Content Writing Seminar

“Good content is not story telling. Its telling your story well – Ann Handley”

Content is said to be the king and it is used everywhere. Be it an advertisement, website, newspaper; you name a thing and you are surrounded with letters, alphabets, and sentences. Well, my point is, you cannot sell and do business without the use of content. Thus, content plays a major role in any field. For Web Design and Development companies like us, content is a jewel to us.

Well, to know more about this power, Techno Infonet conducted a Content Writing Seminar on the 2nd Saturday. Our experienced content writer took an initiative to brief us about the importance and significance of content in the IT sector.

Well, she started off with general information, the significance, and the importance of content in other business sectors. Coming back to the IT sector, the writer says its all about playing with letters, words, and sentences. The important thing to be kept in mind is the audience, what you are writing, and the purpose of writing. Once you get to know these then you can impress the audience easily. Now, as a writer, to keep on writing is not enough. A writer should know whether the content is loved and liked by the audience. This helps the writer to understand the taste and the pattern which the audience is loving. Well, this is our professional content writer who has impressed our clients with the magic of words.

In the end, the Technorians, did find it meaningful and became aware of some hidden wonders of content writing.

“The desire to write grows with writing”