13th Corporate Anniversary Celebration

Achievement is always synchronized with the amount of hard work along with patience that has been perfectly blended to get the desired result. Techno Infonet proudly completes 13 years in the field of web design and development with hard work and patience that was commendable. ‘Rome was not built in a day’ so is the glory of Techno Infonet. It took years of hard work, a good team, renowned clients and a proactive management to coin the success of 13 glorious years.

Accomplishments always give us happiness but it magnifies when we celebrate the achievement that beautifully marks a new milestone in the journey. This Saturday we celebrated the 13th Anniversary of Techno Infonet with all the glitz and glam. The celebration started off by decorating the office premises where each and every staff member had their creativity on display. The balloons, the ribbons; all gracefully pinned up illuminating the occasion of company’s 13th Anniversary. The 2 hours long decoration was followed by a lip-smacking lunch party at Gormoh – one of the renowned restaurants of Ahmedabad known for its Gujarati Cuisine. It was not only the food that tantalized our taste buds, the decor too contributed in hypnotizing our senses. We quickly made ourselves comfortable and started off with soups, spring roll, the authentic Roti-sabzis, papad, buttermilk, salad, rice, dal followed by the dessert. After having our stomachs full we geared up for the best part of this celebration – playing cricket. Two matches, played back to back had our nerves wrecking with tiredness. We finally retired for the day with a lot of memories in our hearts that perfectly echoed the joy of the 13th Anniversary. We selfied and captured all wonderful moments which is sure to become our lifelong memory.

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep” Techno Infonet has always been persistent in its endeavors and we coat all our services with a consistency that will never be backed by mediocrity. Cheers to all these years of success followed by the enthusiasm to carry on this legacy for years to come.