WebRTC – A Break Down in the field of Real-time Communications

by Techno, on June 15 2015

WebRTC stands for Web Real-time Communications. It’s an API that facilitates P2P video, voice and data communication. WebRTC is used for video conferencing, chats and data sharing entirely between 2 web browsers compatible with it without any software or plugin installation. It is currently supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera directly.

Features of WebRTC:

  • It uses web browser as its platform
  • The video is displayed as a primary object in the browser and can be part of the content.
  • Other than Audio or Video, Data can also be shared/exchanged.

Benefits of WebRTC:

  • Facile to use: Direct real-time communication via a browser without any software or plugin installation required.
  • Highly secured communication tool: WebRTC uses encryption for both the modes of communication using Secure RTP protocol which makes it more secure than other communication tools.
  • Cost Effective: Being an Open Source API, It is available for free.
  • Platform independent: If both the browser supports WebRTC, irrespective of the operating system being used, you can communicate using it.
  • Browser to Browser Communication: As it facilitates communication using 2 browsers, we get great performance and lowest latency possible.
  • Easy File Transfer: With WebRTC’s data channel, Files can be transferred directly without any use of servers or infrastructure.
  • Faster Connection: WebRTC enables you to connect easily with less connection time.
  • Better Sound Quality: WebRTC uses Opus codecs for transferring audio which supports the adaptation of sound quality according to the bandwidth.
  • Native HTML5 Elements: As it is an HTML5 API, It can adjust itself according to any look and feel.
  • Mobile Device Support: SDK’s are available for Android and IOS applications to run WebRTC.


  • WebRTC is not directly supported by Safari or Internet Explorer. Temasys Plugins are required for support of WebRTC by Desktop versions of Safari and IE.
  • It is not completely developed yet.


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