Employee Of The Month Experience By Shekhar Shah

It is in Techno Infonet’s philosophy to award their shining stars every month. In the month of October, one of our Technorians, Mr. Shekhar Shah has bagged this recognition by showcasing his best during that month. In order to help him celebrate his victory, the management arranged for a sponsored dinner at the restaurant of his choice. Without any second thoughts, he chose his favorite pizza joint ‘Papa Louie’s Pizza’ to have dinner with his colleague.

Employee of the month Experience by Shekhar ShahHey there! We know when the word pizza comes into your minds how it feels, that exact expression was there on Shekhar’s face. He and his friends enjoyed unlimited servings of various salads and pizzas. He also specifically ordered a large-size peppy paneer pizza, oh yes, we forget to mention the double-layer cheese pizza, and as an exceptional employee he had a complete focus on the target, meanwhile, he cherished the dish with starters and a glass of coke.

When asked about his experience, this is what he quoted: “I was thrilled with the taste of the pizzas and salads, especially the experience when the paneer pops out from double-layer Cheese Sea. He further added, “I can never forget this kind of gesture from my associates of the Techno Infonet who joined me in my celebration, I am truly proud to be a part of this family.”