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Well, we have a 2 big players in the CMS market; ie WordPress and Drupal. Well, WordPress is the popular of all the CMS. As a WordPress Developer, below are a few things that a WordPress Developer should keep in mind.

  • SizeDrupal offers anything from one page to thousands of pages and allowing thousands of readers to read the pages simultaneously. With this, the Developers have the full freedom and can extend their limit. Well, there is no harm in this as it allows multiple viewers and readers to view and read. So, as WordPress Developers, you need to be aware of the unlimited size that Drupal offers than the WordPress.
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  • SecurityMany of the WordPress plugins has a lot of issues and vulnerabilities and can be easily hacked. This often happens when the WordPress version is not updated and the plugin that is used is of the old version. However, Drupal on the other hand, provides top-level security and support, such that we find many of the governments using this technology. We always try to emphasize on security aspects and its benefits so that our system and website is safe from all vulnerabilities.
  • Multiple role managementIf there is a requirement from the client or if it is necessary in your website to have multiple logins, then WordPress is the best option. There are various authors who can manage the editing work, there are some who can simply view, and one super admin who manages them all. This simply make the WordPress more flexible and easy to use. However, Drupal also has the same functionality but has a standard roles already setuped. And thus, Drupal has a revised solution where you have the flexibility to have multiple authors and can manage and work at the same time and can simultaneously track the edits. So, we can say that setting different kinds of Roles is easy. In the case of WordPress, you need plugins to be installed. And so, the time required to develop an extraordinary feature in Drupal is far better than WordPress.
  • Caching and aggregationThese are the foremost ingrediants of any website development. This is a simple and the core concept where the developers take keen interest. Well, in the case of WordPress, Caching and Aggregation is not offered, for this you need to install an extra plugin to overcome the task. The Aggregation, in the case of Drupal, is very simple and the Caching process is controlled by many different methods.
  • Maintenance modeFor upgrades and updates in any site, Drupal offers a feature called Maintenance mode. The developers can easily make the any offline updates/upgrades. This is really helpful to the developers.
  • Used by big namesBoth of the technologies has big names and brands who has used Drupal and WordPress to design and develop their sites. The White House and The Economist uses Drupal and The New York Times and CNN has WordPress. Well, it’s just a matter of benefits and features that are different in each technologies. To have a creative and publishing content, your choice should be WordPress and if you have a desire to have a scalable website, then you should go with Drupal.

What is your choice?
It totally depends upon your requirement and features you need in your system. For instance, you need creative designs, then you should choose Drupal. Drupal offers top security standards, good SEO with the ability to handle lots of data and page load. If you want a multiauthor website, then your best option is WordPress. Drupal has the capacity to handle large sites. So, just in case, your estimate becomes large, Drupal is the best option, else WordPress is the best.
The ease of use, is the main factor. If you are a newbie in creating a website with a low budget, then WordPress is the best option.

Final Thought:
Well, as per the demands and requirements, we see a change in the choice of the technology as well. So, as a WordPress Developer, you should know something about Drupal as well. The above points should have have given a clear idea of WordPress and Drupal.

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