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The Employee Of The Month Parth Patel for the month of July 2021, celebrate his achievements with his family at the Blueberrys Restaurant, Nadiad.

Receiving the ‘Employee of The Month’ for the first-time could be quite a significant moment of your life, as it acts important instrument of validation that lets you know that you are moving forward on the right track in your career. Parth Patel the SEO Executive at Techno Infonet was going through a similar experience when he was presented with the ‘Employee of The Month’ award for the month of July 2021. We conducted a short interview with Parth to gain much deeper insight into how he was feeling and the transcript for the same has been presented below.


Interviewer: We know that the conversation about the EOM experience in the past has always been more about the dining experience that the employee had at the restaurant while celebrating his/her success with friends & family, the expenses for which is taken care by the company. But this time around Parth, we are trying to capture your experience becoming employee of the month the first time in your journey with Techno Infonet.

So Parth, being recognized as the employee of the month for the first time, how does that make you feel?

Parth: I am going through quite an exciting period of my life, both personally and professionally and a recognition like this has only added to that excitement. I have been in working in the shadows for way too long and the feeling of getting recognized and emerging from those shadows is quite great.

Interviewer: According to you what were you doing different from the rest of the team that made you stand apart and worthy of this recognition?

Parth: Every single employee at Techno Infonet is worthy of receiving this award. Me receiving this award in now way undermines the contribution that each and every member of the team has been putting forward towards executing their tasks. The reason why I think the award found its way to me was merely because in the past couple of months I was constantly coming across opportunities where I could shine.

Interviewer: You have clearly gone through a kind of metamorphosis, who according to you has supported you the most in your journey of change?

Parth: Each and everyone at Techno Infonet has supported me in this journey. But if I had to select one person who has supported me the most, I think I’d have to say my reporting manager Haresh. He is really supportive and is responsible for every milestone that I have come across. Without his support I neither wouldn’t have received the opportunities that I have received at Techno Infonet, nor would have I got recognition for the contributions that I have made towards executing the tasks at Techno Infonet. I think the policies and the culture that the top-level management is trying to bring in the organization has acted as a catalyst in the growth of each and every member of the organization.

Interviewer: One last question, how did you celebrate this achievement of yours and tell us about your experience connected to it?

Parth: I celebrated this achievement of mine at the Blueberrys Restaurant situated in Nadiad with my family. The dining experience was great, my family loves Punjabi food, and this restaurant is quite popular for Punjabi cuisine. Its one of the most memorable evenings that my family will cherish going forward.