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PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages which is primarily used for web development and also used as a general purpose programming language. This language has empowered the digital market and the startup companies. There are a number of websites running on PHP.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks – CakePHP, PHP Zend, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Phalcon

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Yes, because of the popularity of PHP, many companies Hire PHP Developers and offers PHP Development services and solutions. So, to hire a Developer having experience and quality becomes difficult for a company.

Here’s something you can learn from the companies that have made mistakes while hiring the PHP Developers.

Mistake #1: Not examining the previous work effectively

Basically, you have to judge the work of the PHP Developer when you are trying to hire them. Of course, you will have some idea of the skills that are required for the job and some assumptions as to how you would like to proceed further.

Mistake #2: Looking within the region

“I would prefer to hire a PHP Developer who belongs to my region.” This is the fact that most of the companies think and work in this direction. Well, most of them think that this the easiest way; communication becomes easy, issues can be solved with ease and at a faster rate. Surprisingly, many companies suffer huge losses and cost burdens just because the company can’t compromise in this factor.

Mistake #3: Ignoring support and communication

Make sure that your communication channel is perfect. A proper mode of communication should be selected by the company for solving and reviewing the latest updates and issues.

‘PHP is critical but will make you safe at the end’ such is the attitude of an offshore company. So, while interviewing, test their analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving ability, and also check whether the developer is able to understand and implement the requirements in the project easily or not.

Mistake #4: Pricing issues

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Do you agree on variable pricing? Or the company simply dodges your entire question with vague answers? In such cases, you never know how much money will be spent during the process and how many months it would take for the website to go live.

This problem arises when working with an offshore. So, in the first interview itself, talk of all the issues clearly. Make sure you provide the detailed contract which is duly signed by the offshore company.

Mistake #5: Lack of testing

All of the big and small businesses are alive on / because of websites. A PHP Developer must be able to test and update the changes that occur. You may not go to the core but should be able to satisfy the customer’s needs.

You can also ask someone or a tester to test and look into it. And if something major comes up, you can have a word with the developer to solve it.

Final Thoughts:

As far as companies are concerned whether small or big to Hire PHP Developer is quite a crucial task. Minor errors and mistakes which are overlooked lead to major loss of the company. Well, keeping in mind these mistakes, we may look forward not to repeat these again and would take one step ahead in the process of hiring the correct PHP Developer.

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