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WordPress has managed to gain accolades for being regarded as one of the most reliable and popular Content Management Systems. According to recent reports, there are more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites that are powered by WordPress.

6 Points That A WordPress Developer Should Keep In Mind

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What are the reasons that have contributed to its popularity?

  • A great level of convenience
  • SEO friendly
  • The website is responsive in nature
  • A strong armor against black hatters
  • Its simplicity and ease of use
  • A plethora of plugins to indulge in
  • Cost-effective

With so many advantages to take a hold on, WordPress has made a special place in the hearts of the people. The need for a WordPress powered website has elevated the demand of a professional WordPress developer who could make the best use of WordPress in fabricating a dynamic website.

Now, what if the WordPress powered website is not fabricated properly?

You could end up facing the following problems:

  • The need to shell out a few more bucks to get it corrected
  • Delay in the project hitting the floor
  • Many important aspects would go unnoticed
  • Does not have a user-friendly function
  • Fails to live up to the standards

So in order to dodge the future inconveniences, it is always better to stay prepared ahead of the race with all the useful armor and weapons. One of the basic weapons is to hire a dedicated WordPress developer. Here is a list of questions that would prepare you for digging out the most reliable WordPress developer.

7 Basic questions that need to be answered before you hire a dedicated WordPress developer:

  • How much information should be given?
    When you hire a developer to create a website you should be clear as to how much of information about the company should be given and what measures should be taken to maintain the privacy of  the information.
  • A new theme or an existing theme?
    A developer has three choices either to go with an existing theme, a new theme or uses a customized theme. All these options have their own set of pros and cons. Consider the option with the most fruitful benefits and go ahead with your choice.
  • How many plugins will be used in the development process?
    WordPress has a plethora of plugins that make it easy for the developer in building a respectable website. Make yourself aware of the list of plugins that has all the essential features that you are looking for and accordingly put them into use.
  • What measures will you take to make the website immune?
    WordPress is an open source platform for content management system and hence it is prone to come under the influence of the black hatters. Be clear about the security measures that the developer has intended to implement for safeguarding the website. A set of proper codes, right themes, plugins and timely updating the website is the key to safeguarding the security of your website. Ensure that the developer is well versed in these domains for a foolproof website.
  • How will you manage to get a backup of the website?
    Getting a back up for your website is always a favorable option. There are many promising tools available on the online platform that helps in the backup process. Analyse and find out which tool the developer would be using to back up the data.
  • What SEO features will you be using?
    SEO is an important part of building a website and hence should not be ignored. Make yourself aware of the various methods and techniques that developer would be putting to use for making your website visible on the online platform.
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  • Will it be easy to remove or add plugins or themes at a later stage?
    There comes a time when a website demands renovation with the new and updated features over a period of time. Ensure that the WordPress developer keeps it uncomplicated when you have to have to add or update any theme or plugin at a later stage.

Final Note:
A proper scrutiny backed by a strong gut feeling are the two most important dimensions that would help you in creating a strong foundation for a well-fabricated website. Apart from these, you can put in your own set of investigation tools for digging the perfect WordPress developer who would be one of the ideal pillars for building a strong website.


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