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Discover the new updates about Apple in WWDC 2015Back

by Techno, on June 25 2015


At last WWDC 2015, the very much awaited Apple’s event made the scene, conveyed the communique and fascinated the people who attended it. This Apple’s mega event World Wide Developers Conference which took place at San Francisco left the assembly hall with big handclapping for Mr. Tim Cook who took the stage. The highlights of this event cover attendees from around 70 countries, including 350 students’ scholarship winners, approx. 80% of new attendees, 100+ sessions in 150+ labs, last but not the least 1000+ Apple engineers. Initiated with numbers and notable facts by Mr. Tim the 26th WWDC event threw light on the prospects it carries to Apple OS and the entire industry.

It is an observation that whichever rumor pertaining to Apple is heard is talked about in the event as their marketing strategy and you will also see that everyone is stoical. However, what are the things that make this bang up-to-date event “Apple of Eye”, Apple also that precious information in its pocket to demystify and add to the event and prove itself as a significant brand. They are best at keeping its research and operations a hush-hush, yet they are often found spilling the beans as one of their publicizing strategies.

What are the Important Announcements of WWDC 2015?

The WWDC15 event majorly was conducted on OS X E1 Captain, iOS 9, watchOS2, Apple Music.

OS X E1 Captain


Apple’s OS X was one among the most anticipated announcement from Apple Inc. naming it as El Captain, Apple added a streak of contemporary style in it. Mr. Craig Federighi who was the next on stage after Mr. Tim Cook stated that this new-fangled update for the Mac (Macintosh) concentrates majorly on graphic performance with only a few of innovative features. With a promise by Apple, that this novel Operating System will foster in attaining 50% speed providing enhancing performance for Mac users.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the features of OS X E1 Captain:

  • Swipe to delete an email
  • Spotlight will get you search results with resizable and movable windows
  • Pin popular sites in Safari.
  • SplitView on Macs (similar to AeroSnap in Windows 8)
  • Spaces Bar making creating and managing multiple desktops easier.

The metal graphics technology is another noteworthy addition to the new OS X El Capitan (previously introduced in iOS 8). This will not only support in bringing on table the upgraded detail and game performance, but will also support in the high performance of applications that are processor oriented. Even developers can experience OS X El Capitan beta now; nevertheless, the public beta will be available for consumers in the month July.

iOS 9

Untitled design

The upcoming key repetition of iOS that is the iOS 9 is expected to focus attention on optimization and performance enhancements is pertaining to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Siri got the biggest share in the variation with its new proactive assistance as well as offering context-based information similar in features to the Google Now. The proactive support in the iOS 9 will ensure that your reminders, events, schedules are automatically synchronized into your calendar and will show your pertinent information reviewing your search habit. For everyone, the iOS 9 would be available in September 2015 release as per the sources.

Let’s take a glance at the pioneering features of iOS 9:

Smart Siri: In iOS 9, Siri is more intelligent, responsive and learns your habits to attempt and make your iOS experience smooth. For example, Siri senses your habit of listening to music on your way back home and, thus as soon as you plug your headphones around the same time of the day, it instinctively open the Music app for you.

Apple Maps: This application supports transit directions for 10 cities across the globe, besides giving you step-by-step info for traveling via public transport. iPhone users can also estimate their walking times, and even know which station entrance to enter and exit from.

Battery Life Enhanced: The new-fangled iOS 9 will also improve the battery life of your iPhone, enabling iPhone 6 running for an additional hour. In addition to this, Apple also comprises a battery saving mode that can close unused features and let your iPhone work for three additional hours.

Performing multiple tasks for the iPad: This feature will let you split screen apps on the iPad that is close to features accessible on Windows and a few Android tablets. Also, a trackpad built is introduced into the on-screen keyboard. This is available by putting two fingers on the keyboard and allowing fine control over the cursor – including quick app switching similar to OS X while the physical keyboard is used.

News: This new iOS app will take over Apple’s Newsstand app. This app representing like Flipboard will let articles be showcased precisely along with striking animations, videos and photo galleries. It will also let users choose their preferred publications and obtain personalized feed. At present, it will be made accessible to US, UK, and Australia.

Apple’s Wallet Pay: This highly-awaited application for Brits will be launching to the UK in the month of July and will function with approximately 70 % of all UK debit and credit cards. Now making payment to retail shops like Starbucks, Spencers, McDonalds and Marks, etc. making use of your iPhone or Watch as you travel around London.

HomeKit: Though very little about it is announced by Apple, it has made its purposes clear that HomeKit have the power to control home automation devices counting blinds, lights, thermostats, and locks. Besides that it can also be regulated via Siri on both your devices Apple Watch and iPhone.


Image Credit: Apple

Image Credit: Apple

WWDC15 also proclaimed that the watchOS2 will be put into motion in the upcoming Fall. This operating system for Apple Watch is aimed to take benefit of its size and it’s placing on the wrist. The new watchOS is quicker, more potent and comes with enriched communication alternatives. Now, apps will be able to access the accelerometer and microphone, play audio through the integral speakers and even operate the Digital Crown. HomeKit will also be accessible on the Apple Watch by the use of Siri.

TimeTravel is an additional feature that is available in watchOS permitting you to see forthcoming events/weather on your watch face widgets with the use the Digital Crown. Nonetheless, watchOS 2 also gives authority to developers by allowing them to add custom widgets to watch faces and operate apps congenitally on the Watch.

Moreover, users can now personalize watch faces with a photo. And if you are not happy with just a photo you can create a photo album too that will display a different photo each time you check your Apple Watch. Another new feature integrated to watchOS is Time Lapse that lets you add time-lapse watch faces of well-known locations worldwide and will demonstrate a time lapse of the current time of day.

Apple Music

Image Credit: Apple

Image Credit: Apple

Apple Music was also listed in the expectations at the WWDC15 and finally Apple’s more anticipated music streaming service “Apple Music” is declared publicly. This new service will be available from June 30, 2015 for iTunes on OS X and Windows, iOS. Apple Music lets you to glide through everything available on iTunes. Besides that it also provides many human-extracted playlists along with playlist and song recommendations.

Furthermore, the Apple Music app also bring with it a minor redesign – a new MiniPlayer that looks over the tabs at the bottom of the app. Tell Apple Music the type of music and artists you wish to hear and it will suggest you songs and playlists, just as the iTunes Genius does.

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