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A latest research says that maximum search is done through the mobile devices because of the mobile first indexing. Moreover, people are now searching and ordering through the smart phones rather than going directly to the site. Thus, it is clear that the primary means of access are the mobile phones. So, here, are a few tips for

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Mobile SEO

  • Keep Mobile First

    As customer’s focus is changing the traditional approach to digital approach, we see that the designers and developers too have changed their focus. Many of the designers and developers are now selecting to follow the ‘mobile first’ approach. And so, it becomes necessary to have a mobile responsive design in mind. Well, the importance of the mobiles is increasing day-by-day as most of our tasks are accomplished by this tiny device. Its dependability, security, and features have become so smart that the customer’s life and the designers and the developer’s life have become easy. There is a possibility that you can have an app or a responsive website along with the desktop website. The question is why would a person want to have a responsive design?

  • RWD (Responsive Web Design)

    Here is the answer to the question why would a person want a responsive web design. Being the developer’s first choice, it’s necessary to think as to how you will deliver the content? Having a responsive design has many benefits:

    => Loading speed

    => Generate good revenue

    => Good user experience

    => Good sales

    Responsive Design is in the developing phase. There were problems such as loading time in regards to mobile. Most of the sites were designed for the desktop so there was a problem loading the sites in mobile and other devices. If a site has a good loading speed, then you can get good customer response and generate good revenue.

  • Knowing the Mobile Potential:

    Make sure that the site is built well and is working fast. Well, looking at the SEO aspect towards Mobile SEO, the sites should be optimized and performing well. While you are planning for a site, the usability should be the top most priority in the list of the things to be done right. The mobile site should have the following:

    1. An attractive User Interface.

    2. Easy clickable icons and buttons.

    3. Effective Call-to-action buttons.

    There are some common issues found in the mobile sites are:

    1. Cross-linking

    2. Smart phone 404 error

    3. Faulty redirects

  • Mobile Landing Pages:

    These pages should be different the desktop pages. A CTA at the top is the best thing you can do to your site so that, anyone searching on your site can easily contact you for help/support/business. Now, thinking of the keyword search, rather than having a single phrase or a two phrased keyword, use long and natural phrases for the optimization of the SEO. With the Google’s advanced search option of the voice search in the smart phones, the landing pages should be more optimized and are of great importance.

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  • Location:

    The location of your business and the strategies that you adopt for SEO is very important. If you concentrate on local businesses, then local SEO practices are quite beneficial for your business. You can register in the Google places, to get reviews for your business and directories.

  • Analytics and Testing:

    Even if you have a mobile responsive site, it’s important to keep an eye on both the desktop and mobile site. Before you go live, your website undergoes a lot of checkups and testing. It’s very much necessary that the site functions according to the requirement and as per the user’s demand. If all of the test cases are passed, then the site is ready for the launch.The Google Analytics allows you to keep a track of your mobile device, how the users use your site in different conditions, what kind of content to they access, and which devices do they use to access the information. If you have an E-commerce website then it’s going to be a much easier job.

Final Thoughts:
Mobile phones aren’t going to be ignored. There is a wide scope in this industry and in the development field. Well, most of the searches are done through mobile devices. So, Mobile SEO is one such thing which cannot be ignored regardless what sort of business you run. Having done the right Mobile SEO, you can get good organic traffic and output.

What are your thoughts on the future of mobile search? Which mobile SEO tactics are working best in your niche?

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