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It ‘s well said by PLATO that “Necessity is the mother of Invention“. So let’s see what were the main reasons that our insightful entrepreneurs and business people lead to come up with this all new CONCEPT of WEB OUTSOURCING.

What Will Web Outsourcing in India Look Like a Decade Later?

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In this modern era of techno freak people, Its very important for all of us to have an online presence to get a reach to a wider market, to more and more potential customers and most importantly a reach to the global market. To make this online presence and to get a link of communication with this global market, it’s very important to have a dynamic website with colorful design, many important features, great and relevant images etc. But to get this online presence is it a feasible solution to hire a developer or a designer for just one website? Also often times it happens that a company gets a client but they can’t fulfill his specifications because they either don’t have the knowledge about the technology client wants to work with or are quiet hustled to give the required time to client’s project. Because of this reasons it had become very important to bring this concept of Web Outsourcing. Web Outsourcing in real is a combination of two very divergent words WEB and OUTSOURCING. WEB comes from a technical environment where as OUTSOURCING comes from a management environment. But nowadays this combination has helped a lot in flourishing IT companies and making others burden free. OUTSOURCING in technical terms mean contracting a third party for business and in a simple term getting work done by others. And web now no more talks about a just static website having some content to read but is a combination of services like Website Designing, Web Application Development, E-commerce Development, Portal Development, CMS development, Mobile Designing, Internet/Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and so on. Web outsourcing means outsourcing all these services on all the platforms available for their development. Web Outsourcing has been beneficial to every one in many ways:

  • Technical Proficiency :

    You get a covey of technical experts available to work for you.

  • Cost as well as Time Effective :

    Rather than hiring, training and working with people, you directly get a team of experienced people which for sures saves your time and money.

  • Quality Results in Time :

    Excellent Quality work always is the final result as you work with a team of exemplary professional skills and it is delivered either before or in time as its there daily basis task.

  • No burden of resource maintenance
  • Latest Tools and Technologies :

    To work with latest technologies you don’t need to get the knack of it. The people to whom you outsource are the experts of it so they can suggest you latest technologies in trend and the best technology that suits your requirement. So you get to work with latest technologies as well as the one that best suits your needs.

Every coin has two sides – advantages and disadvantages. In the same manner, Web Outsourcing has many prominent benefits but has some drawbacks as well which if taken care of can lead to benefits like:

  • Whom to choose?:

    This is the most important question which arises as there is a pool of talent available in the market and you have to choose one amongst them who best fits your requirement. If you chose an incompetent one this would be a drawback as well as a loss to you. But if you chose a rite one you would surely love to work with them again.

  • Obstacles in communication gap:

    If you have outsourced projects to companies not belonging to your city then you probably will have to communicate only via Email or Video conferencing. In such state if the representative isn’t available it becomes difficult to communicate but this again depends upon the company you choose. If the company believes in 100% customer satisfaction they would surely be available for you any time you try.

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So finally I would conclude saying that web outsourcing is a very good concept to adapt. Since last 2 decades it has been playing a key role in taking web development to a new level and making companies better to survive the competition. Also for some its a money saving and for some a money making concept. But everything completely depends upon the right choice you make. We at Techno Infonet are ready to assist YOU for any web outsourcing related queries. For more information related to our services, please visit

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Techno Infonet is the leading IT development and outsourcing company based in the USA. With over 17+ years of remarkable experience, the company has served various industries with cutting-edge services in numerous domains such as website design & development, CMS-based apps, eCommerce portals, mobile/tablet app development, SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM strategies. The company has successfully achieved an exemplary client retention rate of 92% with its fruitful client-centric solutions.

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