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Blind Man’s Tent

June 04,2015

Blind Man’s Tent

We, Technorians are always focused to create and maintain a culture of fun with work. And as always we are on toe when it comes to #Fun #Masti #Games… Who would really wanna miss a chance.


So what new did we play this time???? This time it was all about Blind fold Fun. A Game which is very popular in terms of building team based activities. My major focus was on to inculcate Team Spirit along with Trust within; Undoubtedly the wackiness and monomania has created infinite entertainment for all of us. We named it as BLIND MAN’s TENT.


This involved 2 members in a Team viz. Initiator – the one who was blindfolded and the another who was the instructor – Basically who instructs his partner (guiding). And then my agog and fanatical team was all set to play this game by making tent out of the plastic glasses provided. While all others were Swapping their mates, titillating and pulling way away from the destination so that it becomes difficult for them to find the place to Start. The game was indeed full of fun frolic and of-course playful strife’s which made all of us laugh until we had tears in eyes


Motive behind this had a deep insight on how shall we blindly trust each other and help when it comes to our Team.


As rightly said by Henry Ford: Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

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