Employee of the Month Experience of Amit Soni

Employee of the Month Experience of Amit

February employee of the month experience was a bit different at Techno Infonet. Amit Soni who has bagged the title of EOM has decided to donate the complete reward amount to a charity-based animal and bird hospital named Jivdaya Charitable Trust. It is a non-government organization working for injured and abused animals and birds, which is completely dependent on charity.

Techno Infonet being an employee-centric organization has come forward to donate the same reward amount, resulting in a higher donation than what was initially decided.

When asked to share his experience on the same, Amit quoted, “Going to Jivdaya Charitable Trust was like entering into a different kind of world of pain and tribulations; moreover, in that same world, creatures cannot ask for their own medication but on the other side, it gives us a lesson of the real need for a human and animal bond.

As Charles Darwin quotes “The love for all living creatures is the noblest attribute of man.”

Amit further added, by thanking Techno Infonet, deep from his heart for coming forward so humbly and doubling the amount of donation, he also thanked his fellow colleagues who have boosted his morale and contributed monetarily for the right cause.

Techno Infonet is truly proud of Amit for taking this noble measure and helping the organization to help those who are in true need. The organization is also pleased that the Technorians have come forward and contributed to this cause. Thank you so much, Technorians.