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7 Tips To Hire Android Developers

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Mobiles have taken the place of desktop systems. They have become so smart that most of things and activities are done in one click. Well, there are 2 ruling OSs’ in the market I.e. iOS and Android. Both are in full competition in fulfilling the best for the users. Thus, the developers at some point bring out something creative in the apps, design and develop new apps or come with an altogether new OS, keeping in mind the user’s expectations and ease.

Well, talking about Android, it is one of the largest selling phones in the world. Android, with its features and functionality, has taken a good and renowned place in the market and in the minds of the people. To keep the customers happy and satisfied, the Android developers have come up with a new OS, Android 8.0 called Oreo – a big announcement in the Android Development sector. Here are a few things that you might know about Oreo.

  1. 2x faster performance
    Every update claims and guarantees to have a faster performance. And Oreo really does. It has promised to have 2x times faster booting speed to get some of your favorite tasks to work speedily.
  2. Background limits
    We come across this hassle every now and then. Background tasks are running constantly and thus resulting in performance and speed issues. Now, with this OS, you can restrict and limit your background tasks as you feel.
  3. Autofill
    Have you come across a situation where you have forgotten your login credentials? I think yes. So, with this upgrade, your hassle of remembering credentials is gone. Oreo comes with an autofill feature, where your login credentials are saved and are auto filled as and when you login.
  4. Multitasking (picture-in-picture)
    Have you come across a situation where you are on a video call and you have an important message to respond? Well, in such a case you can manage just one task at a time. With this update, now the multi app management thing is simple and easy.
  5. Notifications channel
    The notifications are now grouped into ‘channels’ which allows the users to manage their notifications as they wish. They can customize their own seen, their associated sound and vibration, and can block the notifications or snooze them for 15 mins to 2 hours.
  6. Dive more apps with fewer taps
    In this, you have a unique feature and functionality called notification dots. Just in iOS, icons in Oreo have visual indicators with a dot over the apps. You can just view the preview of the alert without even going to main notification bar and then just swipe it away.
  7. Google play protect
    Security is the key feature for any smartphone. Oreo keeps your data and device safe from any misbehaving apps by scanning over billions of apps per day. Oreo uses security scanner for both malicious software and data theft.
  8. Battery life saver
    Battery consumption is a major issue for some of the smartphones. Well, Oreo promises to keep up your battery life. Also, with the increase of control over the apps, we see a noticeable improvement in the behavior in the battery life.
  9. Variety of emojis
    Keeping in mind the texting and messaging experience, Oreo comes with a handful of new emojis expanding the user experience.
Final Thoughts:
This is a revolutionary system update that is brought into the market. Android Development is flourishing with such a pace that it is giving tough competitive upgrades and changes in its OS against iOS Development.


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