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CodeIgniter is an open source framework that is specifically designed to work with PHP. Released almost a decade ago, this PHP web framework has many attributes that triumphantly contributes to its popularity. Want to have a look at some of the reasons that justify the popularity of CodeIgniter development services? Read on to find out.

10 Reasons you should be using the CodeIgniter development services for web solutions :

    To begin with, a CodeIgniter is a well-designed toolkit that is reliable and lightweight in creating web solutions that are par excellence. Apart from this, there is much more to this powerful PHP framework. Let me walk you through some of the advantages of choosing CodeIgniter for developing web solutions.

1. Easy error handling

Handling errors now become easy with CodeIgniter requiring you to write only one line code. This will enable you to see all the errors in front of you making it easy to rectify them elegantly on an immediate basis and carry on the development process smoothly. Moreover, the user-friendly interfaces immensely help the user to pick out errors in the application without inconvenience.

2. MVC based development

The Model View controller, that is what MVC stands for. The architectural pattern prominently divides the application into model, view and controller that are mutually dependent. CodeIgniter allows you to use the MVC structure to develop applications effortlessly. By doing so you end up with creating neat and clean codes along with making the entire process sound reasonable and practical enough. Hence you get to lay your hands on a sound management process with the MVC based framework.

3. Strong security

You will stumble upon many inbuilt functions that will help you in choosing the intensity of the security that your application would be requiring. You get to securely transfer your data in decrypted format. Talking about security features you could very well stumble upon remote code execution. XSS attacks, SQL injection and many such features that provides a safe and secure web solution.

4. An enormous community support

PHP, being one of the most popular and sought after scripting language worldwide, has a large number of people supporting the community. This in itself justifies the enormity that the CodeIgniter community will be filled with. There is a well-established forum that specifically looks into all the problems and gives a hearing to all those developers who are facing trouble in the development process.

CodeIgniter – A Compelling PHP Framework

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5. No installation necessary

One need not install this framework. All you have to do is upload the files to the server and start working on it. This saves you from server modification and PEAR packages, making your development process easy and time-saving.

6. Easy to understand

Understanding the nuances of CodeIgniter is no rocket science. It could be best described as a user-friendly PHP framework that is not only easy to be followed but also makes an organization, configuration and customization a much smoother process. Whatever the requirements are, you can get things all easily customized with CodeIgniter development.

7. A bunch of library to indulge in

Benchmarking classes, calendar, email, zip encoding, validation, uploading, shopping cart class, form validation classes, output classes and pagination class are some of the features that you will stumble upon the inbuilt library. Having said this, CodeIgniter is loaded with a lot many libraries that could be used directly. Also, one can create a library of their own for a favorable development process.

8. Executes at a greater speed

The speed in which it executes its functions is one of the main reasons that has made it the most sought-after PHP framework. To be precise, this framework has the fastest execution time as compared to all other PHP frameworks. The ease that it emotes in migrating from one database to another also marks its ability to execute functions at a great speed. Also, you are required to type fewer codes for getting things executed which consequently saves up your time and energy.

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9. Easy testing

When it comes to testing the solution you do not have to wait until the end of the project. The performance and the functionality of the project can be tested since the very beginning of the project. The easy testing allows you to figure out the errors at every stage of the development process.

10. Easy configuration and customization

The CodeIgniter is accompanied with an easy configuration process, making it favorable for the developers to install the framework as per the system configuration. When the developer sits down to code the config.php and loads the library, database and arrays wherein the development process could be smoothly carried out. Talking about customization, CodeIgniter allows easy access to edit the files and create applications as per the needs and requirements.

Final Note :

    The above-mentioned are some of the prominent advantages that extend the glory of CodeIgniter. Apart from these, easy documentation, simple template solution, easy server to server hosting and a great user experience are yet other advantages that this framework proudly carries along with it. Right from being user-friendly to delivering quick response, the developers can’t get enough of this PHP framework. This also allows you to create eccentric web solutions that are par excellence. It also adds to a developer’s performance. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and lay your hands on this powerful PHP web development framework.

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