Birthday Blast At Techno Infonet

Birthday is one of the most awaited days that every individual looks forward to. It signifies your beginning and your existence in the world. This is the day when we are showered with bountiful blessings, wishes, gifts and surprises that constantly reminds us of the beauty of our existence. It is the day when we come up with our desires and goals which we wish to achieve before our next birthday. Just like every other individual, our CEO too was eagerly awaiting his birthday and the celebrations that followed it.

God has literally been magnificent to the CEO of Techno Infonet, Mr. Sam Maniar, who celebrated his birthday on 22nd May with a bundle of wishes and joys. He is one such person who is always positive no matter how miserable things or people are. To honor the birthday of one such eccentric personality, something exciting was planned by our HR.

Well, as it’s said and implemented that Techno Infonet never misses any celebration! So, how can we forget to celebrate our CEO’s special day? We all started off the day by greeting him with the best of Birthday wishes. He expressed his joy and happiness by treating us with delicious lunch along with an ice party which we rejoiced in the evening. This was his way of showing his gratitude. As technorians, we made sure that he got his piece of the surprise that would definitely add to his memories. A card and a gift, that’s what we gave him to make his day even more special. It was indeed a joyful moment to see our CEO being all overwhelmed with the surprise and the wishes that we had showered upon him. Also, we made sure that these moments were captured to be cherished for times to come and hence took a lot many selfies.