Training Session @TechnoInfonet By SEO Team

June 04,2015


Nowadays organizations are soaring a lot into imparting knowledge which helps them to survive in this competitive market and also upgrade themselves. It’s not only about events and games, here we also believe in investing our valuable time to get knowledge into diversified streams…..

We believe,

The more the individual grows… The more the organization flourishes…

Training session held on _SEO Co-related


To survive in this cut throat competition, Training at Workplace has been one of the crucial and Best HR Practice. Considering this i organized Learning and Development session which was held by SEO experts aiming to bridge the gap between the working methodologies of Development Co-relating it with Search Engine Optimization. They prepared a Corporate Presentation with caption “How SEO relates with Development?“.

The involvement of the team was such that the session was more of a discussion rather than one way communication. This continued with healthy discussions followed by the training session. The session was quite informative, full of interaction and had a tint of humor at intervals to keep the session more peppy.

Here i can say it was…..

smileys_001_01“Wonder able… Enjoy able… Knowledge able”

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