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Laravel is one of the best and most powerful PHP frameworks that makes a web development process less painful. Simplicity, credibility and highly secure web solutions are some of the

qualities that define the authenticity of this free and open source PHP web framework. Owing to this, the popularity of Laravel web development services have been increasing on a majority basis. To make way for some of the best web solutions there are certain things that when considered will help you in the development process.

11 Tips For a Smooth Laravel Development Process

Let me walk you through some of the best practices that, when followed, will help in easing out the Laravel web development services. Read on to find out.

1. Use the latest version

It is always advisable to work on the latest Laravel version. When you make use of the current stable version you will be entitled to a secure and high-performance web solution. At present 5.6 is the latest version that should be put to use when you are developing a web solution with Laravel.

2. Storing relationships in variables

Another best practice of developing eccentric web solution is to considerably cut down the relationship calls. By doing so you will be able to put away all the redundant or needless database calls. This will immensely accelerate the performance of your website.

3. Condensing the use of plugins

You will come across a plethora of plugins to make your development process much easy. It is good to use these plugins to add the functionalities, but at the same time care should be taken that you do not make use of abundant plugins for creating web solutions. By doing so you could negatively affect the performance of your website.

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4. Artisan Command Line Interface

The artisan command line interface facilitates a smooth web development process. For an even smoother development process, it is recommended to make the best use of Artisan CLI as it positively influences the development process. This is one of the best and most unique tools of this PHP web framework which should be put into practice.

5. Considering the standards

When you follow standards you are making way for web solutions that are genuine and authentic in nature. Almost every framework comes with an inbuilt development standard that needs to be followed by the developer. However, a developer is not mandated to use the standards, until and unless the variables very well gels up with the composer. In addition to this, PSR-0, PSR-1, PSR-2 and PSR-4 are some of the most recommended coding standards that could be followed.

6. Debugging

It is always a good practice to make use of debugging packages even though the web framework is loaded with a debugging component. By doing so you will be able to create a well-optimized web solution that is devoid of bugs.

7. Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM is one of the most favored features, which is used to extract data that will be shown to the end users through a single query. One of the best practices of developing in laravel would be to take care of the naming convention of your model. By doing so you will be able to develop web solutions without encountering any eloquent related problems.

8. Removing unnecessary services and plugins

If you find the existence of many unnecessary services, then it is high time to remove these services. Moreover, the unused services can be easily disabled by the developer without disturbing the rest of the functions.

9. Inducing a JIT Compiler Code

There arises a situation when the programmers make generous use of compilers to understand the PHP codes. The usage of code compilers generously affects the website’s performance. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to make use of HHVM, a robust just-in-time (JIT) compiler, by removing the Zend Engine. This not only helps in accelerating the performance, but would also compile the PHP codes quite smoothly and quickly.

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10. Using Migrations

Making generous use of migrations is yet another important point that when considered will help the programmers in creating web solutions that are par excellence. Database migrations can be put to use for constructing a table, adding any fields, altering the fields and also committing to the GIT repository.

11. Precompiling Assets

Keeping all your assets in different files will indeed prove to be useful when you are in the development stage. On the contrary, a separate file for a separate asset will prove to be a hassle for production. To avoid this, you can very well make use of the artisan commands to compile the continuously used classes in a single file for easing out the development process. This will generously contribute to the loading speed of your web pages.

Conclusion :

Above-mentioned are some of the best practices that, when put to use will help in developing a commendable web solution with Laravel development. Adhering to Laravel’s code base structure will help in creating web solutions that are credible as well as authentic in nature. Also, during the development stage, the programmer should constantly keep on evaluating the performance of the web solution so as to be sure of its credibility. Apart from these practices, the developer should have a dense technical knowledge and experience in developing web solutions that would be par excellence.

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