7 SEO Tips to Make Your E-commerce Successful in 2017

by Ajay, on December 20 2016

E-commerce business is now expanding at a high pace since last so many years. Because of the use of Mobile Phones, searching, purchasing, and surfing are increased at the same time. So, SEO for E-commerce sites is also as important as having a good E-commerce business.

Do you have an E-commerce site? If yes, then, is it SEO-friendly? If no, then the below tips will guide you in SEO for E-commerce sites.

Here, are a few SEO tips for your E-commerce business in the upcoming year:

  • Avert using duplicate content for Product Descriptions:

    It’s advisable to create a unique content for each product. However, it’s easy to use the same product description that is provided by the manufacturer. If you cannot, then try to have a unique and useful content for the category of products.

  • Product Reviews and Feedback:

    Product Reviews and its feedback are very important for an E-commerce business. It has an important role to play in the E-commerce market. Most of the shoppers are interested and focusing on this point before they make their final purchase. So, to make your product page is at the top of search results, with each page having a unique content, reviews, and feedback.

  • Have a marketing strategy to promote your product:

    If you are running an online business, then you need to have good promotion and a strategy to expand your business. You can adapt one of the marketing strategies to promote your product i.e. Blogging. You can write interesting blogs to build relationships and expand your business. You also can come up with the seasonal offers, discounts, and offers on various products to market and promote your product.

  • Clean URL structure:

    Having a lot of products on the site, as an E-commerce website, the sorting, and filtering function as per price, size, brand, and the color are very necessary. Also, indexing of all the pages is necessary in order to avoid duplication of the content and passing to link juice to unimportant pages. For effective SEO, parameter handling is very important though it is very complicated.

  • Optimize the keywords:

    The proper use of Meta Tags, Heading Tags, Image Alt Tag, and content can help you rank higher in Google. Thus, the use of long tailed keywords helps you rank and convert easily. But, you should be careful that you do not stuff keywords in the process.

  • Mobile Friendly:

    With the increase of Mobile Phones for searching, purchasing, and surfing for social and purchasing activities, the sales via Mobiles have increased. To run your business effectively, you need a mobile friendly website or an App and Mobile SEO for the frequent mobile searches to beat the competitive E-commerce sites. Thus, we can say that the use of mobile phones, for E-commerce has become more important since so many years.

  • Having a social environment:

    Social media is the heartbeat of any business. Social presence is also important along with the keywords and market presence. A person has no life once his heartbeats have stopped. So, is the case in the E-commerce market; once stopped there is no scope of life.

    Also, having social elements is quite beneficial; like social media login options, share, follow buttons, testimonials, and more can benefit your business.

Final Thoughts:

The 7 tips are life saver for your E-commerce business in the coming year. Having an E-commerce site is not enough. SEO for E-commerce sites is also important as the heartbeat. If you are running an E-commerce business, then these SEO tips will surely help you expand your business. 



Ajay Panchal is a senior SEO executive at Techno Infonet. He has an extensive experience in the field of SEO. Helped many clients to grow their business through SEO.

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