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July 20,2015


Techno understands that a rock – solid culture is the “magic ingredient” that makes a company successful. Therefore, we Technorians are stubborn with creating a fun loving culture because we all are aware that:

“Happiness is the ultimate productivity enhancer”

We have always discovered ways to create treasured moments of joy, laughter & fun.

caught on cmera


Backed by a popular demand, this time, Techno team decided to have a party at the much known US Pizza. Hardly anyone would detest deliciously yummy Pizzas, and its always a splendid way to celebrate accomplishments by nurturing morale. What say!


like a boss

The party was to be held post office hours. We were so excited and waited for the day to end. The moment the clock stuck 7, we rushed to US Pizza and occupied the reserved seats all set to freak out.



The puffy, bubbly, thin & perfectly chewy Pizza were relished to the fullest. Giggles, jokes & laughter made us the center of attraction undoubtedly. What can I say? It was hard to contain ourselves at such a glorious pizza party.

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