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Bhushan Parikh - SEO Expert

Bhushan is an enthusiastic SEO Manager at Techno Infonet. He has 9 + years of experience with having strong exposure in organic Search engine optimization (SEO), PPC (pay-per-click), Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Haresh Gadhavi - Amazon SEO Expert

Haresh Gadhavi is an SEO Expert at Techno Infonet, an experienced Amazon SEO Consultant. Passionate to solve SEO queries, enhance his skills and knowledge through work.

Priya Shah - Marketing Expert

Priya is a passionate Marketing Executive who looks after the marketing with expertise in Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Email Marketing, Target Marketing, Market Research, Brand Awareness and various marketing techniques.

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Q. 1:

No follow link search engine not follow to them so why we use and important what is.


Nofollowed link is hyperlink with a rel=“nofollow” tag.


Nofollow link will not send any additional link signal in SEO rankings (not to count a link) for the destination URL because Google does not transfer link juice/PageRank or anchor text across them. In fact, Google is not crawling nofollowed link.


It helps in website traffic: Most of the Social network sites such as (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) gives nofollow signal but it helps to built-in website authority/ branding and increasing website traffic. Best-known use for nofollow attribute is to prevent blog comment spamming. If the NoFollow link is coming from a big website like Quora, Wikipedia, Facebook chances are a bright that number of people going to see your link and some might visit your website through the link as well. Here, your NoFollow link will work as a Traffic source and if your website is getting a good amount of organic traffic, then ultimately your search engine rankings will be improved.


SEPT 2019 update on "Nofollow" tag - What it says


Note: rel="nofollow": You can use relation nofollow attribute for cases where you want to link to a particular page but don’t want to imply any type of endorsement, including passing along ranking credit to another page. This nofollow tag will be treated as a hint about which link to consider or exclude within Search. Nofollow will become a hint signal as of March 1, 2020.

Reference page, visit - https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2019/09/evolving-nofollow-new-ways-to-identify.html

Q. 2:

How many limits of the keyword in Meta Keyword tag


Note: Google does not use the keywords meta tag in ranking web search results. 


See this official Google update from search quality expert Matt Cutts:



For meta title and description, you can follow below note. There is no ideal length limit for the META title and description. Each search engine has set its own rules to display results in SERP. 


However, it is good practice to display meta title and description as per the below-mentioned character limits.


Meta title tag - 50– 60 characters

Meta description tag - 50–160 characters

Q. 3:

How to increase domain authority without creating backlinks


It is not easy to increase website domain authority without making quality backlinks. But still, we would like to suggest some important points for increasing your website DA (domain authority).


1. Focus more on quality content. Regularly publish blog posts/news on your website.

2. Do proper on-page optimization including Meta tags, Image ALT, Structured data and so on.

3. Select a correct domain name that should be more relevant to your business/niche.

4. Social Media sharing/posting is a really important factor as it helps in generating good website traffic as well as increase DA.

5. Make sure your brand is famous and frequently adding quality content to your website. 

6. Create Google my business page and share your post/news there.

7. Increase your individual page value by adding relevant content, services, products, videos, images and so on.


Follow the above points as well as try making quality backlinks from niche domains for better results.

Q. 4:

Hello! I doing seo of one website. Site: https://www.thirstydevs.co.uk/ 1.on google search result Google display some other sites's results that redirect to my site. In google webmaster in security section that show an error about "1 issue detected", in that issue display this link: https://thirstydevs.co.uk/1surnc.php 2.sitemap links show indefining pages : https://www.thirstydevs.co.uk/sitemap.xml


Thanks for submitting the question. We have reviewed your website and by analyzing it we found that your website has been hacked. See this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ps71at . Due to this reason your website is showing unnatural/spam links.


Also check your sitemap.xml screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ps6yma . It is showing undefined page due to this links: http://prntscr.com/ps6zgb


Google search console is throwing security warning just because of this links. You can ask developer to clean the code or take necessary action to remove these spam links. Once the issue is resolved than kindly send a reconsideration request to Google.

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