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Bhushan is an enthusiastic SEO Manager at Techno Infonet. He has 9 + years of experience with having strong exposure in organic Search engine optimization (SEO), PPC (pay-per-click), Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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Haresh Gadhavi is an SEO Expert at Techno Infonet, an experienced Amazon SEO Consultant. Passionate to solve SEO queries, enhance his skills and knowledge through work.

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Priya is a passionate Marketing Executive who looks after the marketing with expertise in Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Email Marketing, Target Marketing, Market Research, Brand Awareness and various marketing techniques.

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Q. 1:

Hi, Could you please give a suggestion for my following question:Which is better for SEO purpose, "FAQ page on my website" OR "FORUM of my website built within subdomain of my website?

Thanks for asking this question, both are good for SEO perspective. 

FAQs means frequently asked questions, questions which are part of queries, generally visitors ask their query to the website owner. It can drive a bunch of highly targeted traffic to your site. Google values that your website is focused on helping people

To make the website SEO friendly and to rank those questions/answers you can use FAQs and their schema. 

A web forum is a section of a site that allows visitors to communicate with each other by posting their queries or message. It helps in increasing website traffic. 

Now it's all ups to you, you can follow both. 

Q. 2:

I need advice on the below 301 redirect scenario. Issue - The site was developed to fetch the URLs from two information (Title & Location) that the user provides us during registration, which makes the URL too long and with symbols. So right now we have more than 2000 pages for 301 redirects like the one below.Example of Current URLhttps://www.domain.com/rent-desk/The-Executive-Zone---Coworking-space-in--India-866--Mount-Road--Anna-Salai--Chennai--Tamil-Nadu-600002--India.101k.htmI was advised to change the URL to https://www.domain.com/rent-desk/india/chennai/the executive zone coworking-spaceIs changing more than 2000 URL affect SEO or is there any issue changing the URL Please advice me on this Thank YouRegards,Satish Jaysatish23.chandren@gmail.com

301 Redirects are not bad for SEO. A bad implementation might cause loss of PageRank to loss of traffic.


Bad implementation means more than one redirection, it is also called a redirection chain issue.


A redirect chain happens when there's more than one redirect between the original URL and the final URL. For example, from Page 1 -> Page 2 -> Page 3. However, Google advises against redirect chains as they can negatively affect UX and slow down your site. 


Redirect chain is also bad for your webste SEO. It's estimated that 301 redirects only pass about 85% of link equity.


Visit for more: https://yoast.com/6-questions-about-redirects-for-seo/

Q. 3:

Q1) Do I need to create page with content of thousand words to be in first page of google? Check the following links of my competitors' website: Keyword : Saudia Airlines Results: 1) Saudia Airlines Official website 2) https://www.flyin.com/airlines/Saudi-Arabian-Airlines.en.html3) https://sa.wego.com/en/airlines/saudi-airlines-saudia-sv4) https://www.almosafer.com/en/travel/airlines/saudi-arabian-airlinesIf you check the above websites (Results 2- 4) except the Airlines official website, you will notice that they are creating an Airline profile page with more than thousand words. Q2) Is it enough to create a specific page for this particular Airline with using the keyword in Meta tags, meta description, & slag. with some information about Saudia Airlines in Blocks and 5 Questions in FAQ form? Check the following page design as an example; http://traveltalez.com/en/flightsPlease Advise.

Thanks for asking this question to our SEO expert, we have analyzed your query and came to below possible solutions.
Answer of Q1) No there is no specific words limit but as per our suggestion, it should be more than 500 words.
Answer of Q2) Yes, that will be good practice to target business keywords in meta title, description, slug, Image ALT and Content

Q. 4:

Hi Do we have to setup different marketing strategy for AMP SEO ?

Thanks for asking this question to our SEO expert, we have analyzed your query and came to below possible solutions.
No, you don't need to set up a different marketing strategy. AMP helps you to improve mobile page performance. I will suggest checking Google webmaster on weekly bases to solve indexing issue, it happens sometimes while integrating code, second thing AMP display a different version than the original one.
Note: It will be good practice to use AMP for blog post/news.

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