Employee Of The Month Experience By Jitendra Yadav At Hotel Mehfil

Celebrating a colleague’s success together is something that every manager should encourage his team to do because this helps to instigate the values of true comradery among the employees and reflect on the fact that ‘WE’ is always more powerful than ‘ME’.

It might be due to this reason that Jitendra Yadav, the Sr. PHP Team Lead at Techno Infonet decided to celebrate his success with his PHP Development team at Techno Infonet. While receiving the Diligent Employee Award for February 2021 Jitendra had also mentioned how they had supported him in his transition in the first month at Techno Infonet.

Employee Of The Month Experience

Along with his team, Jitendra visited the Hotel Mehfil where they had a tummy-filling meal including many Punjabi and Gujarati dishes. Keeping in mind the rising number of cases and following the COVID protocols the Technorians enjoyed the day to the fullest through engaging conversation and delicious food.

More than a co-worker Jitendra considers the people working with him as his friends developing a bond that will not only result in the emotional growth but also the professional growth of everyone at Techno Infonet.