Employee Of The Month Experience By Anil Prajapati At Mm Garden Restaurant

‘The ripe fruits of success that you are enjoying today are the result of the hard work and price you have paid in the past.’

The employee of the month award given to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the employees at Techno Infonet is one of the most important recognitions that the employees working at the organization are eagerly waiting for throughout their professional journey at Techno Infonet. Apart from the ‘Diligent Performer’ Certificate, the company also provides the employee with Restaurant/Hotel vouchers to enjoy a delicious meal and celebrate their success.

employee of the month experience - Anil Prajapati

Anil Prajapati, the EOM for January 2021, got a similar opportunity to celebrate his success by dining with his family at the MM Garden Restaurant in Jamjodhpur. The refreshing atmosphere and the lively ambiance at MM Garden Restaurant are some of the best elements that encourage Anil to revisit the restaurant again and again. Anil ate dishes from multiple cuisines including the Punjabi and South Indian dishes.

While talking about his experience Anil said that he truly enjoyed the experience and is thankful to the organization for giving him these memorable moments that he will forever cherish.