What Has The Year 2018 In Store For The Web Designers?

by samir, on December 27 2017

Designing a website is one of the important processes that leads to an authentic web presence. With just a few seconds of time to coin the fate of a website, a designer uses all his skills, expertise and creativity to make these seconds count to eternity. The web designer has a lot of things that needs to be looked into starting from the color choice to the page navigation, each and every aspect needs a perspective that is very well understood and researched. The designs should not only be eye pleasing but should also encourage the user to remain on the website and possibly opt for the company's service or a product. Trends are created by the changing needs and preferences of the users and it becomes important for the designers to follow them so that they could stay ahead of the race.

Designing trends that captured the year 2017 :

    Material designs, mix and match components, GIF's, richer background and patterns, responsive web designs, fixed header, etc. were some of the designing trends that had captivated the interest of the designers in the year 2017. With human beings constantly staying in contact with the devices they tend to have an emotional connect with them. This made way for an emotionally intelligent designs that made way for far a better and more intriguing web design strategy.  The emotional intelligent designs were yet another important dimension that changed the designing paradigm in the year 2017. Having said this, all the new, as well as the refurbished websites, were seen flaunting these trends on the world wide web. 

    From trends to fads to challenges - the year 2017 has had many new entrants and there were a lot many that were gracefully bid adieu. The field of web designing is well known for the dynamism that it gleefully emotes. Each year witnesses a new set of trends in the field of web designing captivating the interest of the users. A new year is awaiting the services of web designers that would perfectly go hand in hand with the current market trends. 

Designing trends that are expected for the year 2018 :

    So what's next? What will the new year bring in for the web designers? Will the web designers face the brunt of a new and intimidating technology? Flat designs, cinemagraphs, photo content, playing with animation, creative typography are some of the hottest trends that are expected to rule the world of web designing in the year 2018. In addition to these, it would be the user experience apart from aesthetics that would be getting the maximum focus on. With the changing market trends, there will be a lot of challenges that the web designers would have to brace themselves up for the coming year 2018. What are they? Read on to find out about them.

Challenges the web designers would have to face in the year 2018 :

1. The need to have a wider spectrum of web designing :

Gone are the days where web designing was only limited to knowing how to use the designing software along with having the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Nowadays the companies are hiring a web designer who is well versed with Search Engine Optimization techniques, basic knowledge of branding and marketing, giving a great user experience, etc.  These additional attributes have aced up the role of a web designer. Having said this, the web designers would have to widen their spectrum so as to make a place in the world of web designing for the upcoming year. 

2. The knack of managing workload :

More and more are leaping on the bandwagon of getting their online presence. This has increased the demand for web designers and developers worldwide. With the world witnessing more of web presence the designers will have a lot of work on hand. They should be well skilled in not only designing a website but also looking after the plethora of work in front of them that needs proper attention. With a variety of workload in hand, the designer should be able to juggle between the different projects so that they do not defer on their competency. 

3. The perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality :

The designs should not only limit their caliber to only attract the users with its aesthetics rather the users should find it easy to map their way in and out the website. Aesthetics and functionalities are the two most important parameters that the audience would be using to coin the glory of a website. Hence a designer should know how to use them so that they do not overpower, rather it should blend in beautifully to create a great final result. 

4. The potential to imbibe the ever-changing market trends :

Trends and fads have their own time duration in which they cast a spell over their audiences and then go back to hibernation. The designers have to learn the art of identifying the negative as well as the positive trends in the world of web designing and accordingly make a move.  

5. Welcoming the virtual reality and 3D into designing :

The virtual reality and 3D have made a feeble entry to the world of web designing. The year 2018 will decide the fate of these new entrants to the field of designing. How will it be accepted by the audience? How will the designers use them in designing a website? All these questions will find their answer. The designers should be able to gear themselves for going from flat designs to virtual reality and 3D effects. 

Final Note :

    With advancements and innovations taking place on a large scale, the web designers would have to stay alert and artistically blend in the constantly evolving trends to stay ahead of the race. Hiring a web designer who can easily blend in the changing trends and techniques is something that every designing and development firm is hunting for. The changing needs and preferences, the updating technology, the ease in operating the website; all of them generously contribute to the authenticity that a designer carries along with him. The world awaits what new will technology bring about in world wide web and this is backed by designers who are all thrilled to create a mark with the latest designing trends and techniques.



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