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The most dreadful thing about Internet today is the vulnerabilities that can cause terrible harm to your servers or websites or CMS systems. Talking Laravel,it is one of the most popular PHP framework just as Codeigniter that is used for building websites. The main important reasons for its popularity is that it’s an open source framework that has many benefits but along with that it brings set of difficulties too. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why open source frameworks are getting popular and is the favourite amongst the developers.

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Advantages of using Open Source Framework –

  • Global community that helps improve and introduce new concepts.
  • Transparency that makes the code fully visible
  • Extremely reliable since its robust
  • Good amount of security

Given the amount of benefits, the open source framework is the most tried and tested coding that is applied to make reliable websites. The developers around the world, discuss and protect the coding through expert insights on open forums. However, as much as the benefits are, since Laravel is open source framework, it is not immune to any hacker attacks. To protect the finer data of the website, it is highly important to have Laravel Security in place. There are security options in the application that can help protect and seal the code from being visible to the public.

There are many possible attacks to the open framework hence it is the secured developing practice that can really make all the difference. SQL injection is the most common buzzword today that is dreadful and can totally compromise the security of the website. Laravel Hacking is quite common world over and further it can cause vulnerabilities to other supporting XSS and miscellaneous files.

Symptoms of Laravel Hacking –

Most times the victims of site hacks find that the website pages are redirected to any other malicious websites. The phishing pages so designed for the purpose of hacking can completely steal all the important information of the website. The content on the website appears gibberish due to Japanese hack or any other hacking. The sites attacked tend to become very slow giving out all the error messages.

Laravel hacking is tremendous loss to the owners of the website, if the site is managed by third parties than the “Account Suspended” message appears. The search engines blacklist the site. The basic causes of the Laravel attacks is that the attack is usually targeted towards the database of the server. The SQL Injection can lead to terrible changes on the server through which the attackers can get access to database of the website or can also edit the contents.

Apart from the usual database attack, the PHP Code Injection is another common vulnerability that the attackers can use to execute the code on the Laravel.

Types of Laravel Attacks –

Open source frameworks are highly popular since it gets support from developers across the globe, also at the same time, it is highly vulnerable leading to more phishing attacks. Here are some of the common types of Laravel hacks, the attackers may try.

  • Cross-site scripting – XSS is the most common vulnerability that occurs in both CodeIgniter and Laravel. Most time, the common cause of such attacks is the lack of input sanitization. The frameworks are ideally designed to avoid these attacks but exploiting the XSS can help attackers steal the cookies and other important data from the website.
  • Cross-site Forgery – This is very tricky kind of attack in which the data itself cannot be stolen or read but can be manipulated. In this the attackers trick the users into performing unwanted actions. In short, it can lead to users following dangerous commands like entirely deleting the application or by clicking on the link, erasing the data.
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The .env file in Laravel has all the information that is related to the application and the database. In common scenarios, the file is openly available to the public. The hacker or an attacker can easily use .env file to access the sensitive information on the website. The file manager plays an important role for any kind of hacking in the php websites.

Avoiding the Hacking –

The open source frameworks come with a ton of security features in the form of functions and libraries. These functions can well defend the SQL injection. For preventing the attacks, the developer needs to disallow the direct access of the files from the web server. In the case, when it is required to use the file manager, the access can be allowed by using the special referrer. This can be done through the admin login of the CMS management system

To prevent the Laravel website hacking, the developer need to disallow the file direct access from web server or .htaccess file by giving the below code –


# Disable index view

Options -Indexes

Hide a specific file

    Order allow,deny

    Deny from all


Steps to Improve Laravel Application Security –

  • Preventing the injection by avoiding the raw queries.
  • For exchanging the sensitive information, using the HTTPS.
  • Using the double brace syntax for avoiding XSS attacks.
  • Enhance the security by using the Laravel purifier.

here are several techniques through which the attacks can be stopped or keep the framework secured. The Laravel development Service when used ensures that the website is well protected and saving a lot of man hours that goes into coding and saving the sensitive information.

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