Techno Infonet

“I’m not alone in my frustration – and my desire for change”

As a part of our Saturday activity session, this time, Techno Infonet held a debate and discussion on “What leads to Frustration? How to overcome it?” hosted by CEO.

It was started with the basics like “what is frustration?” and everyone gave their opinions on the same.  Then came the question of “what leads to it?”, “What are the scenarios where it happens at the workplace?”, “What is the solution of overcoming it?” and “What is the primary difference between Frustration and Depression? “

Everyone shared their own methods and ways of dealing with frustration. After the end of this healthy discussion, the winners were decided by the participants among themselves. The winners were decided on basis of who had portrait their opinions better than others and their points of discussions were compelling.

At the end we concluded few new methods of overcoming frustration.