At Techno Infonet, the activity of declaring the ‘Employee of the Month’ is regularly conducted on the first Friday of every month. During this activity the employee who had showcased their best performance in the previous month is awarded with a certificate along with other exciting rewards. But because the Technorians had been busy during the month of August the EOM for the month of July was declared in the last week of August. The Technorians were all a little bummed out due to this delay, but little did they know that a huge surprise was waiting for them.

Employee Of the Month - Aug 2021

Never before in the history of Techno Infonet had there been two EOMs declared during a single EOM activity. But all of this was going to change this time around. Due to the tough competition between Parth Patel, the EOM nominee from the SEO team, and Mahiman Parmar, the EOM nominee from the development team, the top-level management was unable to reach at a proper decision. This is what led to the management declaring 2 employees as the EOM during the same week. Parth Patel was declared the ‘Employee of the Month’ for the month of July and Mahiman Parmar was declared the Employee of the Month for the Month of August.

He was awarded with the ‘Employee of the Month’ certificate by his manager Bhargav Upadhyay who appreciated him for all the hard work and dedication with which he executed the development tasks that was entrusted to him and wished him luck for his journey ahead.