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The web design is such an industry where we see many evolutions taking place to stay inspired and alive. Not only inspired, but the designers being creative always has something new in every innovation. To improve the UI experience and performance, here are some Web Design trends that one should look out in the year 2017:

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  • Typography

Companies are now moving forward to big and bold typography to enrich their homepage. This is more suitable when the page contains less content and is clean. Due to the change in the trends, also we see many different typefaces used. The entire internet market was dominated with the typefaces such as Helvetica, Open Sans, and Roboto. The designers often come out with something new to emboss their designing skills. And so, nowadays, the use of contrast typefaces like Serif with Non-Serif are in the trend along with the use of overlapping text, animation, etc. are used in designing.

  • Layouts

Pinterest comes up with different card layouts. Thus, making this layout famous and popular in the designer’s community. With this, more powerful and dynamic variety grid style will be seen later this year. This is a style which shows the simplicity, clarity, and flexibility such that the user can easily scroll and read. Where there is an access of data and a clutter, this is the best and the suitable layout with the use. This helps you adjust the access content to be displayed in a systematic manner.

  • Modular design

This is an eye catching design pattern which acts as a magnet and attracts the visitors in such a way that they stay connected to the design and stay intact on the page for a longer period of time. This design provides you an easy way to create clean and accessible websites that are liked by the visitors.

  • Conversational UI

Declaring the 2016 year as the year of conversational commerce, this year too the trend will stay alive. Thus, conversational UI will be a great move this year, helping out all the brands to access all the angles making it more approachable. The UI is the most crucial stage in the web designing. It is because of the UI and its features and functionalities people tend to make its maximum use.

  • Brand theme illustrations

Branding is one the best techniques for a powerful communication and online presence. On this note, the illustrations are the best elevation towards powerful communication. When done in a right manner, these illustrations help you to build a powerful brand recognition. Thus, lending a helping hand to improve the branding, these illustrations will play a central role in the website design.

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  • Single page websites

People love to follow and experiment the latest trends that come up in the designing field. Having used long scrolling website like Facebook and Twitter, many company websites are designed as a Single page website. Instead of having a separate page for the menu, everything is covered in one page. Thus, this saves the maximum time of the user who wants to access a new page of a website. Rather than accessing a separate page for new information, within a flick of seconds you can access it through scrolling on one single page. This trend is likely to stay hot in the current year.

  • Responsive designs

Mobile has become the fastest and the easiest mode of communication. There is no such activity which does not require the involvement of smartphones. And thus, it becomes necessary that the website designs too are responsive in nature. This gives the best UI experience and performance to the user. This trend is likely to stay alive in the upcoming years.

Final Thoughts:
These are some of the Website Design trends to look out in the year 2017. And that does not mean they are trendy, so you should use it. A designer should always be aware of the user’s experience and performance, thus resulting in classic websites.

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