Employee Of The Month – April 2019

Work isn’t just about getting a paycheck; hard work builds character, promotes dignity, and gives you control over your life. In order to achieve the highest results, we first have to believe we can. we have to see yourself where we want to be. When people are rewarded for making the effort, it high the confidence, promotes dependency and gives individuals of their personal dignity.

Here at Techno Infonet, we have provided a simple “Motivation” for all of our employees. The motivation is the Employee Of The Month, which we award to our employees every month depending on various factors. And thus, by receiving this award we aim to provide motivation and confidence to grow more for the rest of the days.

For the month of  April 2019, the Employee of the Month was awarded to Bhushan Parikh “SEO Manager”, from the SEO Department. Throughout the month, he has shown courage and eagerness in all of his tasks. It is the 3rd time that he is given this award for his hard work. He’s been co-operative with all of his colleagues and has actively participated in all the training and miscellaneous activities that are carried out by the company.  He’s been great with his team management and time management skills. His all tasks are up to the mark, with quality and finished on time. His problem-solving abilities have been helped the company, Also, working with a positive attitude and working to achieve team goals. He has performed well and has taken some good initiatives which brought goodwill to the company in the SEO part. In short, he was a full powerhouse and a deserving candidate for the award.

He received a ‘Diligent Performer’ Certificate along with a Dinner Voucher and many other benefits from the company. We congratulate him for the award and extend our best wishes to keep on performing the same.