate fresh and creative form builder for generating various sort of forms, then select any plugin such as Formidable Forms, JetPack Contact Form, Contact Form 7 and more.
  • Extensive Maintenance: Blog or website maintenance is inevitable to any business, regardless of any scale. WordPress Maintenance Plugin helps you in letting your visitors know that your site is not working due to maintenance. Get WP plugins such as Duplicator, Simple Backup, and WP Backitup etc.
  • High Speed: Did you know that when visitors land on your website for the first time, you only have 3 seconds to entice their attention and persuade them to stay around. This is why websites improve their page loading speed and score high on the major speed testing services. Some of the best Plugins you can utilize in WordPress to get good speed are Query Strings Remover, WP Super Cache, Hyper Cache (was Lite Cache)and more.
  • Total Security: WP is one of the most secure platforms. However few advanced Plugin foster in getting additional security and firewall to your site, they are Captcha, Akismet, Sucuri Security, BulletProof Security and Login Security Solution etc.
  • Brilliant Search Optimization: WordPress is a brilliant platform for SEO and improved user experience. Scores of special plugins are available to help your WordPress site when we are talking about usability, conversions, and SEO. The different plugins in the market are Google Analytics by Yoast, JetPack Stats, Google XML Sitemaps and a lot more.
  • Amplifying Social Sharing: Allow your users share through their accounts on popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google and many more. By installing exclusive plugins such as Floating Social Media Icon, JetPack Sharing, Share Buttons by AddToAny and JetPack Publicize etc start bringing in high-quality referrals to your website.

Therefore, if you manage WordPress Site, or several sites for clients, uplifting the overall performance and security of the site is a no-brainer. So, just determine the factors which you want to enhance and install any of the suggested plugins and see your site doing wonders.

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Why WordPress is an optimal platform for small scale firms?

Why WordPress is an optimal platform for small scale firms?


WordPress, a platform based on PHP and MySQL, was developed for people who are keen of writing on a daily basis. But as time passed, this blogging podium has emerged as a popular and full-fledged content management system as well. Thousands of people all across the world are now using this as a web publishing platform. According to, it powers 23% of the internet. WordPress has many amazing features that transcends it to the most popular content management system. Also there are many reasons which makes this platform as an ideal and optimal one for small businesses.

  • Easy to Use – The reason why WordPress is this much popular is it’s User Interface which is very user-friendly. A person with average technical skills can also manage to set-up and maintain his own website. Having it’s roots in blogging, this podium provides a content editor almost like MS word or Word Pad in which we can modify our subject matter easily. Also it lends a very handy medium for editing media like images, videos etc.
  • Open Source Platform – Open Source as the word suggests is a platform whose source is available in general. WordPress is an Open Source Platform and its License is available free of cost. Also there are thousands of volunteers working on this software to make it better and better.
  • SEO friendly – WordPress almost knows all the possible ways Google tries to index a website for search results. So in its each and every page, WordPress has all the things available for SEO like meta tags, meta descriptions, alt tags for images etc. Also it has ample of plugins available for SEO which helps in making our website reach the top-notch of the Google search results.
  • Social Media Tool – Socializing has become a very important medium for sharing information all across the world. This platform understands the importance of socializing well and provides a wide range of Social Media plugins for connecting our website and content to different Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn etc.
  • Responsive Design – WordPress follows Template based Structure. Nowadays portable devices are gaining importance and Responsive Web Design has become a necessity. So many Responsive themes and templates have been introduced to make our website mobile-friendly.
  • Plethora of plug-ins and themes – Plugins are small applications developed specifically to address a functionality. In WordPress, Thousands of them are available for different-different services. Also whenever there isn’t any plugin available for any specific service, we can develop it on our own. But for this plugin development we will need a brief knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Also a wide range of attractive themes and web designs/templates are available from which we can choose the theme we like to make our website attractive and engaging.

Hence, from the above reasons it can be said that WordPress is an ideal and optimal platform for small businesses.

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