What is Google Analytics phone click tracking event? What are its benefits and how to implement it?

Is your website’s contact number clickable? If no, then implement it to get more Conversion Rate. One can insert a script code to enable phone click and track those clicks with Google Analytics event tracking.

Benefits of phone click tracking

  • Clickable contact number: A user can directly click on the contact number through the mobile phone and can directly call the concerned person or a company.
  • Number of calls: One can receive detailed reports about the number of calls clicked or made as well as can compare with phone calls user has got. 
  • Call location: A user can also know the origin or the locations from where the calls are made.
  • PPC performance: Track the performance of Pay Per Click (PPC) landing page. A call tracking can help you identify which landing page generates the maximum calls, gives quality leads and better conversion rate.
  • Conversions: Track the number of conversions achieved from each marketing campaign to get a better understanding of how to spend on marketing budget.

How phone click Google Analytics event tracking is implemented?

Phone Click Google Analytics Tracking can be implemented through below steps :-


Step 1. Please add Anchor tag for tel function. Please see below example:

+44 20 8144 6541


Step 2. A user needs to add below JavaScript code in Header Tag of website. Please see below example:


Step 3. Now the user need to open Google Analytics and then set new Goal as shown below:


Step 4. Now user need to test Real Time data in Google Analytics

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