16th Corporate Anniversary Celebration At 100 Acres Club

One-day Picnic at 100 Acres

Company picnics at the surface might not seem so important but it serves many purposes not only for the employees but also for the organization. Company picnics have always been considered to be a great way to show the employees how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work. The Covid-19 pandemic situation during the past year and a half had resulted in the cancellation or postponement of many such activities in companies across the globe including Techno Infonet. Like all the other companies, the Technorians too were eagerly waiting to get vaccinated to go back to rekindle those good old fun days and activities that we once had before the pandemic.

On the 25th of September 2021, our long wait finally came to an end when the management took us for a one-day picnic to the 100 Acres Club situated at the Sanand – Nalsarovar road in Ahmedabad. 100 acres is a beautiful resort property, far away from the noise of the city and amidst nature, which makes it the perfect place to go in order to take a break from the mundane and busy life. The Technorians reached the resort at 9:15 am, right on time for the breakfast service. There were dishes from different cuisines that made for a wholesome and satisfying breakfast experience. After breakfast, the Technorians ventured into the outdoors for a friendly match of cricket. It was a quite refreshing experience different from the indoor activities that we usually had. After the game ended, the Technorians went back into the facility to play indoor games like table tennis, pool, carroms, and other board games this went on until the lunch break. For lunch, the menu was filled with the usual Punjabi dishes. After the heavy meal the some of the Technorians went for a walk around the resort, some rested up, and others continued with fun indoor and outdoor activities and games that were available in the facility. The day came to an end after the evening tea and snacks session.

This is surely one of the experiences that Technorians will be cherished for many days to come.