Search Engine Optimization

Prevention against Negative SEO 2016 - Tips for Beginners

The rapid change and transformation in the entire SEO industry since 2 years, has made many online marketers and SEO specialists to change their strategies and

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Ecommerce Web Development

Latest updates at WWDC 2016

WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is held annually by Apple Inc. The conference tells us about the latest updates which Apple is going to come up with its different platforms and in its OS. The WWDC 2016 is from 13-17 June 2016...

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Ecommerce Web Development

Comparision between 3 Power Pack versions of one of the lead...

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms which is built on open source. It is basically written in PHP and is developed by Varien Inc., a private company situated in California, USA.

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CMS Web Development

Joomla vs WordPress [Infographic]

For those who would like to build powerful websites without worrying about technical aspects, there are 2 Kings of Content Management System Joomla and WordPress. The basic difference between WordPress and Joomla is that Joomla is a...

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Android App Developement

Google IO 2016 - The Major Developments

Google IO 2016 provided a big stage for the major platform developers, executives, and engineers to come together and discuss the various products being launched in the days ahead. Google also makes major announcements during the...

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Web Application Development

Google's New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Gone are the days of sitting at your desktops or having the laptop stand by for emergency. It is all in the mobile phone now. So go ahead and enjoy or tour away from home. There are going to be no worries as long as you have your...

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Search Engine Optimization

Google Webmaster (Search Console) Update on 27th April 2016

Recently, Google made a change in the webmaster tool (search console) on 27th April 2016. It is clearly visible in the search console under Search Analytics option. You can see the graph something like below - Google has made such...

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Ecommerce Web Development

Tips to keep in mind while getting your business website red...

Promoting your products and/or services as well as keeping your customers informed about your business in a proper way is impossible without a website. However, just having a domain address that does not help the web visitors is a...

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Ecommerce Web Development

Top 5 PHP Frameworks For 2016

PHP is recognized as the most popular server-side scripting language across the world, although, the PHP development community has the majority of developers from India. This is the reason many companies hire PHP developers from India...

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Ecommerce Web Development

The A - Z of Newly Launched WordPress WooCommerce 2.5 Versio...

WooCommerce is world’s most popular eCommerce platform, and the new version of WooCommerce that is 2.5 namely “Dashing Dolphin” is recently released.As a leading WooCommerce development company, we are always...

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Mobile Application Developement

Why Should You Hire The Best Mobile App Development Company ...

The world of mobility has transformed the way we live. Smartphones and applications have become the fundamental necessities of life. Due to this, it is extremely crucial for businesses to develop a mobile app to prosper. Technology...

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Web Design

5 Big Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

To build a website is not an easy task and the actual challenge lies in making it highly functioning. One of the most important things each and every web designer must bear in mind is that they aren?t creating sites for themselves it...

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