Google Search Result Changed For Brand Name Query

by Ajay, on June 28 2016

Recently, we did a random search of our brand name "TechnoInfonet" and it shows google has made a change in the search results. The sidebar result of "Company Information" for any Brand Name search queries is now showing under the search box result. See the below screenshot -

Google is making changes continuously in Search results, although this looks quite interesting but now the sidebar is totally blanked for any Brand Name related search queries. Anyways, this is what we love the most about Google, there must be a specific reason behind this change too, most probably "Good User Experience" ;)

So, please do a search for your brand name and let us know in the comment section if it does not change for you.



Ajay Panchal is a senior SEO executive at Techno Infonet. He has an extensive experience in the field of SEO. Helped many clients to grow their business through SEO.

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