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Techno Celebrates Valentine’s Day With A Difference!

February 19,2016

Techno Celebrates Valentine’s Day With A Difference!

Are you one among them who thinks that celebrating Valentine day in the office is strange?

Trust me, it’s just not awkward or embarrassing at all, in fact, it’s a great opportunity to express appreciation for staff members. To put it plainly, the majority of us spend more time with our colleagues during the week than with our family, so why not have a small celebration that makes your employees feel valued.

At Techno, this time, we had a small yet worthy way of celebrating this day of love. Our HR Manager secretly placed a chocolate bar and a small card as a token of love from our management. Looking at it, we Technorians felt appreciated and also felt a day worth spending at the office.

“We believe in celebrating anyways, no matter big or small!”

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