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It is important that your website shows up on the first page of Google search, Bing search, and Yahoo search. If SEO is not done properly on your website, then customers will not even know that you exist online. The improved search engine visibility generates more visits to your website, high profit, sales and increase brand awareness.

Hiring an SEO Expert or a company can make or break your company’s brand online. If SEO is done properly, it can help you make more money, but a bad SEO can weaken the search traffic you get.

It is necessary to choose the SEO consultant carefully and this is what we will see today. Let’s check some of the important questions you must ask to an SEO consultant before hiring:

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  • Can you share information about your past clients and search?

    Don’t expect the company to deliver you all the information, but you can expect 2 to 3 names of the clients with whom the SEO company has worked in the past. If they aren’t able to show then it’s a warning sign and clearly shows that they were not able to deliver or they don’t have sufficient level of experience in SEO. You may also ask for the longest active client and if that active client is interviewing for long then it is a danger sign. Thus, the SEO consultant should be able to show and brief about their work experience with the past clients.

  • How will you improve search engine rankings?

    If you want to generate traffic, you just can’t randomly pick up keywords and build links. This means that all good SEO experts follow a process to achieve the goal. You probably may not get the answer from where exactly they get links but you can surely collect information from the on-site SEO audit that they perform. Also, collect the information regarding backlinks: Backlinks play a major role in the algorithms. All SEO experts will always build backlinks on your website in order to improve rankings.

  • How will you keep me updated about the changes that you make in the website?

    A good SEO consultant will report you on a regular basis wherein he describes the work done and the updates that are to be made in the website on a weekly or monthly basis and provide the SEO report about the website ranking on your keywords. Also if there is any change required in the website, the consultant / company will provide you a proper explaination for the change and how it will be helpful in SEO once done.

  • Which tools do you use?

    The SEO tools allow processing a lot of information in a short time. Some of the best tools used worldwide for SEO are Google Analytics, Google Search Console(Google Webmasters),,, Google Keyword Planner, etc.

  • How will you tie up our marketing efforts?

    SEO and marketing go hand in hand; you can’t separate it. A concept of inbound marketing and digital marketing can help you more. So, when you are looking for an SEO company, don’t overlook the companies who primarily brand themselves as marketing agencies, as they can provide high SEO services.,/p>

  • What is your payment structure?

    Different SEO companies and consultants follow different payment structures. It’s important to know how much and what amount you would prefer keeping in mind the budget. As SEO is done in different ways, many companies will charge differently i.e. according to the project or on a hourly basis. Finally, based on your convenience decide the mode and the payment structure.

SEO is not a short-term process, it requires months for the best results. We do provide SEO services including on-page, off-page SEO, digital marketing, inbound marketing, Local SEO, etc. For further details, please visit or call us on +44 20 8144 6541 / +1 917 675 3286.

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Techno Infonet is the leading IT development and outsourcing company based in the USA. With over 17+ years of remarkable experience, the company has served various industries with cutting-edge services in numerous domains such as website design & development, CMS-based apps, eCommerce portals, mobile/tablet app development, SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM strategies. The company has successfully achieved an exemplary client retention rate of 92% with its fruitful client-centric solutions.

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