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Employee of the year 2016

by Techno, on January 31 2017

“There is no elevator to success… You have to take the stairs.”

I am reminded of a quote which says “Difficult doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. It simply means that you have to work hard.” Nothing in this world comes free; you have to struggle and earn to reach the top. So, success needs time, patience, and perseverance on whole. If a man understands it all, then he simply wins the race.

Now, if a person toils so much, he/she do expect something in return. Just to make them feel special and acknowledged, Techno Infonet announces Employee of the Year every year. This award comes along with many benefits and surprise packages for the award winner. For the year 2016, the Assiduous performer of the year was awarded to Hirak Sheth. He received a Surprise Travel Package and other benefits from the company.

Employee of the year 2016

The untold 1.9 years…

Hirak is a punctual Technorian, who fully dedicates his time and knowledge towards his work and for the betterment of the company. Not only that, his management of all the tasks, silent working skill, and quality of his work is applauded.
Well, he started his journey, here in Techno Infonet on 13th April 2015 as a Web Developer. And since then his dedication and hard work are appreciated. He has served with his best of his technical skills for about 1.9 years with full dedication and enthusiasm. His technical specialty is in Laravel Technology, but he has expanded his boundaries to CodeIgniter and AngularJS frameworks.

As a Developer, he has taken some crucial initiatives, which shows that he his ready to accept all the challenges and has enough strength to overcome them. There is a famous saying “Work is Worship”. And this was shown by Hirak throughout the year. To do great things, you need a team; it’s not a one man army show. And so, we also note his team working skills. Moving one step ahead in his achievements, this one is a biggie. He has trained a trainee for Laravel Technology and this shows that he can help develop the beginners to develop classy websites.
He has not only taken initiatives but also has achieved a lot throughout the year. For the month of May and November, he was awarded as the Employee of the Month for his expertise in the Development field. Well, this is all about the Employee of the Year, now let’s hear what the Technorians have to say.

Words from the desk…

“Well done Hirak. You are an inspiration to all other employees. I wish you all the very best for your future endeavors and hope you keep on performing the same.” – Sam Maniar, CEO

“It is really good to have a team mate like Hirak who is dedicated, sincere, and enthusiastic. I think his zeal to learn new things will lead him a long way. Many congratulations and all the best for your future.” – Samir Patel, Project Manager

Congratulations and keep on performing the same.
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